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Joel, Reference: CPFG-8643

Thanks for the opportunity! I really enjoyed my time in snow zone Milton Keynes. The experience was amazing thanks to models direct I got to complete the first snow obstacle course in the uk! Filmed by the BBC.

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Jason, Reference: BYSB-8739

First ever filming behind the scenes and in front of the camera was amazing. Taking on the only obstacle course in the snow in demanding conditions was great fun. Met some of the other models to and we all got on. Quick mention models direct are a great agency if your looking to get started in modelling.

Agit, Reference: FTVD-6979

It was a great pleasure working with John and his team to bring together a series of marketing photos for a business idea. Charlie from Models Direct has been very supportive in general. Kept me in the loop, followed up as she said she would and has been responsive to my queries. Many thanks for such great service and opportunity.

Gregory, Reference: GYNM-6968

"I had a great day modelling for a canon camera wedding event in Warwickshire. Was treated fantastically well by everyone involved, especially our main contact Amanda. The shoot itself was really fun and was great working with fellow model Charlotte. Our models direct model Booker Charlie was very professional and helpful. It was a pleasure to be involved in this project and I look forward to seeing the photos!..."

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James, Reference: MCGT-9983

Had a great shoot with another model (Nicole) for a company that do work clothing for places such as Starbucks, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Honda, F1 etc and really enjoyed it. Great day and can't wait to do more work for MD. They are the only company I've worked with that make sure you're all good and catch up with you before & after the shoot to check in!

Gary, Reference: Z256946

The assignment with Vicon was my best to date. The team from Vicon, the team from DRMC Stanford Hall and the photographic team were all incredibly pleasant and helpful. Great direction from the photographic team which made the day very easy and enjoyable. Some of the photos which I have seen to date look amazing so much so that I had to ask 'Is that really me?!'. Fantastic day, great experience and once again a massive thank you to you and the team at Talent Management. "

Ty, Reference: K772238

I had my 3rd assignment through Model's Direct with a very large company called MTC in Coventry a photoshoot for their online website. Charlie the MD's Booker was very helpful and friendly and made sure we had enough information to make our day go with ease. There was 9 other Models who were all fantastic and took direction well and overall a fantastic day! Already looking forward to my next assignment! Thank you Models Direct......Ty

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Tomoya, Reference: DPTK-8964

"Had a great time promoting a band last night! With kind advice and assistance by the models direct team,I was able to do my task without getting nervous"

Jake, Reference: WMMF-3844

They me gave me a great first assignment sending me to a friendly and professional place that provided food and drink all included by the client, I am looking forward to the next assignment with you guys. Thankyou!!

Harjit, Reference: CE772135

They have some interesting assignments and they pay good money. Thankyou!!

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Gavin, Reference: CK749726

"Another great day arranged by Models Direct at a photo shoot for MTC in Coventry. Fully briefed by Charlie at Models Direct, lovely client and great company from the other models I'm really pleased with how the day went. Looking forward to more days in future.

AJ, Reference: VGMY-4447

"Another amazing and memorable shoot arranged by Models Direct for MTC Coventry!! Breath taking, relaxing venue with excellent modern surrounding infrastructure for the perfect photo shoot. Great and warm friendly staff from the start, and not to forget my amazing colleagues! The food was short of superb! Many thanks to Models direct for always delivering. Looking forward to the next one!!! "

Kofi, Reference: WTMB-6934

It was a really great and fun shoot, everything was relatively straightforward and the weather made cycling a lovely experience. Thanks again for booking me!

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AJ, Reference: VGMY-4447

Another amazing and memorable shoot arranged by Models Direct for MTC Coventry. Breath taking, relaxing venue with excellent modern surrounding infrastructure for the perfect photo shoot. Great and warm friendly staff from the start, and not to forget my amazing colleagues! The food was short of superb! Many thanks to Models direct for always delivering. Looking forward to the next one!

Khaled, Reference: SHNQ-6668

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time I had at my recent advert shoot. I arrived to be greeted by friendly hosts who kept me inform of what's was happening at all times. The location was easy to get to and didn't take long from where I live. I regret not taking the odd snap but there didn't seem time due to chatting and getting to know the other cast members. Next time I will be sure to take lots of photos to add to my portfolio. All cast members were provided with a hearty steak lunch and plenty of refreshments through out the two days. It was a really pleasure to experience how an advert is put together as well as being involved. The first day was preparing for the advert and the second day was videoing the advert. The two days at the studio has helped me to appreciate how long an advert for the TV takes and loved being part of it. Can't wait for my next Job. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great two days.

Gregory, Reference: GYNM-6968

Models Direct were very professional and I had a great time working as an extra!

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Terry, Reference: BBPT-6867

What a couple of days filming for Campo Viejo we were filming a few scenes over the few days, one at a dinner party with friends. There was loads of amazing food and wine which was all prepared on set by the amazing prop designers. It smelt so good and few times while we were filming a freeze moment, I felt a little dribble sneak out of my mouth lol let’s hope the camera didn’t see. The other scene was a group of friends around the sofa after dinner. We were all playing heads up and catching freeze moments amongst the fun. There was plenty and laughs and moments captured that will produce into a great advert for Campo Viejo. Thanks to Molly for arranging the assignment and thanks to the whole cast for there patients consistency and friendly feedback to allow us all to have such a great experience. Bring on my next assignment which is already in the diary for next week

Terry, Reference: BBPT-6867

Finish Dishwasher TV Commercial Last week I completed an assignment which Charlie helped me secure. It was for a commercial for Finish, advertising the new product line of dishwasher cleaners in the UK and Germany. I was playing an engineer who was inspecting the inside of a dishwasher and watching the cleaner at work as it produced a shinny clean wine glass. I can’t wait to see the final edit to add some amazing shots to me showreel and see myself on TV It was a pleasure to work with the whole production team from the runners, catering staff, producers, creative directors, wardrobe etc. So many people made the experience from start to finish a great one. Looking forward to more and more work with Models Direct.. "

Herb, Reference: C772146

If there is anything better that being told you have been selected for a job it receiving the news that a company you have worked for in the past want you back again. This proved to be the case when I was called on by Invacare based in South Wales, so it was with happy heart I set off for the Principality. On the first occasion the shoot took place in their own premises but this time it was in the Pinegate Photo Studios, not easy to find if your sat-nav doesn’t accept the post code but well worth the effort. The welcome I received was that usually accorded to the prodigal son so I can only offer the crew my thanks for their kindness and friendliness making a long trip worth while and of course to Molly at Models Direct who works so hard on my behalf.

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Tyler, Reference: BM757221

Always a pleasure working with Models Sirect! Had another shoot with them yesterday for Morrisons valentines campaign. Lydia and Emma were a delight to work with on set and the crew were fantastic! Looking forward to the next assignment!

Sandeep, Reference: P771841

Had a fantastic day on a shoot this week - Models Direct team are so friendly and professional - can't wait to more projects with them

Ethan, Reference: 846148

I had a really great time on the shoot, they were a lovely crew and the shoot itself was great fun. Always helps when there's a dog on set! Huge thanks to this lovely agency who secured the job and were an amazing help throughout!

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Liam, Reference: NWBX-4399

Really grateful for the opportunity you gave me to promote the bloodstock festival, it was great fun and good experience!

Steve, Reference: CM785444

Another great assignment from Models Direct ! I arrived promptly for this photo shoot, having checked in advance the detailed arrangements and dress requirements with the client. As a result I was more than well prepared. The shoot was at a Care Home with 48 private apartments and would involve indoor and outdoor shots. Photo shoots with clients, staff and other models would be required. A parking space had been reserved for me which made things much easier in terms of carrying my luggage and props into the venue. - ( a nice touch ) The shoot was fairly advanced when I arrived and the models who were booked for earlier shoots were busy working . After introductions with the photographer and creative director I was briefed and very quickly the shoot was underway. The clients understanding of the assignment was clear and thus enabled a very efficient shoot. Great client, great colleagues, very efficient photographer and wonderful organisation by Charlie from Models Direct and the most hospitable client you could wish for. I would highly recommend Models Direct.

Herb, Reference: C772146

Photo Shoot - When I first received this assignment from Charlie at Models Direct I rubbed my hands together, only twenty miles to drive and on my birthday, what more could I ask for. The shoot was for First City Nursing Services start time 11am and as I said only a short distance to drive Charlie has been very helpful and patient with me especially my complete lack of understanding of modern technology, thank you Charlie for such a great present on my birthday!

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