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Reviews: children

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  • Ronni for Gemma, aged 11, Reference: P230054, Model fee: £500.00


    The assignment with Models Direct was very relaxed and professionally conducted. The client and photographer were very helpful and Gemma was very relaxed and loved the two days. She was required to pose in several different school situations and it all went really well. Thank you for finding Gemma the assignment and she is keen to do more!

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  • Kerry for Ashleigh, aged 6, Reference: N200170, Model fee: £75.00


    Ashleigh said the modelling assignment was “exciting and very cool”. Ashleigh enjoyed "everything". She had her hair & make up done and then modelled a Smurf fancy dress costume. Ashleigh is becoming more and more confident modelling fancy dress outfits and is a mini pro. She is now very natural at it and can pose easily without being prompted.

  • Nicki for Tommy, aged 7, Reference: E260915, Model fee: £230.00


    We were made to feel very welcome from the start; refreshments and lunch were provided, the day was explained to us and we were shown a brochure. The children were asked to wear different dressing up outfits for the catalogue shoot. The children were put at ease and always told how well they were doing. Tommy really enjoyed his day and talked about it for days after! They were a really nice friendly group of people who we would definitely work for again.

  • Rebecca for Carla, aged 9, Reference: M244865, Model fee: £210.00


    Carla's mother, Rebecca, said: The make-up artist was very good, and everyone was very nice, relaxed and calm. Carla said "that was fun, I would like to do that again", so thank you.

    Carla added: It felt great to be a model, I really enjoyed myself. The best thing about the assignment was trying all the outfits on. We were asked to do lots of different poses, which was fun.

  • Kerry for Ashleigh, aged 6, Reference: N200170, Model fee: £105.00


    Ashleigh had a lovely modelling assignment with the same client and photographer that she has been modelling for over the last year. Ashleigh seemed confident and a mini pro, as all the posing comes naturally now. Ashleigh modelled several Hello Kitty fancy dress costumes - which is a favourite in our house!

  • Selina for Shae-Love, aged 6, Reference: H147347, Model fee: £105.00


    Shae enjoyed being a model. She was asked to pose in a number of Hello Kitty outfits, which was the best thing about the assignment.

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  • Katy for Max aged 1, Reference: Y230513, Model fee: £1620.00


    We never expected that Max would be chosen as the “hero” baby for the Pampers campaign. We were delighted and so proud of him. It has been a lovely experience and we look forward to embarrassing him with the story when
    he is older.

  • Shae-Love, Reference: H147347, Model fee: £70.00


    This was a great modelling job for my daughter. The best thing about the assignment was she got to dress in fancy dress and party wear! For the shoot she was required to pose in a number of oufits.

  • Letty for Eniz aged 2, Reference: P230484


    Eniz had a great day on the Vintage kit photo shoot. The contact on the day was very understanding and very patient with the young children on the assignment. On the morning of the shoot the models were asked to change into the provided outfits and were taking pictures of in various parts of the national history museum. They made the day fun and enjoyable and both models and their parents were able to take part in the models Pictures. Later in the afternoon we visited Hyde parkand more pictures were taken there with a further change of clothes. Overall the day was very nice and Great to see my child having fun.

  • Mery for Feyvan, Reference: K202418


    Feyvan really enjoyed the experience. We are looking forward to seeing the photos from the shoot and this first time assignment has whet the appetite to do some more.

  • Donna for Ellie aged 6, Reference: P227327, Model fee: £105.00


    I enjoyed the assignment very much. I loved having my pictures taken. I was asked by Hampshire County Council to read books in a Library and look natural while pictures were taken.

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  • Dawn for Gregg aged 8, Reference: K232567, Model fee: £105.00


    Wow, what an assignment for Hampshire County Council. I asked Gregg what he would like to comment on the feedback and he said he loved all of it and can't wait to do it again. The photographer and organiser put him at ease straight away and he took to it like a duck to water! There was no stress, no undue instructions and the other models were very friendly. Gregg's assignment was for advertising local libraries and their services such a hardship for a lad who loves books! He had 'grandparents' to pose with alongside a younger sister. Overall a fantastic experience and would recommend to others, don't be shy step forward and have a go what have you got to loose?!

  • Kerry For Ashleigh aged 6, Reference: N200170, Model fee: £105.00


    Ashleigh wore 7 fancy dress costumes. Ashleigh said she felt "fantastic" being a model for the day as it "was good fun". The best thing about the days assignment is at the end of the photo shoot 6 children chose a fancy dress costume to wear, danced in it, played with balloons, party poppers and bouncy balls - lots of fun!!!

  • Steve for George aged 6, Reference: V177237, Model fee: £105.00


    We all enjoyed the assignment. George was ask to be a child looking at books/ laptops. We were 
    very pleased with the client Hampshire County Council helping us.

  • Selina for Shae-Love aged 6, Reference: H147347, Model fee: £105.00


    Another great assignment for Smiffys. Shae is becoming increasingly confident, she felt very special. The best thing about the assignment was that Shae-Love got the opportunity to wear different outfits and get her make up and hair done, which she loved. Shae was asked to pose in various items of clothing..

  • Emma for Samuel aged 6, Reference: A231490, Model fee: £180.00


    Samuel enjoyed the assignment very much. A great day.

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  • Sam for Zach aged 6, Reference: A205057, Model fee: £180.00


    Zach had a great time modelling for 'Kit for Kids', this was his first modelling assignment, and he loved every minute of it. Zach enjoyed having lots of different photos taken and made some great friends that he hopes to see again. We were given very clear instructions that made the day a breeze. Everyone was very professional - the children all thought it was nothing more than a day out playing with some great new toys. We were given plenty to eat & drink which kept the energy levels up too. Thank you 'Models Direct' for a great day!

  • Chris for Oliver aged 7, Reference: M213002, Model fee: £180.00


    Oliver thoroughly enjoyed the assignment and wants to do more!! He enjoyed the attention and interacting with the photographers, the client Kit for Kids, and the other models, in particular the children seemed to 'click' and get on extremely well from the outset; I would imagine that this made the photographers life much easier. On the journey home he fell sound asleep in the car, a sure sign that he had a very busy day. Thank you for the assignment.

  • Sophia for Fuchsia aged 7, Reference: Y206406, Model fee: £180.00


    Fuchsia enjoyed her experience, the staff at Kit for Kid were very warm and friendly. Fuchsia really enjoyed herself.

  • Melanie for Sophia aged 8, Reference: Y192520


    The assignment was a enjoyable & fun experience. Sophia loved every minute of it and changing into different outfits. The best thing about the assignment was that it was in Legoland and everyone was so nice and the shoes were great to. Sophia was asked to models kicker shoes in all different areas of Legoland, change outfits and shoes for each area. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is its fun and everyone is so nice.

  • Claire for Morgan aged 7, Reference: A230498, Model fee: £180.00


    Morgan really enjoyed the assignment, she made friends with the other models involved. Morgan was very relaxed and performed well. The client Kit for Kids asked Morgan to play with toys, read books, pull faces and play with the group. 

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  • Emily for Caitlyn aged 4, Reference: C236265, Model fee: £180.00


    The assignment was a nice day for Caitlyn, she enjoyed having her picture taken and it was great that she got to play with the toys and other children as well. She really enjoyed herself and is more convinced now that she would like to continue modeling and if possible, progress into television and film. I think she probably enjoyed the toys and having her picture taken equally. Caitlyn was asked to play with the toys in certain ways as to best show off the products and sometimes to pretend, such as sleeping.

  • Selina for Shae-Love aged 6, Reference: H147347, Model fee: £180.00


    Shae enjoyed her model fitting at Smiffys and worked well with the team. Shae loves modelling. The best thing about the assignment was the opportunity to try on some very nice fancy dress costumes. This was a fitting, Shae-love was asked to try outfits on in preparation for proposed shoot to take place in following weeks.

  • Lisa for Megan aged 4, Reference: F184914, Model fee: £180.00

    Kit for Kids were still setting up when we arrived. They were asked to sit on the equipment, read books, look interested in the products to try and demonstrate interest. Megan enjoyed having her photos done and liked changing outfits. It seemed pretty casual which made it relaxing. She was very pleased with herself to be a model for the day,though was very tired by the end.

  • Loyala for Dylan aged 4, Reference: L245284, Model fee: £180.00

    Dylan was Exited could not wait to get in front of the camera. Every one at Kits for Kids were very friendly and Dylan felt very comfortable, specially Lynn and Trevor. Lynn had shown a various products to Dylan and act as a Teacher and Student. Dylan was asked to play with some products and discover various bits and pieces within the product. Caitlin, Dylan and Megan were asked to interact with the product