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  • Marta, Model fee: £230.00

    Another amazing day, it was a 2h drive but worth it!  I met some very nice people again, they were looking after me and helping me a lot.  This was my second time working for Models Direct while pregnant and it was much more relaxing for me this time I have to say. I would love to do that kind of things more often. I recommend this agency to everyone!  The money wasn't the real motivation for me to join Models Direct, I just want to make good memories for the future while creating nice pictures.

    Thank you Models Direct ;)

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  • Lucy, Model fee: £225.00

    Yesterday, I completed my third job with Models Direct Agency. This assignment was a photographic campaign for Green Motion Car & Van Rental Company. My role was to act as a customer alongside a model partner also from the agency. We had to pretend to be a couple looking to hire a new car from the dealership. It was an easy and enjoyable few hours work! I would definitely recommend Models Direct to anyone looking to pursue work in the modelling industry, even if you have no or little experience in this field! It's a great confidence boost plus its a nice little money earner on the side of a regular job!

  • Joanne, Model fee: £150.00

    I had the best day ever! The Northshot production crew were amazing and made us feel completely relaxed. Perfect grounds and made some new friends. 
    I was playing a 41 year old single mother who was changing her life around for the better,  for a trading software company commercial.

    It was great to work with such professional people.

    Thank you Models Direct, I would do it again tomorrow.

  • Susan, Model fee: £150.00

    Probably the best and most enjoyable shoot yet! It was great to be able to put my acting skills to good use and develop them further, and James the director of Northshot Production was great at putting everyone at their ease. The production team, a super friendly group of other actors, and the wonderful location of Mayfield House all made for the most chilled and enjoyable day. Thank you Models Direct!


  • Kerllen, Model fee: £300.00


    I had the most amazing time on my shoot this week. I was made to feel very welcome by everyone from the team. There was coffee, snacks, water and fruits available throughout the day. I definitely want to do more jobs with Models Direct. 5 stars!

  • Annie, Reference: WQGS-4488, Model fee: £180.00

    Having only joined Models Direct less than a week ago, I was so pleased to receive my first assignment so quickly. Molly talked me through the job beforehand, and once I'd sent my self tape to audition, and had been selected, she then followed up with all the information for the shoot. I was filming a new online advert for Matched Bet, and was using autocue to deliver the script to camera. As this was a similar experience to previous work I have done, I felt comfortable, but the friendly team at Blue House Design also played a big part in creating a relaxed, but productive working environment. It was a very enjoyable shoot, and a great opportunity to add more filming work to my CV and showreel. I'm really glad I signed up to Models Direct, and I look forward to what's in store with future assignments.

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  • Katharine, Reference: CB682912, Model fee: £250.00

    Awesome day from beginning to end! We were so well looked after, lovely people/company to work for, very easy-going, & lots of fun! Worked with 2 other models, really clicked, great sense of humour, & all supported one another throughout.

    This job was a photoshoot in a corporate environment, modelling numerous eyewear/glasses for a major eye care brand. Pics will be used for their corporate promotional material. Great photographer, great company, great models to work with. Fab experience! </p>
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  • Jessica, Reference: NG102ES, Model fee: £225.00

    I was a bit apprehensive at first due to it being my first experience as a promotional model. After meeting other models I felt really comfortable and enjoyed my experience a lot. What I loved about my assignment was the purpose behind the experience, in which I felt very rewarded to be a part of. We were required to go up to women in Nottingham to take part in a task to help promote the lack of women donating their eggs in the UK. We had to engage individuals in order for them to take a balloon with a supposed value of £350 from an famous artist to mimic what it would be like to donate eggs due to the value of the balloon. I would recommend my experience as it taught me more about a subject I did not know much about, alongside increasing my confidence and willingness to help a needed cause.

    I personally decided to join Models Direct as an increase in confidence, in which I think it has. Furthermore I think if individuals want to sign up to the talent industry, then do so. It maybe daunting at first, but the excitement soon comes when you get picked to do an assignment.

    Kind regards,


  • Aina, Model fee: £225.00

    Models Direct is great because it holds all different type of jobs, possibilities and experiences.

    When I first received information about my assignment I was a little bit worried as I didn't know anything about fertility treatment, fertility clinics based here in UK or elsewhere, let alone anything that is connected with egg donation.
    There was no reason for my worries, because everything was explained, people that I ended up working were very interesting and their knowledge was on top, the day flew by, because I was intrigued and in that way it helped a lot with passing the information on to public. Being a mom myself I loved the idea of helping families that struggle in creating miracle of their life's. The cause of this assignment was incredibly sincere!

    It is never too late to try something new. It is never too late to achieve your dreams.  I signed up with Models Direct for that specific reason and today I can truly say it definitely pays off.  Do it! You never know what awaits you :)


  • Chloe, Model fee: £225.00

    I had a wonderful time being an actor for a fertility company.  It was great fun, met some wonderful people and would gladly do it again. The most enjoyable part of the day was getting a beautiful photo taken with a gorgeous little girl. We gave her a balloon and she was just over the moon!

    We were directed to stop passers by and give them a balloon, this balloon was only 1 out of 1000 with a Stuart Semple artwork on it and each are worth £350.  We would give these to a passer by and then get them to pass it on, the idea being just like when you donate your eggs, you are giving away something precious and amazing.

    It was a great experience and will be a good thing for my portfolio.

    I decided to join Models Direct as my mum told me to get into acting/modelling. It has taken 6 months to get my first job, and I am hoping now with my foot in the door, I will get lots more work.

  • Kristina, Model fee: £225.00

    The assignment involved handing out valuable balloons to passers-by in Southampton town centre and asking them to pass them on to another person, as well as raising awareness about the lack of egg donors in the UK. I felt nervous to approach people as many disregarded you as being charity people wanting to get money. Once it got flowing the assignment went really well. The only downside was we were asked to be there very early, and the area didn't get busy until about 9.30. There was a great team and it was good fun.  Thanks Models Direct!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Veronica, Model fee: £225.00

    Before the promotional work I was nervous, but more so excited to be a part of the day ahead - it was for a good cause and would be fun. I would very much like to be considered for this again as it was an enjoyable day and met lots of nice people to work with.

    The aim of the project was to basically involve the public and engage with them as to what we were promoting which was raising awareness for the donation of eggs for women. The actors (us) were asked to engage with women aged 20 to 35 and tell them what we were promoting and then ask if they would like a balloon (which when deflated would be priced around £350) and then ask if they would then give this balloon to someone else - this could be someone they know at work or a complete stranger. The camera woman was interested in the shot of the person giving it to a complete stranger on the street to capture the symbolic message of giving someone else an amazing gift to ultimately to help other women who can't have children. At the end of the conversation we forwarded them on to sharesomethingamazing.com for more information on the campaign. The most enjoyable part of the day was getting to meet and talk to the public about the cause we were promoting and getting to meet the people working on board with us. This assignment allowed me to gain some confidence when talking to the public and if someone wasn't interested it was okay. Overall it was a great experience and for me a great opportunity to get more and more exposure to the industry.

    I originally signed up to Models Direct as acting, dancing and singing has always been a passion of mine and it was a stepping stone for more experience :)

    Many thanks

  • Scarlet, Model fee: £225.00

    I had a lovely day today promoting 'Share Something Amazing' on behalf of The Fertility Partnership. I learnt a lot from doing this campaign, including how lovely the cause is. The job was easy and fun.  Thank you Models Direct!

  • Heidi, Model fee: £225.00

    I had a really good time helping to promote awareness for woman donating their eggs as it is such a good cause to be able to help so many people who potentially wouldn't be able to have a family without that generosity. I learned a lot in relation to donating and also gained confidence in talking to people in the street and surprised to hear people's interests and positive reactions.

    I joined Models Direct in order to gain experience, learn new skills and meet new people. I think that this is a great experience to do if maybe you're lacking in confidence when speaking to people as it kind of throws you in the deep end a little, but by the end of the day it's second nature!

  • Shaye-Louise, Model fee: £225.00

    I really enjoyed being part of the 'Share Something' Amazing project.  It's a cause I am actually passionate about which made it that much more enjoyable and rewarding.  I enjoyed talking to the public and teaching them about the lack of egg doners in the country. 

    Thank you Models Direct for booking me.

  • Zanna, Model fee: £225.00

    I had a fantastic day promoting The Fertility Partnership. I've learned a little more about fertility issues nationwide and the possibility of donating eggs for IVF treatment, which helps so many couples to have children and make their life happier. I would definitely recommend this experience to others because it is so great to share the knowledge and experience with other women. I personally think that it is a great idea to join the agency such as Models Direct for a various reasons - it can be a second job and possibility to make extra pocket money.  It is always a great fun and all people involved such as models and the staff members are absolutely fantastic, friendly and very supportive. :)

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Matisse, Model fee: £225.00

    Once again, I had such a brilliant experience on this being my 3rd assignment through Models Direct. The idea of this project was to hand out balloons in a busy town centre on behalf of a fertility clinic.  I was required to engage the public and raise awareness of the national shortage of egg donors in the UK. Working closely with the team from the fertility clinic and the advertising company from 6am till 1pm, the £160 I will receive for this assignment is extremely worth it as it was very enjoyable. I really recommend using this agency and I look forward to my next assignment.

  • Emma, Model fee: £225.00

    I thoroughly enjoyed my recent promotional assignment.  I was asked to help out at short notice and having not done anything like this before, I had no idea of what to expect. Mike from the agency met us promptly at 6am to brief us about the campaign. He was clear, concise and answered all of our questions. After I had spoken to the first members of the public, I felt much more relaxed and jumped straight into the challenge. It was really nice be able to inform others about a subject they may otherwise not have any idea about. Also, speaking to so many different people and learning their stories was equally rewarding. I would definitely consider doing something like this again in the future with Models Direct.

  • Jessica, Model fee: £240.00

    I was really nervous before starting my contract to be a fittings model for Matalan, but everyone really made me feel at ease. I'm learning new things every day!  Thank you Models Direct.

  • Maddison, Model fee: £150.00

    The whole experience was amazing - I met some really lovely people that I plan on keeping in contact with and it has really boosted my confidence as a model. The best part of the day was when we had all finished and the models got together and did a big silly photo, which worked really well and everyone seemed to be having so much fun!  Thank you Models Direct for this opportunity.

  • Matisse, Model fee: £150.00

    This was a great second assignment where I was asked to stand with a blank cheque whilst the client took photos.  My expression was supposed to be that of someone who had won a lot of money, it was such a fun experience!  I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the people who were there to greet me were very kind and welcoming. As always, Models Direct have been brilliant at keeping in touch and finding me fun and interesting assignments. I will look forward to my next one.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Anita, Reference: CE707127, Model fee: £150.00

    It was my first assignment and I was slightly nervous, but mainly excited. The assignment involved posing as a jackpot winner in a casino. It was brilliant posing for pictures imagining I had won a huge sum of money.  Everyone was friendly and explained everything and I enjoyed meeting the other models who were great.  Absolutely brilliant experience, thank you Models Direct!

  • Yasmin, Model fee: £150.00

    I was acting as an office worker for the day. It was great to meet with new people and understand the business I was on the assignment with. Everyone was really friendly and this is certainly something I would do again.  I really enjoyed my role among all the interviews taking place throughout the day.  I was asked to dress as a professional and smart worker who was employed by an estate agent. This to me came easily as I am already working in an office environment full time.  New skills I learnt include patience and networking with people.

    I would recommend this experience as you get to meet new people and learn something new about different business or companies.

    Anyone thinking of joining a talent agency, I would advise you to do so. It is not full time but when you get a job it's nice to do something on the side that is different from your normal day to day work. I haven't updated my portfolio that much as not much has changed since I registered.  Models Direct are very good at keeping you in the loop and they explain the process very well. I signed up with Models Direct as I wanted to do something different aside from my 9-5 working week. This offers the opportunity to meet with new people and place yourself in situations that you wouldn't have expected to be in. It is also great to get the extra cash on the side!

  • Lucy, Reference: CE761568, Model fee: £150.00

    My first assignment for Models Direct was for an estate agency advert. My role was to play an office worker on camera. It was a fun and relaxed afternoon’s work and I got to meet some lovely people. I would definitely recommend Models Direct to anyone looking to get professional work in the modelling / film industry or even if you just want to earn some extra cash! I’ve already got my next assignment booked with Models Direct - looking forward to it!

  • Lucy, Reference: CE761568, Model fee: £150.00

    This is my second assignment for Models Direct within two days! Today, I modelled wedding dresses and accessories for a bridal wear company. Once I arrived, I had my makeup and hair professionally done then I was helped into a beautiful wedding dress. I got to work with two other lovely models from Models Direct and we all had a great time getting glammed up and posing in front of the camera! I would highly recommend Models Direct to anyone, whether you are new to the industry or already experienced. Either way, it’s a fun way to make some extra money on the side! Can’t wait for my next booking!