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  • Ellis, Reference: W226616, Model fee: £120.00


    I absolutely loved being a model, it was so much fun. I really enjoyed meeting the people, the guests and the other girls who were modelling. I would love to do it again as I really enjoyed myself. Thank you!

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  • Roksana, Reference: 261054, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed the modelling assignment at the Cardinal Vaughan hospitality club in Twickenham. I enjoyed meeting new people; guests, as well as the staff. Everybody was very kind and helpful on the day, overall an enjoyable experience.

  • Francesca, Reference: 261052, Model fee: £120.00


    I really enjoyed working with the other models on the modelling assignment, which involved greeting clients and making sure that their day was as enjoyable as possible. It was nice to have conversations with the friendly clients. I felt that me and the other models were treated very well and very fairly.

  • Carey, Reference: N209113, Model fee: £50.00


    The modelling assignment with Talent Management went really well. I had my make up done and then was photographed in a studio. I really enjoyed myself and would love to do it again.

  • Lydia, Reference: A258981, Model fee: £54.00


    I really enjoyed the modelling shoot. The photographer was very professional and made me feel very comfortable.

  • Vicki, Reference: C236162, Model fee: £190.00


    I felt honoured to have been chosen by Hadley Executive Chauffeurs and wanted to make them feel pleased to have chosen me to promote their company. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day; from meeting such lovely new people to learning tips from the photographer. I was asked to portray a business woman who had just come from a flight and was taking a chauffeured car to her next meeting. I was photographed getting out/in the car, working in the backseat on a laptop and chilling out reading the paper. I cannot wait for the next booking!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Fiorella, Reference: 201376, Model fee: £202.50


    Thank you for the opportunity today - all the people I met were very kind, friendly and hospitable, and made me feel relaxed. It was very exciting to be a model and I really enjoyed myself. The best part of the assignment was meeting new people, working in a lovely venue and I enjoyed my picture being taken. I was asked to sit on a chair and act "relaxed" whilst the photographer took some pictures.

  • Elizabeth, Reference: N173933, Model fee: £120.00


    My modelling assignment was to act as a table hostess for the gold members of Twickenham Rugby Club. The day was well organised, our role was explained to us and the organisers were polite and helpful. The other models made it enjoyable and a great experience.

  • Georgina, Reference: G244911, Model fee: £775.50


    The assignment for Talent Management went very well. On both days I got on really well with all people on the shoot. It felt great to be in that enviroment and I would love to work with them again.

  • Alison, Reference: K255470, Model fee: £210.00


    This was my first paid assignment with Talent Management, so of course I was excited and a little nervous. Everyone was lovely and friendly, and now I can't wait for my next assignment.

  • Michelle, Reference: G198242, Model fee: £84.00


    I felt very welcomed by the staff, who showed myself and the other model a powerpoint of what to expect for our assignment (live modelling for a breast exam demonstration for student doctors). Initially I was a bit nervous because of the size of the group (120 student doctors), but the next session did not bother me, as I knew what to expect from the students. Overall I enjoyed the experience, and would not be embarrassed to do this again. Doctors have to learn real-life practical skills, so hope I have made a difference.

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  • Katie, Reference: Z241555, Model fee: £84.00


    I was asked to be a live model for a demonstration to a group of student doctors on how to examine the breasts for abnormalities. The best thing about the assignment was how much confidence it has given me. I also learnt a lot from listening to the lecture.

  • Emma, Reference: G217138, Model fee: £120.00


    It was a really good job to be involved in. Everyone was friendly and the job itself was fun and enjoyable. I love meeting new people, so this job was great as the organising team were really nice and friendly to work for. I would love to do this work again in the future, so all in all a brilliant job.

  • Jurita, Reference: K178622, Model fee: £120.00


    We were asked to hostess for the VIP section of a national rugby game. Once again, really enjoyed the assignment. Very different from the day job (teaching) and a chance to meet some very nice people.

  • Nirmin, Reference: Y210482, Model fee: £120.00


    It felt great to be a model for a day. The best thing about the assignment was the after match atmosphere when we were able to talk to people. We were asked to meet and greet people, take coats and serve drinks.

  • Vicki, Reference: F177581, Model fee: £120.00


    I had a brilliant day and got on well with all the girls. We were asked to take coats, make sure guests were happy and just check everything was running smoothly

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  • Ellie, Reference: Z235663a, Model fee: £50.00


    The assignment was a good experience. The best thing about it was getting my make-up done and meeting the client. After having my make-up done, I changed into evening wear and had pictures taken in front of lots of different backgrounds with various props.

  • Lydia, Reference: A258981, Model fee: £175.00


    I did a number of different photographs that will appear in a catalogue. I had a great day, the people I worked with were very friendly and made me feel really comfortable.

  • Eleanor, Reference: M213581, Model fee: £150.00


    I really enjoyed my two-day assignment. I think the best thing about it was learning new things and meeting new people. I was asked to give out leaflets and bags and wear the company's polo shirt, while being helpful and also providing information.

  • Holly, Reference: A246696, Model fee: £50.00


    The assignment was for a client's make-up portfolio. The client was really nice and welcoming. We worked in a studio and had a few different back drops, where I was photographed in an evening dress. Both the client and photographer were happy with the photos.

  • Dace, Reference: W240160, Model fee: £120.00


    I had a great experience and really enjoyed working with the other models. Our main duties were to meet and greet, and take coats from the guests. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, and I would definitely do it again.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Helen, Reference: E229680, Model fee: £150.00


    I worked on the Red Rooster industrial stand at the Liftex 2010 exhibition at the Ricoh arena. The exhibition was for lifting equipment, e.g. winches, hoists, etc. I had to distribute leaflets and merchandise to delegates at the event. I walked round the exhibition, as well as standing at the entrance and also on the stand. I gave out merchandise as well as answering simple queries and pointed delegates in the direction of the stand. I really enjoyed the assignment, as it was fun. I also felt I learnt a little about the industry by talking to the employees of Red Rooster, which I found interesting. The best bit was feeling that I made a difference to Red Rooster's success by boosting their brand presence.

  • Emma, Reference: G217138, Model fee: £120.00


    The assignment was a good experience and it was a lot of fun meeting the other models and guests. The best thing was seeing all the guests have a good time. The event organisers were really friendly. We were asked to greet the guests and show them to their tables, as well as serve drinks. All in all it was a good day.

  • Nirmin, Reference: Y210482, Model fee: £120.00


    Our main duties were to meet and greet, take coats, and serve drinks.The best thing about the assignment was when people asked to take pictures with us. It felt very good to be labelled as a model. I felt beautiful and glamourous.

  • Elizabeth, Reference: N173933, Model fee: £120.00


    The day was well-organised and fun. Our role was to host tables and make the clients feel welcome. The girls I worked alongside were polite and helped throughout the day, while the staff were supportive and grateful for our work.