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Kevin, Reference: VSMM-9398

My first job with Modelsdirect . Had a fantastic time . Filmed an advert for Aviva. 2 hour job all done in 30 minutes ! Nailed it !
Great communication from Modelsdirect .
Can’t wait for the next job !

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Villmore, Reference: YBWM-4476

I had a short but a very good experience working with the film grew for the Avia advert, I was treated well and respect as an artist for the time I was there.look forward to work with the company and the associates again.

Ty, Reference: K772238

I had a fantastic shoot today in Norwich for AVIVA all organised by Charlie my super efficient agent at Models Direct who is very helpful thoughout from booking to coordinating my assignments making sure I have the smoothest shoot possible! I feel that Charlie at Models Direct really promotes me and my profile to potential productions which I am very pleased about. The crew on the shoot were all friendly and just lovely to work with at my two locations which were wonderful settings around Norwich! Looking forward to my next assignment!!

Curtis, Reference: FDFM-8477

Great shoot for prime student living yesterday, nice environment, well looked after and a good group of models. If pay was a little higher for the long day it would be full starts from me.

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Rishabh , Reference: QXYG-6367

Lovely staff to talk to and responses are always very quick and positive, would definitely recommend.

Ty, Reference: K772238

Another superb shoot through Charlie at Model's Direct for a Shoe Company called Anatomic & Co. A Brazilian company based in Luton for online sales and a few retail stockists for well made shoes predominately for Men. The shoot was only meant to be an hour but I was happy to stay over my allotted time because the lady that ran the company and the photographer were such lovely welcoming people and it is good to network and I like going that extra mile for such a great modelling agency I can trust! Thank you so much Charlie and always looking forward to my next shoot wherever that may be!

Nick, Reference: RRYC-3433

Had an amazing first booking from Models Direct, the team (especially Charlie) were supportive, helpful and informative. All in all a great experience. Thank You

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Graeme, Reference: FQPP-4997

Joy, Hilarity and Happiness great new friends, hilarious banter teammates, warm hearted soulmates one and all! Thank you so much @JustYouHolidays and @ModelsDirect for the wonderful Mallorca memories - Second lot For my first assignment, it could not have gone better! Amazing, warm, sincerely personable laser focused professional support from Charlie at ModelsDirect. Loved working on this shoot with the other models which were superbly chosen by Charlie for the client JustYou. Everybody got on so well with each other it became such a pleasure, privilege and honour to work with such highly dedicated creative professionals. Highly recommended!

Erem, Reference: CRSY-3648

Would just like to say a massive thank you to the modelling team for helping me get my first job. Everything from start to finish on the job was amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. 100% communication and helpful throughout!

Nicholas, Reference: MSTH-8638

"Yesterday’s assignment at the Sandman Hotel in Aberdeen went really well; I met some great people and felt comfortable throughout the event - everything was well organised and although my job was quite small I truly had a great time meeting guests and welcoming them inside. I hope my next assignment will come sooner rather than later now that I’ve had a first taste of this experience and feel more confident about myself - thank you Models Direct."

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Terry, Reference: BBPT-6867

The Shoot for Lakeshore Fitness was extremely fun with plenty of laughter. The photographer and team were very organised and easy to work with, which made the project flow smoothly. Working with fellow model Elisa was very natural. It really helped having a natural chemistry with her which Shows in the photos.

Tom, Reference: BM751620

I would like to give a big shout out to Molly at models direct for giving me the opportunity to be involved in a video to pin point the different areas of the anatomy for accupuncture for The AACP Ltd. Molly was very supportive and informative setting this up as i wasn't entirely sure what to expect, the team at AACP in peterborough gave me a very warm welcome on arrival and were a pleasure to work with during the whole two day assigment as were film crew. This was a fantastic experience and cannot wait for my next assignment so a big thank you to Models direct and AACP Ltd.

Goitom, Reference: WSQG-7349

Photoshoot for RSPCA in Gloucester. I’ve just had a great experience on my first assignment with Models Direct, thank you to Molly for giving me this opportunity. I have I enjoyed the experience, the guys made me feel welcome. It was 4 hours but it felt like one. The photographer was very good and the other model was really easy going. I can’t wait for my next assignment!!!

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Aaron, Reference: VHXR-4886

Really enjoyed my first shoot on Monday for models direct filming an advert for ITV3. Everyone was extremely friendly and I was given lots of support. The organisation from Molly throughout was amazing.

AJ, Reference: VGMY-4447

Excellent studio facilities with a rather trendy style in the heart of the city. Great and warm, friendly staff from the moment I walked into the studio. Loved the large professional photo studio complex, which has some of the best equipment and lighting which produced the perfect shoots!! Amazing!!! The food and setting of the restaurant next to the canal was beautiful! Great thanks to Molly for the last minute gig!!!

Gavin, Reference: CK749726

Great fun today at my photo shoot for Newbury Racecourse arranged by Models Direct. Molly let me know of everything I needed to bring in advance and the shoot went really well. We were a wedding party to promote the course wedding events and we posed on the track, in the stands and in the function room. Great company from the other models, supper client who knew exactly what they were looking for and made the whole shoot very relaxed. Really good day and I look forward to the next one!

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AJ, Reference: VGMY-4447

Once again I had the pleasure of working for Models Direct on my second assignment for a wedding shoot at the Newbury Racecourse, alongside a beautiful family. Ricky and the rest of the crew gave us a pleasant and warm welcome. He was able to help me transition into the Best man role. Always an absolute honor working for Models direct and looking forward to many more projects!

Jasmine, Reference: DWZH-3368

Fantastic experience with models direct modelling for Newbury Racecourse! Spent the day with a lovely group of people and was guided by a few very respectful and supportive staff members. Also had lots of fun shooting on the racecourse where the photographer arranged a few fun exercises to get some great photos! Thank you guys very much for the experience!

Jack, Reference: ZBTN-8447

Regarding my assignment for the Football Manager 2020 shoot, I felt everything from the start to finish was very impressive, how helpful everyone is from the agent to every member of staff at the shoot on the day. I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of the shoot today and hope to work with more clients and gain more experience in the industry. Today at the shoot was a real success, I thought everyone was very warming and polite and it made the day easy. Rather than feeling nervous and worrying what could go wrong, it allowed me to relax and just enjoy the day.

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Carlo, Reference: YHPG-8733

I had an amazing time today, lots of fun and met some great people, I can’t wait to get more jobs like this.. thank you so much!!!

Steve, Reference: WKHR-7474

Just finished an excellent shoot for models direct on behalf of the NHS for a new bowel cancer screening program, happy days!!

Laurens, Reference: YYNH-3774

Working with Models Direct was a very pleasant and fun experience. The team I worked with on the day were very easy to get on with. Although everyone was professional and focused on the job, the atmosphere was friendly and fun. A very enjoyable and productive day!

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Akim, Reference: BM776753

Another successful shoot. Very lively loved the atmosphere can't wait for future assignments!!

Ciaran, Reference: WDMX-7373

Great first experience with Tom and the rest of his crew! Really friendly people, a very welcome atmosphere from the word GO. Hoping to do more in the future!

Marco, Reference: DHKQ-3743

Was a fantastic first shoot today with Channel 5 on a new project. Had an amazing experience and everyone I dealt with was very professional!

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