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  • Chiamint, Reference: P225963, Model fee: £135.00

    The assignment was a good experience, shooting in conventional and relaxing environment. The best thing about the assignment was the interaction between the cameraman and other models. I was asked to pose on various sections in the library such as on the computer, with children reading books and DVDs for Hampshire County Council.

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  • Karolina, Reference: N197366, Model fee: £240.00

    The assignment was great! The client Science Museum asked me to pose and took head and shoulder shots.

  • Tabitha, Reference: F193856, Model fee: £300.00

    The client Rainbow Club were really friendly and it was a relaxed environment. I had clear directions, had to wear the shoes, veils and headpieces and also have some photos in the veils. All went well so they want to use me again.

  • Rebecca, Reference: Z201166

    The assignment was fantastic, really enjoyed the experience & collaborating ideas with Darren the Photographer to achieve great shots. It was great to be back in front of the camera, has brought back the modelling bug for me. The best thing about the assignment was how different the locations were. Instead of traditional studio shots we went on location to urban contemporary locations. The client Darren Williams Photography asked me to pose against contrasting backgrounds to what I was wearing. For example I was in a elegant dress against a burnt out car, and run down location. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is it is a great experience and be prepared for all elements.

  • Emma, Reference: L230890, Model fee: £75.00

    I really enjoyed my first shoot the client was very friendly, nice and made me feel at ease I was asked to do a tired at work and healthy eating shoot, which I enjoyed especially as I got to eat it.

  • Ericka, Reference: K195715, Model fee: £75.00

    Really enjoyed the assignment. Had modelled for David before so it was good to see him again. A real professional and put me at ease. He took pictures of me with various things such as phone, camera, etc. Hope I get more work.

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  • Emily, Reference: C183962

    I enjoyed my hair makeover and photoshoot. A great day.

  • Charlene, Reference: N182810, Model fee: £54.00

    The assignment was really good, I was nervous at the time but the photographer made me feel at ease. I really enjoyed every minute of it and would love to do it again. The best thing was that I was felt comfortable, I was asked to do serious poses and having natural poses to.

  • Wei, Reference: A193750, Model fee: £54.00

    It was a very relaxing assignment. The best thing was I could be myself and enjoy the day. I had to do some simple relaxing pose in different areas under different lighting.

  • Selina, Reference: P208055, Model fee: £60.00

    The assignment and being a model for the day was great. I had pictures taken around a spa pool of me smiling.

  • Tegan, Reference: X192587, Model fee: £120.00

    Katie our point of contact for the day, had our roles etc. organised for us on the day and the briefing at the beginning set us up for our day very well. Also allowing us enough time to familiarise ourselves with all the different areas we needed to look after. We were asked to show guests to their allocated table, take drinks orders, take coats and answer any questions on the event. We then had to give clients their coats back and tidy up at the end of the evening. The other models on the day were very friendly and helpful, many who had done this event before offered advice and guidance. The guests were also very nice and made the event very enjoyable.

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  • Naomi, Reference: C178053, Model fee: £120.00

    The event was well organised and planned. Katie knew what she wanted from us, and gave us a good debrief before the event began. It was great working with the other models, they were very friendly. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Lisa, Reference: N203314, Model fee: £120.00

    I really enjoyed my day as a model! I was assigned to be a hostess at Twickenham rugby stadium, I was assigned to 6 different tables to take drink orders and serve all other tables I was passing, I also had to meet and greet everyone and take coats to a cloakroom and just make sure everyone had a good day. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would love to do it again!

  • Caroline, Reference: G213394, Model fee: £120.00

    As a hostess at Twickenham it was asked that we meet and greet guests, provide drinks and take coats upon entry and return when they left. It was also requested that we were to "mingle" with the guests and make their day as fun as possible.The overall day was busy and challenging at times and overall a fun, enjoyable experience. I met other girls my age which was nice to make new friends and share the experience with. My favourite part of my day was being given "tips" at the end where the guests expressed their appreciation of my hard work and efforts I had put in. Thank you Models Direct

  • Grainne, Reference: H215926, Model fee: £120.00

    I enjoyed my day, being a hostess - I met some interesting people. The other 'models' were great to work with. We were asked to greet the clients, take them to their tables, put their coats in the cloak room, and serve them drinks

  • Laura, Reference: K173501, Model fee: £120.00

    I was asked to take part in some hostess work, which involved taking coats, seating and greeting guests. The main part of the day involved making sure the guest enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed talking to the guests and the overall atmosphere was exciting. I also enjoyed working with the other models.

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  • Lucy, Reference: Z239530, Model fee: £120.00

    Hostessing at the VIP suite at the rugby event was really good fun! The other hostesses were great to work with, and the client organising the was approachable, friendly and nice to work for. The assignment involved dressing up in a black skirt, and black stilettos, and ensuring the guests at the event were having a good time, chatting to them and keeping them topped up with drinks! It was nice to feel pretty and made-up for the day. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment - and have attended another casting this week which was also very enjoyable and good experience - even though I didn't get the job this time - But I'm looking forward to doing more hostessing and being selected for more modelling jobs through Models Direct!

  • Charlotte, Reference: N167348, Model fee: £120.00

    I had an enjoyable day meeting new people and making sure the guests had a really good time. I was asked to make sure that everyone at my tables had everything they wanted and if they required a drink, I should get one for them.
    The best thing about the assignment was my guests thanking me and telling me they had had a fantastic day.

  • Ellis, Reference: W226616, Model fee: £50.00

    I really enjoyed being a model for Karen, she was really friendly and we got on well, for my assignment I had to get my make up done by Karen then have pictures taken of me. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and i hope to do more work in the future.

  • Wendy, Reference: A244129, Model fee: £121.00

    I loved being a model for the day. Design Council were lovely people, very professional and friendly.I learnt a lot and also the whole morning was a joy and a pleasure.
    I was asked to model the new Ben De Lisi hospital gown being launched by the NHS for GMTV and BBC. I was in and out of bed, standing on a podium whilst the exhibition was carried out, walked about and answered questions on the feel, the usefulness etc.. of the new gown being launched. Had a large number of photos taken by the press for various newspapers. Thank you so very much for putting my name forward. Many Thanks once again.

  • Laura, Reference: A166010, Model fee: £120.00

    I really enjoyed hostessing at the sporting event. I best thing about the day was meeting new people and gaining more experience for my modelling profile. I was asked to manage the cloak room and to help the other hostesses serve drinks to the guests. I really enjoyed the work.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Monika, Reference: C183418, Model fee: £120.00

    The best thing about the assignment was meeting new people and gaining new experience.

  • Vicki, Reference: F177581, Model fee: £120.00

    The assignment was a fun day and I loved meeting the other models.  We were asked to take coats, serve drinks and just to make sure everyone was happy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Diana, Reference: P205136, Model fee: £120.00

    The assignment was wonderful. I was asked to greet the guests, to show them their tables. Everybody was in a good mood. It was a pleasure to work with other girls, they were honest, friendly, polite and nice.

  • Gemma, Reference: K160998, Model fee: £330.00

    The assignment was really good. I had to work with a baby model, this was a new experience for me. Everyone was very helpful and really friendly. I was asked to do two very different shoots for a poster which i really enjoyed.