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Reference: 2003IG10

This was Oscar's first assignment and we were not sure how he would react but he is a very friendly and confident kitten as was immediately at home on set with The Walt Disney Company!  The film crew were patient with him and he seemed to really enjoy all of the fuss.  He gave a great performance and everyone was happy.  The information from Talent Management was clear and we knew exactly where to go etc.  I hope that Oscar gets many more bookings as he seems to have a talent for being in front of the camera, even if I did feel a bit like the crazy cat lady!

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Reference: A158796

Everybody at Karndean Flooring was most welcoming and made both Fleur (my Great Dane) and I feel at home.  We had to complete 3 different shots - two stills and one video.  The crews were very patient and explained exactly what they wanted so I was able to direct Fleur accordingly.  Fleur and I would definitely like do similar work in the future.  The whole day was worthwhile and the venue was very suitable for animals as there was plenty of space for exercising them between shots.

My advice to other aspiring pet models and owners?  Relax and give it a go!

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Billy-Bob the beagle enjoyed his modelling shoot for Karndean Flooring very much.  He was very excitable on arrival and keen to meet the crew.  Billy was pleased to have been chosen for a shoot again, following his assignment earlier this year with Pets at Home. The most enjoyable part of the shoot for Billy was the fact that everyone loved him and gave him fuss throughout the day.  Billy's assignment involved him being filmed by Karndean Flooring and he was filmed doing numerous clips, to include getting muddy and running through the house, jumping on a lovely bed and sitting down looking innocent. I felt that throughout the day Billy was responding very well to the commands whilst having lots of fun. Billy is already looking forward to his next job!   I have found Talent Management to be an excellent agency, as they do all the hard work on my behalf looking for jobs and will then get in touch when something suitable comes up for my dog.

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Courtney for Sid

Reference: Coming shortly


When I saw the advertisement from Talent Management for a dog model, our Sid sounded like he'd fit the bill! He had recently modelled in a local photo shoot for a clothing brand and he was the star of the show!

The shoot we attended was for a London based dog clothing and accessories brand that are launching this September and needed some photos for the website and other relevant media. It helped when I was giving Sid commands so that he posed well, and he also got lots of treats for being good. He sat well for what they needed and fell asleep a few times on set - which was sometimes perfect for the image of the photo, but sometimes we did have to wake him up!

As he is only five months we were a little worried about his reaction to trains, tubes and the business of London travelling in peak times but he was brilliant and even fell asleep a few times on the journey.

The best part of the day for Sid was all the fuss and treats he was getting. He learnt a lot from the day and it did wonders for his training. It’s certainly made me more confident in taking him places and being able to trust his behaviour in different circumstances and environments.

I would recommend to other puppy owners to do something like this because it’s excellent for socializing your pup and getting some lovely photos of them while they are still small!

We would love to do more of these shoots and hope to build him a portfolio that will allow us to do so more often. It was a great experience for him so we would like to keep it going!

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Sioned for Billy

Reference: Z597427


When we arrived at the studio with our puppy Billy he seemed very excited and happy to be there. He enjoyed it very much and I am sure would love to do it again. The assignment involved Billy sitting in the back of a Land Rover whilst modelling a new dog car harness. He was a little nervous to begin with but soon settled into the job. Billy learnt new skills such as concentration and the ability to wait while being photographed. I would advice others to join Talent Management as it was an enjoyable day.

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Pat for Monazor

Reference: Z559548


As the owner of a fabulously obedient and clever pet I was not at all nervous before the shoot, but even if I had been it would not have lasted long! The client/company couldn't have done more to welcome us and make us feel at home. There were unlimited amounts of tea and coffee, delicious sandwiches, wraps and cakes, and they even took the dogs out for a walk!

The most enjoyable part of the assignment was working with the team to understand what they required for the shoot, and of course, working with Monazor to achieve the brief. The assignment involved modelling car travel products; safety harnesses and a car boot cover. Monazor was required to lie in various body and head positions to show off the products at their best.

I definitely completed the day with the confidence to work again and my faith in Monazor was confirmed. I would certainly recommend doing this to anyone who enjoys their dog and has time to do it. It’s a great experience for both the pet and the handler and I would recommend joining an agency. I have not been very proactive in looking for work and could personally do more to improve Monazor's e- portfolio. I am hoping the fabulous photographs taken by this wonderful photographer will do just that! My reason for joining up was the faith in my dog to be able to achieve anything he's required to do - as he has skills in doggy dancing, agility and obedience. Talent Management advertised at just the right time. So I joined up!

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Sam for Bailey

Reference: Z518188


The best thing about the Models Direct assignment for Bailey was probably the food, and all the attention she got from everyone. Bailey was asked to sit on a white background, which she did very well. Then we went outside for another shoot where Bailey was being held by one of the children (actors) to have photos taken.

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Reference: S224837


The photographers were really nice and patient and even de-frosted some of their own prawns for her - even the reception staff made such a fuss over Dippy - I had to keep tight hold as there was talk of "catnapping".

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Catherine for Charlie

Reference: L248861


Charlie enjoyed being in Live From Studio Five, he was very relaxed and worked well with the cameras and actors. As we were broadcasting live, we haven't seen the footage, but our friends tell us that he came across very well and members of the public emailed Five Live to remark on how well behaved Charlie was. Charlie had to pick 2 winning scores for the England vs USA World Cup match as part of Five Lives match prediction news update.

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Reference: A235821


We really enjoyed taking Angel (the dog) today. The people were really nice to both us and Angel, she was a good girl and they seemed to be very happy with her. She had 3 lots of pictures taken for the kleeneze brochure, 1 for a safety gate, 1 in a car and 1 with flashing collar light. thank you for the assignment and we hope you will use Angel again in the near future.

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Reference: S224837


Dippy (the cat) eally enjoyed the assignment. Dippy said: The photographers were really friendly and patient. It was a good environment and they made a barricade to keep me safe. They captured some really nice photos and said I was really good - not like some cats! I had to play with a toy - I liked that. Thanks for choosing me. Dippy

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Reference: 147102


Everything was handled very professionally. Polly enjoyed her time... Everything was made simple and clear.

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Reference: 100482


Studmuffin and I had a great time at his assignment. Dressing up in girls' jewellery didn't bother him at all. He did very well and posed like a pro. What a great start to his modelling career!

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Reference: 100424


I am writing to confirm that Alfie's (Drogue de Bordeaux) assignment  yesterday went well, quickly and smoothly. At the studio Alfie was made  to sit in the back of the car whilst a model petted him, he behaved  fine after his initial excitement and all went well. The photographer  said he got some really good pictures and overall I was impressed by  the friendly approach and efficiency of the team.

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Reference: Barry Coster & Woof Woof from Daisy


Things went very well and we were extremely well looked after by all of the Richard & Judy Team who are incredibly professional and friendly. Daisy (bulldog) was extremely well behaved (as always) and loved all the attention and treats - to the extent that we were surprised just how well she performed for the producers? Anyway we managed to get a friend to record it (Daisy's debut) for us and am more than pleased.

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June for Polly

Reference: V235480


The assignment Polly just completed went fine, everything was handled very professionally. Polly enjoyed her time at the assignment. Polly was asked to sit and be stroked with a mitt by a young model.

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Reference: Z195590


The assignment Enrique has just completed was very professional, well organised and fun. Enrique had to wear a scarf and hat.

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Reference: S224837


This was Rudi's first assignment and mine. We were made to feel extremely comfortable. Very friendly atmosphere. Refinary said they were impressed with him. If Rudi could speak he would say he enjoyed it - he was purring all the way  through. Rudi had to wear a Santa hat and scarf and pose in front of a Christmas tree.

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Reference: A206140


It was a good day, we were really welcomed, and felt relaxed all the way through. He got the kittens to do all sorts, which was natural for the kittens ie play with the tinsel etc which the kittens loved. Then he had to take pics of mum and the kittens together which went well too. Kori and the kittens were very relaxed all the way through and he didn't get the cats to do things they wouldn't, he worked around them.

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Reference: Z195565


The photographer was fantastic and made Fudge feel at ease, as it is more challenging working with animals they did their very best for her. The shoot went smoothly and was over in no time. This was a first for Fudge and after the initial tantrum she loved it.

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Reference: Z209427


The shoot was fabulous! We let her out of the box when we arrived and let her have a roam around the studio. At the end of the session she was really posing!

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Marion Wagner for Teddy

Reference: 100656


Regarding the Morrisons Shoot, we got there at 8:30 and the photographers arrived at 9:00, he gradually relaxed and they reckoned they had got enough (shots).  I asked if they were going to use him and she said yes! He is going to be on the gourmet tins of cat food! I have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to my next assignment.

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