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Reference: ZBRV-9794

Ryan had a great day with his shoot, enjoying the experience thoroughly. He said that the team were great, communicating clearly what they needed and they had a few laughs together, making the time go far too quickly! Thank you so much again for the opportunity, Ryan would I know, do it again in a heartbeat :)

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Reference: RRXY-4443

I was really excited to get the call from Molly and was looking forward to being a model for the day and gaining experience as this was my first time.
The 3 men that met us at location were very nice, friendly, especially the photographer who made me feel at ease straight away.

We shot various pictures around the Campus, wearing their tshirts, lanyards and sun glasses and had great fun with the other model Ryan. It was nice because it was his first job too so we were just as nervous as each other but no need to be as I feel at home once the camera is clicking!

Thankyou for putting me forward for this job and I hope I have many more to look forward to.

I have attached some pics of the day.

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Reference: ZRWQ-9686

I attended my very first assignment today which was a small acting part in a training video for Motability Recovery. I was sent through the script and full, clear instructions of the shoot, what to wear, who the other actors and crew were in plenty of time. Everybody at the shoot and the client was really nice to me and made me feel relaxed especially as it was my first assignment. They even altered the script to suit me better. I can't wait for my next assignment as I very much enjoyed the atmosphere.

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Reference: MVCZ-8689

Had my first job last night with Models Direct at the UEA promoting the Bloodstock event held in August at Catton Park, Derbyshire. Absolutely loved the experience working with Liam and can’t wait for the next one!

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Reference: BQKY-8889

"Recently completed an assignment, it was a commercial and the experience was really great. It was professional yet warm and welcoming. I truly enjoyed it. Looking for more."

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Reference: P770348

"Yesterday, myself and 4 other lucky models were asked to take part in an ice skating photo shoot at Bluewater Shopping Centre down in Dartford. After a warm welcome from the team, we were treated to getting our make up done by House of Fraser and had the personal stylists from Oasis and Topshop dress us. The day could not have gone any more perfectly. I met some amazing people and Charlie at Models Direct organised everything so smoothly and was extremely helpful. The crew on the day were also extremely attentive. This is my third project with Models Direct, I had such a great time and can't wait for the next one! Thanks for everything guys."

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Reference: QWVR-3863

"Had a really fun day, spent all day shooting for Bluewater on the ice rink. Amazing people and everyone was so professional. Can't wait to do it all again! Waking up at 3 in the morning to catch the bus just to find out it has been delayed! Ended up being 40 minutes late but everyone made me feel welcome and not to worry about it. Went for a walk over to Topshop to find out our outfits! Loved the styles of the outfits I was given. Made me open my eyes and go for colours I wouldn't usually go for. The ice rink itself was such fun to skate on, with the Christmas tree in the middle making it an amazing background."

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Reference: 902415

had a fantastic day yesterday it's my first assignment I have been given, I was a little nervous but the day was amazing! my make up and clothes were perfect.Everyone was so polite and made sure we all had what we needed. i had a really fun day and met some amazing people.

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Reference: 783618

I had a fitting today which was super easy and comfortable! Models direct (Marie) communication with me was absolutely superb and got back to me with any answers to my questions fast! I cant wait to have fun at the photo shoot - The costume looks fab!

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Reference: CB746028

Bridal photoshoot - I had an amazing experience with working with Models Direct. I was involved with the Brides do good photoshoot, and as well as the shoot being for a good cause (to send proceeds towards ending child marriages) it was also very fun. I feel that through this shoot Models Direct has equipped me with some necessary experience to help me progress in my modelling. Overall, a fun first photo shoot!

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Reference: CE775972

This was my first promo event with Models Direct. I was the Easter Bunny for St Marks Shopping Centre in Lincoln. I made my way to the meeting point and the Centre Manager was there to meet me. The costume was in place as described by the Models Direct representative and after some introductions, myself and another model got ready to go out and meet our public. With my basket full of Creme Eggs, I hopped off around the Centre. It was fun being able to put a smile on so many faces, especially young children, who were in awe of the Easter Bunny. After the event, Marie form Models Direct contacted me again to check that all went well, ensuring that I enjoyed the event and kept me briefed about what would happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed my first promo event and look forward to more.

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Reference: K735905

This was my first promotional event with Models Direct which took place at St. Mark's Shopping Centre in Lincoln. Navigating the event was very easy thanks to Marie, Principle Agent at Models Direct, who gave me all the relevant information for me to get the most out of this opportunity. The other model and I worked very well together promoting the shopping centre and handing out Easter eggs to young children, which was very rewarding. After this experience, I am very eager to take part in more events and would definitely recommend Models Direct.

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Reference: DSDM-4947

I had a great time on Saturday at Ciroc on Arrival at The Liquorist in Southampton and was surrounded with good staff and a great team. It was a interesting event as I had never done this sort of work before but found it to be a relaxed evening and had fun with the clubbers.

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Olivia & Alanta

Reference: BM722574 / BM722575

We had started our journey around 6am knowing it would take 2 hours we arrived on time with two very excited children and 2 nervous but excited parents. We were put at easy instantly when meeting our photographer and the two other models from Models Direct. We went and had a quick meeting about what photos we were trying to achieve and quick change we were ready to go. The children were super excited about doing the shoot in such a a massive super store and loved that people were watching, the photographer was giving us great direction and was amazing at making us feel at easy. Always telling the kids they were doing a fab job . This was the first time we had met with other models from the company and they were brilliant so funny and talkative, the shoot went so well and the photos were just as the brief asked. We can't wait till the end of March for our follow up shoot and working with Models Direct we have done a total of 5 modelling shoots now and have always enjoyed our experience and making memories with our beautiful family.

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Eleanor - Ellie

Reference: XHGF-8743

When I arrived, we were met by one of the guys that took us up to Rob, who was the manger director of digital health, who introduced me to the couple of people who were running the event. I was very pleased with the way it was organised and I took instruction well. They showed me the results on the laptop which they were very pleased with for their website. I really enjoyed the experience for my first assignment, and hope for many more. 

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Reference: FZCP-6868

My name is Alana. I went for a leisure wear fitting in Norwich. I really enjoyed the experience from the moment I got there. Modelling the leasure wear was exciting and I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to do it. Thank you Models Direct.


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I really enjoyed my day modellling, it was an experience I will never forget!  I was a bit nervous at the start, but everyone I met on the day was so friendly and really nice so it made the day much easier for me! The most enjoyable part of the day had to be when the hairdresser was prepping and styling my hair. I had a very good hairdresser cut my hair at the Salon International Show, where the client was promoting their products and teaching hairdresser techniques in how to cut hair better. Anyone who is trying to get into this industry should go ahead and do it - it brings great confidence to yourself and satisfaction aswell. I definitely recommend this industry as a career. I also highly recommend anyone starting out to join Models Direct - they are friendly and a great professional company to help you start progressing in the industry!

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Reference: 1354

I wasn't nervous before going in for my voice recording session as I had worked with this company before - they made me feel very welcomed as usual. I enjoyed being in the recording studio itself as I had never been in one before and it was fun to see how everything worked with the sound etc. My assignment involved me doing a voice over for an NHS commercial which the company had been working on with myself and others. I learned how to work well in a studio and how to read my lines in the correct manner, fitting into my character. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to do recording work in a studio or anyone looking further into commercial work.  Thanks Talent Management!

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Reference: 1031

For this job  I was asked to work as a promotional model for Lancaster Insurance. The assignment involved  posing as Miss America at the NEC Classic car show in Birmingham. My work was over three days so I really got to know the other employees. We helped to increase footfall and bring attention to the stand so I got to chat to various members of the public all day!
The whole experience was fantastic and the clients were lovely to work for. Thank you talent Management!

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Reference: 1328

I was nervous before hand but after  getting my hair and makeup done, I started to feel more comfortable. Getting my makeup done professionally, was definitely the part I enjoyed the most!

I had to get ready and wear a bridesmaid dress for the shoot and I was asked to hold a basket which had a flowers in, I was directed on how to hold it and how to stand, for the photos.

I joined up with Talent Management because I wanted to pursue my hobbies professionally and It's always been an ambition of mine, also for the experience.

I have definitely gained a bit of confidence from this assignment , all of the people there were lovely and made me really comfortable and that I looked nice.
This shoot for Oasis Floral, was my first assignment,  I learned about how a shoot goes and what you have to do.
My advice for anyone thinking  of pursing work with a Talent Agency is just to go for it. It's an amazing experience and it will boost your confidence as well as teach you new skills.

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Reference: 1321

When filming for the NHS commercial, I did not feel nervous as I had been working with the same people several weeks back. I felt comfortable and had more of an idea of what I was doing. 

The assignment involved me having to be told what I would be doing in certain scenes, for example the scenario my character, Emily, was in so I could act out the right role for her.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was acting out the actual scenes and being shown afterwards what the commercial had turned out like- it was really good and I was proud to see myself in it.  I gained plenty of confidence from this assignment and will definitely be happy to do some more filming work again now that I have an idea of what it's like and what kind of things I am meant to do.

I'd recommend this experience to any other models/actors, especially those who are new to the industry and need to gain some filming experience being on camera and trying to gain some confidence.  It's good to join an agency if you're looking to be a model as they can give you that extra push to get work etc, but it's also good to be independent and try and ask for work yourself.  You can also go to experienced models for advice on what to do to make yourself more known too.  I decided to go with Talent Management because they're local, and I really enjoy the modelling work I get and look forward to future bookings.  It is also good to earn money, and Talent Management are especially good at getting the agreed amount of money to you quickly.

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Reference: 1300

Before I met everyone on the Wandsworth Council shoot which Talent Management put me forward for on Monday morning, I was extremely nervous but also excited. When I met the cast and crew they were all so friendly and lovely it made me feel so much better. I had so much fun, it is definitely something I would love to experience again. For me, there was not one bit more enjoyable than another because everyone was so nice to me and made me feel so welcome.  I would definitely recommend this experience to others because it was so much fun!

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Reference: 1282

Arriving on location at the hospital, the crew were very welcoming and friendly. I sat with the other models and chatted with them for a while which made me feel at ease. It was the first time that I had been an extra for an advert so I was feeling a bit nervous. I was on location for 2 days filming for the NHS and really enjoyed it. I met some lovely people which helped when we were waiting around as it made the time go quickly. Whilst we were being filmed, I played table tennis and even had a hand massage!  It really was a great experience and one that I won't forget. Thank you to Molly at Talent Management for booking me.

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Reference: 1273

I very much enjoyed the day working for Talent Management to produce a short film for the NHS.  I was a little nervous beforehand as it was my first job and I didn't know what to expect, however I was instantly made to feel at ease and loved the two days of shooting. I would love to do it again!

During the two days of shooting, we acted as extras and were required to act naturally in numerous scenes. Some of these scenes involved eating lunch, socialising and playing several games/ activities such as table tennis, pairing and doing exercise in the gym. In some scenes, we were required to improvise speech and make it look as if we were having a normal conversation with one another.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me would be working with the people I was with, everyone was lovely and I got along with them all very well.

I definitely gained some confidence from this assignment, it was a really good opportunity for me to get a feel of working in front of a camera. I also gained some acting skills as there was some improvisation involved at several points. I also learned that taking part in assignments isn't as scary as I thought it would be.

My main bit of advice to other new faces would be to have fun on your assignment, as well as turn up to every assignment feeling positive and ready to learn. I would definitely say it is a good move to join an agency, just make sure it is the right agency for you as an individual, and is the agency which will most likely help you progress and develop in to the industry. So far, I have not had many jobs as it is hard to find the time to whilst under taking 4 a level at college, however I hope to find more work in the future.

My mum and I made the decision to join Talent Management simply because they appear to encourage all kinds of models, actors and dancers all from diverse backgrounds. When speaking to the agency on the phone, they appeared to be very welcoming and friendly, and that was what immediately appealed to us. Additionally, the agency has some great clients and that is what you need from an agency in order to receive substantial work which will look good on your portfolio and make you of interest to other clients.

Thanks, Cheynne

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Reference: 1269

At first I was nervous coming on set to act for the NHS's latest video, but the crew made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

I was told what outfits I needed to change in to for certain shots and when filming a shot what I needed to be doing or looking like.  I gained confidence during filming and got more relaxed after knowing what I was doing and understanding my role there as their actress. The most enjoyable part of the shoot was getting to meet others and also the actual filming itself.  It was a good first time experience, and I would be interested in doing this sort of assignment again. 

I would recommend the experience to others, especially ones trying to build up confidence and understand filming and commercials better.

My advice to other aspiring actresses and models would be build up a good portfolio with the help of a professional photographer or videographer, and to join an agency. Keep trying your best to push yourself to get work and always look after your image too.  I decided to join Talent Management because they were local and the people that will be helping me get jobs are friendly and always there to help.  Talent Management offer work nearby and/or far away so I can get a variety of assignments.

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