Models Direct modelling agency Wales

Models Direct is a nationwide agency. We supply and recruit models from all over Wales.

Aspiring and existing models living in Wales can kick-start and continue their modelling career with Models Direct! We supply and recruit models from all over Wales.

As one of the UK's leading modelling agencies, Models Direct represent a sphere of modelling categories, and get the ball rolling for anyone who is interested in taking modelling up as a career. You can create your free profile to get your registration started with us.

If you're taking your first steps into the modelling industry, you might be thinking about what life is like working as a model. Are you wondering if you could make it as a professional model? Where would your look fit best in? How often will you receive work? Well, no more procrastinating. We can make it happen with our agency but it first starts with your internal fire and passion to move ahead of the crowd. Are you confident? Determined? Have a positive outlook? If your answer is yes to all these questions then you are half-way (or maybe more) to modelling success. Ambition and drive are two attributes that will help your career take off.

Modelling with us 

We are on the search for real people to come forward and be part of our modelling team. This unique and quirky profession is not just about conforming to the modelling industry standards. This means that we are on the lookout for people who are of all genders, all ages, all sizes, all shapes and all styles. We have an open and realistic understanding of people and the importance of representing them so that they are more relatable to the general public. 


What happens next?

When you're ready to enter your application details, you will need to provide two images of yourself (your family member, friend, or star pet) against a white backdrop. This is so that our Talent Management team can clearly see your look. We can then put you forward whenever a client requests for your look whether it is for individual work or as part of a group assignment. Each job differs making this career an exciting opportunity for those who don't want to be living the 9 to 5 behind a desk and are looking for a different adventure every time a new assignment is released. It's all hands on deck with modelling and each experience helps our models gain more skills, perfect for building up a modelling CV and for future employment opportunities.

About our team

Models Direct have a high-performing, enthusiastic team here at our HQ who work tirelessly in matching our talent and models to modelling work for our clients. Our Models Direct team is very results-focused, driven and determined to make a difference in the modelling arena. We work hard for each other and enjoy the benefits of thriving in a positive environment. This resonates through the work our models produce for leading brands and companies. The plethora of reviews we have reflects our model's positive attitude and experience with our agency.

Models can get the ball rolling too...

Our social media pages also have a list of modelling jobs so that models can directly apply for positions they feel they are well suited for. This opportunity helps our existing models stay up to date and pick a position they would like to see themselves be a part of, adding to their self motivation and drive.

By our model's side from start to finish

Models Direct is proud to make modelling a safe and secure environment as we run thorough checks on all of our clients ensuring that they are legitimate. Having run for 30 successful years, Models Direct's Talent Management is a government registered employment agency. We exist to give models part-time careers and to get them paid. Our team proficiently negotiates the best fee possible for our models ensuring that their work and time are compensated appropriately. All our modelling assignments are thoroughly handled and we carry out ‘happiness checks’ to ensure that our model's assignments went smoothly.

If you have decided to be a part of our modelling agency, let our high-performing Wales team know. You will get the opportunity to work with a very knowledgeable, supportive and positive team who will help you fire up your modelling career. Call it magic, mojo or zing, this is how we roll and we aim to get you enrolled on your first modelling assignment as soon as a suitable listing comes through, or of course, you could take the bull by the horns and apply directly. Get in touch today - we'd love to hear from you!

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