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Goitom, Reference: WSQG-7349

"Video shoot commercial for Poundland in Harrogate. I’ve just had a great experience on my second assignment with Models Direct, thank you to Molly for giving me this opportunity. I have enjoyed the experience, the guys made me feel welcome. It was 2 hours but it felt like one. The photographers were very good and the other models were really easy going. I can’t wait for my next assignment!!! "

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Sam, Reference: GXCS-4493

Great photoshoot for Poundland

Saied, Reference: CE785243

"Another great day even it was freezing but we could warm it up during the shooting with loads of laughs and talks with the people around . Been to Harrogate Mall at the Town center for a commercial video and shooting for @poundland introducing new fragrances . A huge thanks for Models Direct for the arrangement and the chance. For sure I can’t forget to say A big thanks for Molly, as usual she makes everything easier

Aaron, Reference: QSZH-7996

Photoshoot Poundland Today I had my first experience with Models Direct, which involved public interaction advertising new fragrances. The organisation and communication meant that the day ran smoothly, meaning I felt at ease with the demands of the job in hand. I would definitely recommend the company to others with an interest for this type of work and it would be a pleasure to experience work with the company again in the future.

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Oraharidolo, Reference: DKFW-6949

"Had another great assignment for models direct with INE at Further Digital Agency doing video shoot. Instruction were very clear and the day run very smoothly,met some very nice and interesting team I worked with were great ! had another fun experience. Thank you guys — feeling happy. "

Gary, Reference: Z256946

"As ever the day went very well and was quite seamless despite the very early start! The crew were very well organised and very welcoming, it was once again a great insight into just how much effort and planning goes into such a short presentation. My short acting role was great fun, I'd like to say it was a high octane stunt scene but in reality I just had to pull up in my car, get out, shake hands with the Kwik Fit engineer and ask for a new tyre! :) This all said, it didn't matter, it was a great experience and I enjoyed it. Let's just hope I did ok!"

Tharj, Reference: NZFN-8497

Ive just finished my assignment with Models Direct and what an experience. From start to finish it was organised, the communication was great and everyone who was apart of this assignment/photoshoot was amazing! If your looking to get into the modelling industry I would highly recommend Models Direct.

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Frank, Reference: FSYM-3476

Had my first photo shoot at the Columbia Hotel. Fantastic experience and the team where very easy going which enables you tobe at easy. Looking forward working with Models Direct again

Jerome, Reference: RFMW-8384

"Today i had my first assignment with Model Direct. Everything was well organised and everybody was so friendly. I’m glad I registered with this agency and would recommend it. I can’t wait to be booked again. "

Tyler, Reference: BM757221

Had a fantastic time once again working with models direct! Out of all the years I have been modeling, I have never skated for a shoot and for such a brilliant shopping center! Looking forward to the next one!

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Waleed, Reference: NPGP-4363

My first Assignment with Models direct. It was an extra role for YouTube video. We have to creat office environment and be causal and natural. Everyone was very supportive and we had laugh and a lot of fun by doing that video. Thanks you very much ModelsDirect for giving me chance to get some experience.

James, Reference: PFZW-3494

Once again, another great assignment and experience with Models Direct. This time I was put forward as an extra for an advert, though in the end I was made a feature by the Director. The people I worked with were really friendly and professional. It was a very enjoyable assignment to be apart of.

Rahul, Reference: KHCH-6867

It was a great on shoot, very professional people, loved to work with them. Thanks Models Direct for a great day,

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Tyler, Reference: BM757221

Had a great shoot again with Models Direct yesterday filming a coprporate video for Bradford's tool hire, can't wait for my next assignment!

Steve, Reference: MTQS-8988

It feels great to be back working for Models Direct. I modelled for Axis Security for the day. The location was in central London (Piccadilly Circus) the shoot involved six of us playing various roles with photos being taken in different parts of the clients buildings. Photos were taken of myself and two other models posing as security officers in a friendly manner, talking to customers and checking their I.D’s. We also had some photos taken of us patrolling the outside area of the buildings acting as though we were on our radio’s. I had a great time with the other models and crew members were also very friendly and easy to get along with, which helps towards being relaxed for the shoot.

Gavin, Reference: CK749726

Santander photoshoot - Excellent communication from Models Direct for my assignment in Greenwich in June 2018. Lots of notice of what to do and where to be so I felt very confident on the day. Really nice client who we spent the day with completing lots of shots for an internal promotion scheme...easy to follow direction, clear ideas regarding images and location, patient approach to the end. Really impressed all round with the client and the agency - looking forward to more to come in the future.

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Guy, Reference: YNVC-7773

Hi I just completed a job with Ingenious at Heathrow airport, this was my first assignment and was really enjoyable! I was understandably nervous at first but the Ingenious staff were great putting me at ease and making it a great experience. Thanks so much to Molly at Talent Management for getting me the job and for all the organisation and booking information. This made getting to the job and being prepared for it really easy and allowed me to fulfil my job to the satisfaction of the client. Many thanks!

Adam, Reference: MMKP-3367

"I had a fantastic time today at Heathrow Airport. I enjoyed the whole experience. The shoot itself was extremely fun and I enjoyed working with Aira, the other model. The clients themselves were fantastic - very friendly and warm. This was my first modelling experience and the relaxed nature of the client and the photographer put me at ease straight away. I got more and more into it as the shoot went on and am looking forward to seeing the end product. After this experience I very much hope that I will get the chance to do some more work. Thank you for this opportunity."

Saied, Reference: CE785243

"Thanks a lot Models direct for this awesome opportunity and experience :) . It was a lovely shooting day with Lydia ;) Wish all the best for all who working at Models Direct ."

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Alex, Reference: VNNV-6673

Heathrow Airport "Hi, I have just had a fabulous experience on my first assignment with Models Direct, courtesy of Molly at Talent Management and working with Ingenious on behalf of Heathrow Airport. Natalie met me on arrival, such a lovely lady, offering refreshments and kept me posted on the time frame and set up status of equipment etc. We started promptly at noon, Steve and Magnus, the team responsible for the shots, were great, made me feel relaxed and confident. We had an initial chat then onto some shots before an informal interview whilst being pictured. The whole experience was simple from start to finish, everywhere was of course accessible, parking was easy, directions and contact info all provided, just very very easy. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and hope to promote diversity and inclusion as a wheelchair user in more campaigns such as this in the future. Many thanks to everyone involved in the selection process, it’s been a privilege. Thank you very much Alex Smart"

Aaron, Reference: VHXR-4886

"It was such a great shoot and we had so much fun. Clients were amazing as always and it was really nice to meet the owner and workers of The Palaces Bingo"

Andrew, Reference: K741221

CASTROL shoot - "I had lots of fun on this assignment. It was amazing to film with a green screen and deliver dialog direct to camera. It was fun and a challenge at the same time, Talent Management kept me fully informed around the location and the clients requirement making the whole experience so much more enjoyable. The client was very friendly and was keen to make sure we were all. Thank you for this experience!"

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Steve, Reference: MTQS-8988

Hasbro photo shoot My son and I had our first assignment with Models Direct together, the assignment was for an online advert for Hasbro, it was my son’s first time so he was a little shy but after sometime he settled in quite nicely. We had various scenes with Shai in the bathroom and of us in the kitchen with me rewarding him (after his successful potty training) with a tub of ice scream. The film crew were very friendly along with the lovely ladies who were looking after Shai who were very helpful, we both had a really good time!

Mantas, Reference: KRNQ-7397

Been offered this job few days ago because some model backed out last minute friday eve and instead of giving up the amazing Models Direct team worked all friday evening trying to sort out cover for this job. Not sure if many companies would do this.

Scott, Reference: SKXZ-6998

NATWEST photo shoot Excellent day great photographers and Model Direct other models really friendly and nice. Excellent support and friendly help from Molly.

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