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AJ, Reference: VGMY-4447

I had my 4th gig with Servomex in Crowborough, all bookings arranged by modelsdirect. It was a great fun-day experience, staff was amazing and got some beautiful shoots. The staff were professional and gave clear instruction at all times. I worked with another female model, it turns out to be her first gig but she did really well. We had a good combination of photo-shoot and video recording all in perfect timing. We had plenty of time to enjoy the free lunch provided. It has been a memorable experience. I look forward to another opportunity. Thank you Charlie.

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Jonathan, Reference: WRDD-3643

Great shoot at Charlton FC .Great agent ,good bunch heard some great stories and anecdotes and even the sun came out!

Dino, Reference: HHXR-7490

Staff on Fridays Video shoot in Charlton were friendly ands supportive .it was great to meet up with other models from talent management on the day. Looking forward to the next assignment.

Dathan, Reference: RWNK-9968

The shoot today was great, the staff working on it made us feel welcome and comfortable upon arrival to the shoot. They gave us clear instructions as to what was to be expected on the day and were there to help us. It was a friendly, professional and fun environment to work in and I enjoyed every moment. Thanks to all the staff who worked with us on the shoot it was a pleasure to work alongside them. Also I would really love to work on some more shoots soon as this was my first real one since signing up to models direct. It was a real pleasure to represent models direct and I am looking forward to working with you more closely and regularly. Again thanks Molly for organising everything and keeping in contact with my before and during, it’s much appreciated and you were a massive help Molly.

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Marco, Reference: GSMC-7898

Great assignment at Charlton F.C. Photo shoot for a new upcoming video game, was a really great day. Many thanks to all staff involved including Molly and the Models Direct team for the great experience and making sure we had all the info we needed!

Ryan, Reference: WYBW-8793

OMG! What a great day!!

Tyler, Reference: BM757221

Great day on set shooting for something big

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Gregory, Reference: GYNM-6968

Had a great time at the shoot I did for a well.known football game. The location was at the Charlton athletic football ground, we were treated very well by the staff at the ground and the guys at ichi worldwide. All the other models were great lads so made the whole day more enjoyable. Well organised and informed by molly. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

Ralph, Reference: WGXG-3688

It was a great experience with ichi Worldwide and I totally enjoyed myself, especially with the other participants who were nice and friendly. The whole photo shoot was done in a very professional and organised way. The crew made us all feel at ease and were very friendly indeed. What a great day and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Jamie, Reference: KDGR-9434

So today we were shooting at Manchester City training ground for a computer video game what an experience, I was kept up-to-date from yourself from start to finish, we started the shoot at 9 o’clock and finished for 13:00 the whole crew from Photography and make up done a cracking job for getting this together, the rest of the models that come along was a cracking bunch of lads we had a laugh throughout the day as this made everybody relax, the crew was setting up the lighting so that gave us a chance to have a good kickabout on Manchester City training ground with the other models,the Whole day from start to finish was an experience I won’t forget this is definitely something I could get used to, i’m already looking forward to what’s next. Once again a massive thank you from Models Direct.

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Dave, Reference: WDWD-3883

What a fantastic day. This was my first assignment with yourselves, and having been a SA in several films, I can honestly say that this was a far better experience for me. We were made to feel part of the team from the outset and totally involved in the project. Thanks also to modelsdirect for keeping us up to date with all the travel and location info.

Younus , Reference: CE784660

The day was great, I really enjoyed it, it was very physical. My first ever job. Slightly different to my usual Monday Friday job being an aesthetic practitioner and a pharmacist manager lol. I look forward to seeing the photos, I think Helen said she’ll send them through. If there’s more work I’d be happy to do it. Thanks for everything Molly!

Raul, Reference: WDNF-8997

Lovely day at today shoot filming at the Etihad Campus. The day was awesome from start to finish and what a great experience it was. The client made us feel more than welcome and comfortable at all times whilst also being professional at the same time. The models were great and made some friends in the process. Huge thanks to Models Direct for the help in placing me at this shoot, I would highly recommend. Cant wait to shoot for the next one already.!

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Shane, Reference: YVMY-7874

I have just completed an assignment at the Etihad Campus and it was a fun and enjoyable experience. Everyone on set was helpful, friendly and focused, which created a nice atmosphere to work in. Even though we couldn't take pictures on set, it was a great opportunity and I'm excited to see how it all turns out.

Andy, Reference: KCSX-6687

Today went really well! I really enjoyed myself. The staff were really easy to get along with and even though I’m a Manchester United fan the academy facility’s were AMAZING! it was different to what I’m used to which is stand still photos as we were moving about and training almost like we was actually footballers. I’m so great full for the opportunity and I’m glad I have taken another step into my Modeling Career and cannot wait for my next opportunity for Modeling. Many thanks again.

Erick, Reference: SBYN-4873

The shoot was great! The staff and photographer were really friendly and helpful. The accommodation was superb and we managed to capture some great images.

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Jamie, Reference: GSBT-8386

I successfully completed my photo shoot with Luxury Student Homes yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Jess from the housing company made us all feel very welcome and treated us all well throughout. The photographers were also friendly and made the photo shoot a comfortable and efficient process. I would also like to thank Molly from Models Direct for organising this fantastic opportunity. She was very helpful and was always quick to respond to questions related to the photo shoot. This has been a great experience and am hoping it will lead to more opportunities in the future.

Terry, Reference: MSDT-4499

"Thank you very much Model direct for the opportunity you gave me, it was a brilliant day!!! The team was amazing, and my agent Molly was fantastic, she updated me in everything, I can’t wait for another shoot."

Khaled, Reference: SHNQ-6668

Khaled really enjoyed his day in Tunbridge Wells. The crew were very friendly and put Khaled at ease. The house and gardens were beautiful. Find below some picture from the shoot. Looking forward to hopefully working with these guys again.

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Waleed, Reference: NPGP-4363

I had to do customer role in gas installation company shoot. It was good fun.

Gregory, Reference: GYNM-6968

Had a great time on my shoot today in Bournemouth for a gas engineering company servomex for new website content, was treated very well by the guys running the shoot from coda comms. Also got on great with fellow models James and waleed. Thanks to Charlie for another well organised job.

James, Reference: BPDK-6663

It was my first time doing a modelling shot. It was for a new website content for a gas installation, playing the part of an engineer. The company hire was with Coda Comms/ End user - Servomex at the Picture House in Bournemouth. All the staff were friendly and approachable. Well given out instructions and I made some new friends. I didn't feel nervous because of the friendliness of the crew and the environment too. Everyone respected each other and the crews were such hard workers, non stop working. Big thanks to Charlie from Models Direct for recommending me this shoot. Super friendly and made sure I was well equipped and prepared for the day. Been a really good experience which has given me motivation to under take more model shoots.

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Santiago, Reference: XXFK-8777

Pleasant trip to the countryside. Then the shooting was in an nice old fashion cottage (see pictures behind the scenes) with lots of beautiful outdoors scenes for taking pictures as well. The team was super friendly and fun.

Jake, Reference: GXZH-8968

I would Highley recommend Models Direct as had my first videography Job yesterday and was so much fun. was really good to meet 4 other models with the agency.and participate in the snow obstical cause and dress up as a yetie witch was so much fun. was really good to meet 4 other models with the agency. And participate in the snow obstacle cause and dress up as a yeti witch was so much fun.. I would definitely do it all again in a heart beat. the client was very helpful and friendly and made sure we was doing all the time and gave me a good feel of what to expect in the future from the industry. Jake

Tyler, Reference: BM757221

Great day on set shooting for something big!

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