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  • Kemi, Reference: H206562, Model fee: £120.00


    I was really happy doing what I enjoy doing - modelling. On the Models direct assignment, I was given instructions as to my body poses - sitting down and standing up. It was a good experience on the whole.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Madonna, Reference: A261059, Model fee: £128.00


    The client appreciated my looks and made me feel positive about the modelling experience for Models Direct. I was asked to partake in 3D scanning to be used in a gaming product. The assignment was interesting as it did not involve traditional photography: it was a great learning experience!

  • Ashley, Reference: A261052, Model fee: £131.00


    I had such a great time as a model for Models Direct at Twickenham; everyone was lovely and I even got to meet a few famous faces. I would really love to do something like this again as I enjoyed it so much and modelling is what I have wanted to do for such a long time. Thank you very much for the opportunity Models Direct, hopefully with many more to come!

  • Louise, Reference: V229333, Model fee: £54.00


    Had a really great day being a model for Models Direct! The photographer was lovely and really made me feel comfortable. I was asked to do a series of expressions in a variety of outfits. The photographer was very good as he let me choose whether to stand or sit, which ever was most comfortable. I really want to do more now as I enjoyed it so much!

  • Solmaz, Reference: P254208, Model fee: £128.00


    The modelling assignment for Models Direct was short and fun. It lasted about 20 minutes in which they scanned my face and my head.

  • Alice, Reference: 221772, Model fee: £120.00


    I was asked to model again for the National Sporting Club. On this modelling assignment for Models Direct I was in the large marquee. If asked I would definitely do it again!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Sarah, Reference: A261055, Model fee: £120.00


    The modelling assignment was good. The best bit was meeting the other models, because they were all so friendly and I made a couple of good friends.

  • Lara, Reference: A261053, Model fee: £120.00


    It was my second time working as a model at Twickenham Rugby stadium and once again I enjoyed every bit of it. I made new friends and got along well with both the clients and the other models. I would definitely do it again!

  • Radha, Reference: A261057, Model fee: £120.00


    It felt different being a model for the day. I spent time talking to the photographer about his work and why I was chosen and I was flattered to find that he had chosen me based on my look specifically. I built up a nice rapport with the photographer and his directions were simple and easy to follow. The best thing about the assignment was seeing the pictures being transformed into the cartoons that would become the final product. I was asked to sit in a chair and sit very still and frequently asked to move the angle of my face. It was not a long project, but very enjoyable!

  • Dorina, Reference: Z261006, Model fee: £120.00


    Being a model for the day was very enjoyable. The best thing about the assignment was meeting new people, and getting to know what they do. The people were very kind and made me laugh which is always a bonus!

  • Jackie, Reference: N177428, Model fee: £120.00


    This was my first modelling assignment and I really enjoyed it. The photographer was very good. He told me what he wanted and helped me step by step, with no pressure at all. I was asked to sit down and face the camera and let the photographer take photos at different angels. The photos will be transformed into a 3D version to make up a virtual character. It was very good!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Rosie, Reference: A261056, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed the whole modelling experience. I really enjoyed meeting lots of people and I would be more than happy to do the same again.

  • Miao-Miao, Reference: Z245179, Model fee: £103.70


    This was my first modelling job in the UK, as I am Chinese. At first I was a little bit anxious, but the client was very friendly and nice, and made me feel comfortable during the photo shoot. I was asked to sit down and cameras around me took shots of my face. It was a great experience. The best thing about this assignment for me is that I am back modelling again.

  • Jade, Reference: A189587, Model fee: £120.00


    It was a great day getting to know new people, everyone was polite and friendly. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, especially some of the games’ top names. I enjoyed everything about the modelling assignment.

  • Alice, Reference: M221772, Model fee: £120.00


    The day went really well, everyone was really nice. Most of the models there had already worked for the company before so I was a little nervous as I had no experience and wasn’t entirely sure on what I would be doing, but they explained everything clearly and I felt a lot more relaxed. It was nice socialising with everyone, they made they day a lot more fun. I look forward to working with them again.

  • Lara, Reference: 261053, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed taking part in the modelling assignment, as I got to experience being a hostess for the day. I found I most enjoyed meeting new people and constantly smiling throughout the day, as both the staff and guests were polite. I was asked to be a hostess at the England V France rugby match, where I seated the guests and served them drinks.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Dorina, Reference: Z261006, Model fee: £120.00


    Being a model for the day was something new for me, but I really liked the experience because I got to meet new people. The best thing about the assignment was interacting with the customers, as they were very friendly and always made me laugh. I was asked to meet and greet customers, show them to their table and also offer and serve drinks.

  • Mia, Reference: P202564, Model fee: £54.00


    It was great to meet new clients and people to work with, finding out other people’s views and opinions on modelling and photography. I was asked to do simple poses for an advertisement and enjoyed meeting new people and working in different ways.

  • Ellis, Reference: W226616, Model fee: £120.00


    I absolutely loved being a model, it was so much fun. I really enjoyed meeting the people, the guests and the other girls who were modelling. I would love to do it again as I really enjoyed myself. Thank you!

  • Roksana, Reference: 261054, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed the modelling assignment at the Cardinal Vaughan hospitality club in Twickenham. I enjoyed meeting new people; guests, as well as the staff. Everybody was very kind and helpful on the day, overall an enjoyable experience.

  • Francesca, Reference: 261052, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed working with the other models on the modelling assignment, which involved greeting clients and making sure that their day was as enjoyable as possible. It was nice to have conversations with the friendly clients. I felt that me and the other models were treated very well and very fairly.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Carey, Reference: N209113, Model fee: £50.00


    The modelling assignment with Talent Management went really well. I had my make up done and then was photographed in a studio. I really enjoyed myself and would love to do it again.

  • Lydia, Reference: A258981, Model fee: £54.00


    I really enjoyed the modelling shoot. The photographer was very professional and made me feel very comfortable.

  • Vicki, Reference: C236162, Model fee: £190.00


    I felt honoured to have been chosen by Hadley Executive Chauffeurs and wanted to make them feel pleased to have chosen me to promote their company. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day; from meeting such lovely new people to learning tips from the photographer. I was asked to portray a business woman who had just come from a flight and was taking a chauffeured car to her next meeting. I was photographed getting out/in the car, working in the backseat on a laptop and chilling out reading the paper. I cannot wait for the next booking!

  • Fiorella, Reference: 201376, Model fee: £202.50


    Thank you for the opportunity today - all the people I met were very kind, friendly and hospitable, and made me feel relaxed. It was very exciting to be a model and I really enjoyed myself. The best part of the assignment was meeting new people, working in a lovely venue and I enjoyed my picture being taken. I was asked to sit on a chair and act "relaxed" whilst the photographer took some pictures.