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  • Miriam , Reference: SMFZ-4396

    Just finished up my first assignment with Models Direct shooting a tourism video for the company Travel Click in my home town of Cardiff. The shoot went off without a hitch and I had a great time. The team I worked with were an absolute pleasure and being booked for the shoot via Models Direct was straight forward and easy! Can't wait for my next assignment!  

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  • Shobha, Reference: CM787705, Model fee: £166.00

    Hello. I’m Shobha. I’d like to tell you about a really good experience I’ve had with Models Direct. I had all the information, on time from Marie. I was able to attend the venue. The client was quite happy I wore a hearing aid, no difficulty with that. I really gelled with the other models from Models Direct and the client appear really satisfied at the end of the day. It was really gratifying.


  • Elizabeth, Reference: A69780, Model fee: £166.00

    Hi. I had a great day to day at the photoshoot. It was great to work with the company again. I had such a great time, everyone was friendly and welcoming. Thanks Models Direct for a great and fantastic day. Thank you.


  • Emily, Reference: CE754160, Model fee: £166.00

    I thoroughly enjoyed my recent photo shoot with Models Direct. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to be working with you in the near future! Emily


  • Evie, Reference: CE775244, Model fee: £166.00

    My name is Evie Clark and recently I took part in a Leso digital health photoshoot in Cambridge. There were five of us all together posing as students. We had many individual shots done in several outfits and many group photos. Apart from it being a horrible day outside, I had great fun in the studio. The other models were incredibly friendly and although we were a bit nervous at first we soon settled into working in front of the camera. The photographer was incredibly nice and made me feel very comfortable.

    I had a lot of fun on this assignment and would love to do something like it again soon. I got to know a couple of the other models I worked with and I think it is a great way to meet lots of different types of people. Being a musical theatre student, it was good practice to be in front of the camera as we have to get Headshots done which can feel very unnatural but I find this practice will help me.

    Even though it was a very early start from Colchester to reach the 10am photo shoot, it was totally worth it and I had a great day. I hope to see some of the shots from the shoot soon!

  • Corinne, Reference: BM784639, Model fee: £153.00

    Hey. So today I did an assignment with Models Direct and it was brilliant, I couldn’t ask for anything better. The people there were so loving and kind. The photographer was just amazing at bringing out the best in us. It was such an experience. I would highly recommend anyone doing this. Thanks so much Models Direct, I appreciate it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUy2bpqg8hu/?taken-by=lovedupcorinne


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  • Eden, Reference: P753711, Model fee: £133.00

    Hi. My name is Eden. I had a fabulous 4 hour photo shoot through my agency, Models Direct. It was a really good experience for my as I was modelling garments that I’ve never tried on before. It was a really good time. The people were lovely, the Director was lovely and I just had a great time.


  • Jessie, Reference: CG780149, Model fee: £153.00

    Hi there. Jessie here. I just wanted to say thank you again for such a lovely day at Still Vision in Girton and thank to Models Direct. I had a lovely time with the others there as well, such fun and such a giggle. It was amazing. Thank you so much again Models Direct.



  • Annie, Reference: WQGS-4488, Model fee: £180.00

    Having only joined Models Direct less than a week ago, I was so pleased to receive my first assignment so quickly. Molly talked me through the job beforehand, and once I'd sent my self tape to audition, and had been selected, she then followed up with all the information for the shoot. I was filming a new online advert for Matched Bet, and was using autocue to deliver the script to camera. As this was a similar experience to previous work I have done, I felt comfortable, but the friendly team at Blue House design also played a big part in creating a relaxed, but productive working environment. It was a very enjoyable shoot, and a great opportunity to add more filming work to my CV and showreel. I'm really glad I signed up to Models Direct, and I look forward to what's in store with future assignments.

    Final video of our actress Annie featuring in a betting tutorial video for Matched Bet, shot in Kent.

  • Natalie, Reference: MCVN-9697, Model fee: £166.00

    So I recently did a shoot for Activewear but it was through Models Direct. It’s a company that does maternity leggings and sportswear for pregnant people. The shoot was really good, the team were really professional and I look forward to my next job. Thanks you.

  • Natalie, Reference: MCVN-9697, Model fee: £400.00

    I just recently did my first maternity video shoot booked through Models Direct and it all went so well. Everyone was lovely, really professional and the whole team were brilliant. It was a lot of fun and a great experience and I will definitely look forward to my next booking with Models Direct.

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  • Geraldine , Reference: A766356, Model fee: £150.00

    Hello. My name is Gerry. I’ve just completed my first modelling assignment for Models Direct. I’d really recommend it to anybody, it was a great experience. It was really good to work with professional photographers in a really relaxed environment. The client knew what they wanted so it was straightforward and really enjoyable. I’d recommend it if anybody was thinking about doing this and it was great to work with other models as well. I’m looking forward to my next job really soon


  • Katie, Reference: K694220, Model fee: £200.00

    Hi My name is Katie. I’ve just got back from being a promotional model for Models Direct and RGB building supply. I’ve never been a promotional model before but it was a really good experience and I had another model alongside me which was really good fun.


  • Claire , Reference: BWFV-4369, Model fee: £170.00

    Hi. Justed wanted to say thank you very much to Models Direct. Had a great day and last two days working at the Tool Fair in Exeter. It was a really good day, really enjoyed it. Thanks very much. It was a huge success, the clients were really happy, customers were happy and had great photos taken all day. Really good fun. Thanks very much guys.


  • Chloe, Reference: CE763554, Model fee: £150.00

    Hi. My name is Chloe. I would just like to thank you for my experience yesterday and I would definitely recommend Models Direct to an abled bodied or unlabeled bodie



  • Kimberly, Reference: BM640408, Model fee: £233.00

    Hi ya guys. I’ve just finished my first assignment with Models Direct and I had such an amazing time, I even ended up doing a Zumba class at the end. Everyone was some lovely, so friendly, so easy to work with and I just wanted to say once again, thank you Models Direct.


    Apply: Female modelling

  • Ingrid, Reference: P686459, Model fee: £150.00

    Hi. My name is Ingrid. I’ve been working with Models Direct for a little while now. Done a few photo shoots here and there. Recently they contacted me to do a photoshoot. Everything was super top secret. They gave an address and I turned up to this place. There were 50 other extras from different modelling agencies, also didn’t know what was going on. They tooks us all over to do hair and makeup, which was cool. Then they took us to another area and then they were like ‘so basically guys you’re just gonna sit down and enjoy the music and that’s it. We’ve got 3 artists here for you’ which was really cool. I had an amazing day, super, super fun. Got to meet some of the artist that performed. The camera crew were really cool and the other agencies, an amazing day. I loved it.

  • Nicki, Reference: A703251, Model fee: £333.00

    Hi Models Direct. It’s Nicki here again. I’m letting you know of my model assignment that was arranged with Models Direct. The client I worked for was Invacare, a brilliant company. I was the wheelchair model which was successful and we hope for the publication to appear sometime in the summer which I can’t wait. They’ve had me on their books for quite a while and finally I was able to work for them. Thanks to Models Direct, another great booking and I hope to do more work in the meantime. Thank you.


  • Chrissy, Reference: GNFQ-9866, Model fee: £150.00

    Hi ya. My name is Chrissy and I’m with Models Direct. I’ve actually only been with them for just a few months but they’ve already given me my first assignment which was my first model experience. I had to go to Derby to do a fancy dress photo shoot. It was really good fun, I just had to model a few fancy dress costumes and everyone I met there was really, really nice. The photographer told me exactly what to do and gave me some great encouragement . It was a really good opportunity for me. I definitely looking for some more modelling opportunities.


  • Yomi , Reference: A727685, Model fee: £120.00

    Hi, this is Yomi. Just to say I had an awesome time shooting at Basingstoke, all thanks to Models Direct for this opportunity and hopefully more jobs from you guys. Bye.

  • Chloe , Reference: BNWQ-6346, Model fee: £120.00

    Im Chloe. I’d like to say a big thank you to Models Direct for putting me forward for the Goldwell Hair Competition. So far I’ve had one appointment and that was for my skin test but that went really well. My hairdresser is lovely. I’d like to say thank you to the staff at Models Direct for making the process of making my portfolio so easy. They have been so helpful, kept in contact with me constantly and have been absolutely amazing, I can’t fault them at all so I’m really happy and thank you so much.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Claire, Reference: RCKN-7886, Model fee: £150.00

    Hi I’m Claire and this week I had my first assignment with Models Direct. We were shooting in an adult care centre and the other models I worked with were great. We all got on really well. Our photographer was really professional and good at his job. We had a really good time shooting different scenarios in different rooms of the care centre and I’d like to say a massive thank you to Models Direct and hope to be getting another assignment soon.

  • Elle, Reference: Harris, Model fee: £200.00

    Hi guys! I have just completed another fantastic booking with models direct, this time for a hotel company 'Jurys Inn Hotel'. This was a bridal modeling job for advertisement material! It was a fantastic day working alongside all the friendly and talented professionals. We were truly looked after with even complimentary lunch at the hotel and snacks throughout the day! I met another male model from the agency who was my 'groom' for the day and we will stay in touch and hope to get future assignments together!

    My advice to aspiring models? :)

    Be you and be a u t i f u l! So cliche but so true! The more you can relax , enjoy and be yourself on an assignment the better the outcome! You've been booked as an Indiviual so show them your unique personality too! Be that Quirky, confident and funny soul you might be! A client loves to see it all! Just be friendly and professional with it and you can't go wrong.

    I always highly recommend Models Direct and will continue to do so on my next assignment! Each time as something new, with new people and new experiences!

    Thanks Models Direct!

  • Nicki, Reference: A703251, Model fee: £150.00

    Hi. I’m Nicki. I’m a freelance model, worked with various clients, in the UK and abroad. Finding work with Models Direct was refreshing and encouraging for me to see especially for a model like myself with disabilities. The Booking Agents, especially Marie and Molly, thank you so much for reassuring me from the beginning to the end allowing me to be 100% to meet the needs of the clients, especially with one assignment where I did a video shoot for a huge technical brand which I can’t wait to share soon. Thank you Models Direct.

  • Samantha, Reference: K776599, Model fee: £155.00

    That’s a wrap for today. We have been taking photographs at the Eastrop House for Priory Adult Care. Had a great time, met lots of awesome people, took lots of photos. Thank you very much Models Direct for booking me and here's to many more jobs to come.