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Akim, Reference: BM776753

This was my first experience out doing a shoot and I thought it was great, met a few new people which I was abit nervous at first but after about 30 mins I settled in quite well. The meet and greet I had at earlier date was really good followed by the video shoot at the end of the month where I was placed in a urban part of the city and this is where it gets superb just being out there doing your own thing and I thoroughly enjoyed, can't wait to get out there again.

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Gavin , Reference: PZSK-8989

My name is Gavin. I’ve just done an assignment for Models Direct for Charles Wells Brewery promoting their new beers, had a good time , met some nice people and hopefully will work with them again in the future. Added bonus as well, got some free beer. Result!


James , Reference: R701849

Today I was an extra in a Hydrotherapy pool, acting as a client for a physiotherapist. I thoroughly enjoyed my assignment, it was the first one I’ve done. I’d like to thank Models Direct for choosing me for it and I look forward to doing some more in the future.


Theeshan, Reference: FVNV-6338

Hi. My name is Theeshan and I’ve just finished my first assignment for Models Direct. It was really fun, staff were amazing. It was for Aviva Insurance and all in all it was a good day. I had a lot of fun chopping up food and making smoothies. It was quite cool and I hope work again with such amazing people. So yeah, thank you Models Direct.


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Ty, Reference: K772238

Ty posed as a service user of The Priory, which took place last month in Basingstoke and also as a delivery driver for Subzero in Kent Hi my name is Ty. Models Direct hired me for 2 modelling assignments. One was in Basingstoke for a Priory Healthcare company with 5 other people. It was a fun shoot. The second was for Subzero posing as a delivery driver in Kent. Thank you.

Philip, Reference: CG761534

Hi Guys. Just wanted to send a quick video after my recent shoot with Jurys Inn. Had a really great day, great experience, nice setting, did some wedding photos round the hotel and then some more informal shots. Massive thanks goes out to Molly and the team at Models Direct. Without them it wouldn't happen and I’m certainly looking forward to the future and more work going forwards. Thanks guys.


Russell , Reference: R734593

Hi Ya, My name's Russell. First up I want to give a big shout out to Models Direct. Got my first job last Friday, it was a great opportunity, good experience, great team, meeting all of them. Have to thanks for doing this for me. Hopefully many more to come. Thanks to Models Direct. Thank you very much.


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Kieron, Reference: NMYS-3899

Hi guys. My name’s Kieron and I’m a model with Models Direct. I’ve been with the company now for 6 months and had quite a lot of interest. I’ve recently been to London for a huge shoot with a well known tech company. The staff at Models Direct are great. They’re always there to give you advice, help, information, anything you need to know, they are there for you basically. It’s brilliant, couldn’t ask for a better team to be working with. See ya.


Stephen , Reference: BM757379

Hello, hi there. Thank you very much for having me today. I just want to say a big thank you to Models Direct. I’ve actually just finished a shoot for feel good leadership. It was all about smiles and laughter and I can’t say thank you enough to Models Direct for this opportunity. It was a great opportunity and I look forward to doing more and more for the company for Models Direct. Massive thank you, massive, massive, massive thank you. I had fun. Thank you very much.

Rhys , Reference: CG768563

That’s a wrap. Today was modelling, my other job, nothing to do with bikes. Everyone is leaving now, successful day, thanks to Talent Management Models Direct. Let’s hope I don’t get rained on. Off to my other job hey, hey!

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Herbert, Reference: C772146

Hi. Good morning Molly and everyone at Talent Management Models Direct. Thank you for the lovely job yesterday in Basingstoke at Priory Homes. I even started my own fan club. Thank you very much indeed. By now.

Deon, Reference: R671011

Hi ya. My name is Deon. I’m eighteen years old and I’ve just had my first shoot with Models Direct. I was a bit nervous going into the shoot as it was my first, but thanks to the Models Direct staff the made me feel comfortable and welcome. They also gave me that confidence boost I needed. So I’d love to say a massive thank you to Models Direct for giving me this first opportunity to take on board because it has now given me a stepping stone into the modelling industry.

Khaled, Reference: R675634

Hi there. So about a week ago I had the opportunity to have a shoot thanks to Models Direct. On the day I met a few amazing artists, a DJ, a rapper producer and a singer. I also met quite a few other extras, exchanged contact details with them. Overall it was just a really good day, fun experience as well and met really good people.

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Emmanuel, Reference: P741800

Hi. My name is Emmanuel. I’m a freelance model with Models Direct. A few days ago Models Direct contacted me to do a photo shoot. I met new friends, I met some models, some my own age, some doing modelling part-time some full-time, different parts of London and Scotland and Wales and we had an amazing time. The shoot consisted of 3 artists, I can’t remember the names but one was as singer, one was a DJ and the other was a rapper. What we had to do for that day was dance and sing along. We had an amazing time. I met the crew as well, they were a lovely crew. I’d like to thank Models Direct to work with such a big brand. Thank you very much.

Oscar, Reference: HHFW-9867

Hi. My name’s Oscar and I’d like to say thank you to Models Direct for giving me the opportunity to do an amazing shoot last weekend. I met loads of great people, really exciting and I can’t wait to do it again so many thanks.

James, Reference: N712772

Hi I’m James. I’d like to thank Models Direct for the assignment I had in London on Sunday evening. It was great fun, I met lots of interesting people, it was very professional and very relaxing. I felt extremely comfortable. This was my first assignment with Models Direct and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I look forward to other assignments in the future.

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Isaac, Reference: CG780192

Hey, so I’m Isaac. I was one of the extras today. It was my first ever shoot and to be honest I had such a sick time. It was generally so cool. I’m a musician and the fact we were filming a music video with live music, it was completely awesome. It was really cool,I was really happy, I’ve met so many cool people and I got on with everyone I spoke to. Thank you to Models Direct for getting me that job. They made my day - I had the best Sunday. Thank you Models Direct and see you later.

Ramone, Reference: BM702616

Hi guys. So I’m talking about my shoot yesterday. It was a commercial in Regent Street. It was a really fun shoot, quite easy, good atmosphere. I would recomend it through Models Direct - just give it a go.

Gavin, Reference: CE726397

Hi. My name’s Gavin. My assignment was for the NHS. I arrived, was met and made to feel really welcome. It was a really good set, the photographer was really helpful and I enjoyed the day. I would like to do it again and be involved with other work with the NHS. It was really good, really enjoyed it. Thanks.

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Ife, Reference: A741986

Thanks to Talent Management / Models Direct I’ve had some really good opportunities. I had the opportunity to be an underwear model in Birmingham. This was brilliant and I met new people. I also had the opportunity to become an entertainer in Leicester. This was far a wrap battle competition where people competed wrapping presents. This was brilliant. We had fun, they had fun, the audience had fun. I was able to attract a lot of audience in with my performance which was great. Thanks to Talent Management and Models Direct I hope to have more assignments and I’m excited to have more assignments. Thank you.

Catalin, Reference: R773651

Hi this is Catalin. I just wanted to let you know a bit about my experience with Models Direct / Talent Management. I had my first assignment with them about a month ago and it was really fun. It was a fancy dress photoshoot, something I’ve never really done before, it was great, the client was awesome. It was a lot of fun on set and I got a nice pay cheque at the end of the day for not too many hours. I had a good time and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks.

Fabrizio, Reference: CB711083

“Hi. It’s Fabrico here. Just giving you quick feedback regarding the commercial shot in Shoreditch. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, despite the weather. We spent four hours on the bus and almost forgot about the cold, although my toes didn’t. It was a great experience for me, the first time I was playing a character. I was asked to be a passenger on the bus, half asleep which was great fun. The team were very professional, friendly and we really, really had a good time, immediately at ease, well cared for, the makeup people (who unfortunately did not do any work on me), costumes and we were even given a cup a soup! So thumbs up, it was great. Whenever you need an Italian looking and sort of ‘daddy’ looking - I’m here. Thank you.”

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Kian, Reference: P735699

“Hi there. This is Kian. I just want, first of all, to thank Models Direct for the opportunity for my assignment which was on Thursday. It was a very enjoyable day. I meet some great people. It was very simple. The instructions for what I had to do, costumes, everything, timing was up to scratch as well and generally a very nice enjoyable day. So I look forward to hopefully getting some assignments coming through and hopefully see where that leads to. Once again, thanks very much Models Direct for the opportunity.”

Ramone, Reference: BM702616

“Hi. My name is Ramone. I work for Models Direct. First of all, they’re a great company. I recommend them to anyone, especially if you're a young person, it’s a lot of fun work. I’ve done video shoots, I’ve done photo shoots, for different companies and they’re very helpful and very supportive and I would definitely recommend them again. Thank you.”


Really enjoyable experience on site with the other models and crew for Ford Motors Company. Learnt a lot and was treated very well. The other models were top fun to be around and I'd definitely do something like this again. Thanks Models Direct First time doing this sort of thing and really satisfied with how it went. 

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