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  • Charlotte, Reference: 1483, Model fee: £185.00

    I've had such an amazing time being a model for the Textile Center of Excellence for the day. I've never done any modelling in the past  so to get such a fantastic opportunity was great. Everyone made me feel very at home and comfortable the entire day.  I loved modelling such a variety of clothing, from Hats to Vintage Clothing to Wacky Outfits! The entire shoot took place in an unused textile mill. They were going for a grungy look to make the clothes pop and it certainly worked. Wow, some of the photos looked amazing. The minute I got in front of the camera, I had a burst of confidence and tried lots of different things out. The photographers were very happy with the fact I was posing myself instead of needing to be instructed. It was an overall great day, I even made a new friend and got her number even though we live two hours away. I'm so happy that I decided to sign up to Models Direct, very very pleased, especially with the contact, quick response to emails and no hassle with phone calls.
    Faultless! Thank you again for giving me such an opportunity.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Ieva, Reference: 1489, Model fee: £500.00

    It was a great couple of days working alongside people from iCabbi. My booker Molly is the best and always makes sure I have all the information I need for the job.  This time I was working as a promotional model in the Milton Keynes trade show. The iCabbi team was very welcoming and relaxed - it wasn't hard working from them as they were cracking jokes half of the time, which made the time go very fast. I would definitely recommend taking upon a promotional job like this, so far I have only had good experiences when being booked by Models Direct!

  • Anna, Reference: 1413, Model fee: £150.00

    I had a lovely afternoon taking part in a photo shoot for a Brochure to promote Newfield Lodge Care Home in Castleford.  Myself and 3 other models (Pat, Graham and Michael) from Talent Management had to partake in various scenarios, showing different settings and activities that residents can take part in e.g. playing carpet boules and skittles as well as card games. Pat and I were asked to ice buns and Michael and Graham played dominos.  I also played the part of a grandma with a model mum and daughter to show that family and friends are welcome to visit. We were all photographed having a sing along whilst Michael played the organ.

    The photographer and design team managed the shoot very well - they gave us good direction making us all feel comfortable and at ease.  I really enjoyed the experience and meeting lots of people.

    I would recommend Talent Management to anyone wishing to enjoy lots of different experiences and to gain in confidence. Talent Management look after all the arrangements and actively promote their models. I'm looking forward to my next assignment.

  • Anum, Reference: 1475, Model fee: £150.00

    Acting and Modelling for the global office furniture company Steelcase was a really nice first job to received from Models Direct. The film crew and director all made me feel very welcomed on the day and it was a very chilled atmosphere, not to mention the free lunch, snacks and drinks provided all day long.
    I would definitely recommend Models Direct as a great platform to pursue work in the talent industry!

  • Simona, Reference: 1477, Model fee: £150.00

    At first I was really nervous because this was my first assignment - it turned out to be not that scary though!  It was such a fun day and I met great people, one of which was a Models Direct model. We had to have shots taken for Solent Forts Hotel, and present its features in the best way. It was such a pleasure to spend the day in such a beautiful place!  I had a great time on my first photo shoot, and now I am sure that I made the best choice to become a model.

  • Patricia, Reference: 1414, Model fee: £200.00

    Another fun day!  This time I was with Graham, Anna and Michael at a home owned by Ideal Care Homes - a very smart and well run establishment. They were updating the brochure and asked us to pose as residents in different scenarios to give a full indication of the facilities.  Personally I was involved in scenes at the hairdressers - icing cakes - playing cards - reading in the lovely garden and having sing round the organ. The home staff were so welcoming and the team in charge including the photographer so very organised that it was delightful to work with them. I changed clothes so many times I lost count, but fortunately having had experience of this kind of shoot before had taken along lots of different items to give a wide choice of costume. This is something I have learned as I have gained experience - always take more props than you think you need... If they are not used - no matter!

    Every time I have worked for Talent Management I have had a wonderful experience, learning more about the industry.  My assignments are always so well documented and organised by Molly - thank you! Do sign up and get involved - you will have a whale of a time, and get paid for it!!

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  • Keeley, Reference: 1460, Model fee: £300.00

    Having my first assignment modelling for a wheelchair company in Cardiff was amazing. I was so excited as this is what I've always envisioned myself doing. The staff, photographer and OT were all so lovely and happy to help. I was asked to have shots taken at various locations by Cardiff Bay - in a bar, bowling alley and a few shots outside. The photographer was so happy to give directions when needed.

    I thought I would have been nervous, this being my first shoot, but I was full of adrenaline yet felt so relaxed. The other models I was working with were more experienced but more than happy to help with advice on what was best and they were genuinely lovely people.  My confidence was really brought out on the shoot as I felt relaxed and not pressured one bit. I felt even more comfortable knowing there was an OT (Occupational Therapist) as she helped to position me in the wheelchair correctly and was there to assist with everything I would generally need help with. I loved the whole set up of the shoot and changing into different outfits. The day was the perfect first time experience and I cannot wait to do another one.

    Talent Management is very much so worth joining. They stick to their word and are more than helpful with any worries and general queries - I had a lot, but nothing was too much to ask. I am very pleased with how well the assignment went and even shocked myself with how well I did and the confidence I had. I wasn't expecting to receive an assignment when I joined up, but I'm so happy I did and was able to enjoy and experience the model lifestyle. Thank you so much!

  • Jill, Reference: 1461, Model fee: £150.00

    I had a fabulous day shooting at The Chateau Rhianfa Hotel in Anglesey. I was there to model for their latest brochures. From start to finish, I was treated like royalty. The client gave good guidance, and from the very first photograph I felt confident. Myself and the other models were given clear instructions as to what to do in between laughs with the crew.  I learnt that you can be a model at any age as long as you are respectful of what you are there for.  I joined Talent Management to pursue my dreams, and I would definitely recommend them.

  • Serena, Reference: 1463, Model fee: £300.00

    This was my 4th time working for RGB Building Supplies, they are amazing bunch of people. The best part of this assignment is standing in the photo booth, posing for pictures with customers!  It's fun, and I enjoy it so much!  I'm looking forward to my next job with them.  Models Direct are amazing!!!

  • Krissy, Reference: 1464, Model fee: £150.00

    Ideal Care Homes were friendly people to work with. The shoot was far to travel to but totally worth it.  Thank you Models Direct!

  • Emma, Reference: 1465, Model fee: £200.00

    Another great assignment booked via Models Direct. This was a photographic shoot in Newark, the team were great and it was made easy by the clear direction.  It was nice meeting other models on the day, the weather was kind to us for the outdoor shots and we all had a great time.  I am glad I joined Models Direct and look forward to the next assignment.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Kirsty, Reference: 1467, Model fee: £300.00

    I massively enjoyed my recent assignment being a promotional model for RGB Building Supplies. The communication from Models Direct leading up to the assignment was excellent and they were happy to answer any questions I had. Everything was well organised so I felt really confident. The assignment itself was so much fun - I worked with another lovely model and also made so many friends. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, I was well looked after and had lots of laughs! I really hope I get to do the show again next year because I enjoyed it so much!!  Massive thanks to Models Direct for everything!

  • Eileen, Reference: 1468, Model fee: £150.00

    I was not nervous at all on my shoot for Ideal Care Homes, the experience was fun right from the start. The 2 other models with me were great, as was the photographer and the chap from the company who was responsible for the brochure being produced. The girl from Models Direct was very professional but good fun as well.  The assignment was at a care home and were shot in various locations around the home doing different things e.g. eating a meal, dancing and walking into the building being greeted by a care home assistant (model).  The most enjoyable part was probably meeting the other models and crew, and having a good chat but taking the shoot seriously at the same time.

    The new skills I learnt include how to keep smiling as well as being natural and not posing.  I am by nature a fairly confident person, but this has also made me realise that there are ways of enjoying yourself and being paid for it. This is a total change from being an 'Uncivil Servant' for 38 years!! I have not done a lot of promoting myself, but I now have some professional photos done and things are looking quite promising. I would definitely recommend modelling to friends etc, and my husband is quite interested now that he has heard of my experience. 

    I joined Models Direct as I had often thought about it, but like many people I thought that modelling was just for younger people. How wrong can you be?! All in all it, was a good all-round experience.

  • Lucy, Reference: 1412, Model fee: £666.00

    Thanks to Models Direct, I got the opportunity to work on a shoot for Pure Gym. The shoot was in a working gym and I was shot using the gym equipment, so not only did I get to work on a great job but I also got a workout! Everybody I met was friendly and we had lots of fun. I also got to wear an array of different workout gear in all sorts of styles and colors. It was a very high energy day but worth all the sweat and muscle aches the next day.

  • Dawn, Reference: 1400, Model fee: £200.00

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and can't wait to be in front of the camera again. It's certainly given me confidence to pursue a career in this sector.

    The assignment involved still shots and videos for MediTek stair lifts  to be used for promotional material.

    I was a little nervous before the shoot but my nerves soon disappeared once shooting began . The team were very lovely to work with.

    I decided to join up with Talent Management after having a photoshoot and feeling very natural in front of the camera

    Thank you so much to Talent Management!

  • Tara, Reference: 1409, Model fee: £250.00

    I really enjoyed my shoot yesterday, it was absolutely amazing. The assignment was a photo shoot for a Chanel 5 TV production of a new Dating show, I was nervous to start with, but the crew made me at ease. I would love to do another shoot as it was such an incredible experience, so thanks to my agency Talent Management!


    Apply: Female modelling

  • Arunima, Reference: 1402, Model fee: £200.00

    This was my first shoot for Talent Management with a company called Invacare. As the disabled model on the shoot, I was promoting one of their wheelchairs and the independence it gives. I was shooting with two other able bodied models and we had to pretend that we were getting ready for a night out.

    It was a really fun day and the people at Invacare were lovely. The photographer made me feel very comfortable, especially as I was nervous for the first few shots.

    Would definitely recommend the experience and can't wait to update my portfolio with the pictures!

  • Sarah, Reference: 1399, Model fee: £150.00

    Getting paid to eat and drink champagne!

    This was my first assignment with Talent Management as a feature model (I was mother of the bride) for a bridal photoshoot at the Talland Bay hotel in Cornwall for their website and new brochure. I was a little nervous beforehand but also excited for the experience. There were six models (3 girls, 3 guys) and it turned out to be a really fun day. We spent the first couple of hours having our hair and makeup done in one of the hotel rooms, outfits were also provided. The photographer spent the next three hours taking shots of all the parts of a normal wedding day from finishing touches in the hotel room getting ready whilst drinking champagne with the bride/bridesmaid and mother of the bride, top table reception and speeches, various family style outdoor shots in the beautiful garden to evening shots in the bar. The hotel were wonderful and not only set up a fabulous mock reception scene but also provided food and drinks, as well as Champagne for the shots that required it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Everyone was very friendly and it was wonderful to meet and chat to the owners and staff of the hotel, the makeup artist/hair stylist and the other models. I joined Talent Management to get more experience in modelling, meet new people and just to have some fun and of course it is great to get paid for each job too. My kids are getting older and I have more time to do this so hopefully some more work will come my way soon. All in all a really fun experience.

  • Jennifer, Reference: 1397, Model fee: £150.00

    Pretend bride for a pretend wedding!

    My first time doing modelling through Talent Management, before the shoot TM were great making sure I knew what I was doing and where I was going. I was a bride in a photo shoot for Talland Bay Hotel in Cornwall. Its was great fun- Met some other models, had a great day at a pretend wedding. I'm really glad I used Talent Management-  Really professional and look forward to getting more work thought them!

  • Pamela, Reference: 1390, Model fee: £240.00

    A fantastic, amazing opportunity and so close to home... Bonus!


    Last week I began an ongoing modelling contract for Matalan - a fantastic, amazing opportunity and so close to home... Bonus!  I am required to work as a fittings model as arranged by Talent Management, which is an exciting opportunity to work in a face paced environment and see how it all works behind the scenes.  I look forward to continuing the sessions!

  • Ava, Reference: 1387, Model fee: £200.00

    The client was lovely and very flattering!

    This was my first assignment for Talent Management - a shoot for Ravensburger puzzles. It was good fun, everyone was friendly and I was made to feel very comfortable. The whole time I was relaxed. I had to pretend to be making a puzzle whilst being photographed. I was a bit nervous when I arrived not completely sure what was expected, but it was laid back and I felt more confident throughout the shoot.  The client was lovely and very flattering. I would definitely recommend Talent Management. It's taken a while to get this booking, but I've also done an auditioned tape for the NHS since. I'm hoping to get more work soon - it's a fun way to earn some extra cash!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Anna, Reference: 1385, Model fee: £180.00

    I would recommend Talent Management for anyone who would like to become a model - to have new experiences and meet interesting people

    I have just completed a photographic shoot to promote a new upmarket retirement village at Montpellier Cheltenham for the Sanctuary Group.

    This was my second assignment with Talent Management and I was a little apprehensive and excited prior the shoot.  As part of the promotion for the Sanctuary Group, I was asked to work with Herb (another model from Talent Management), we were required to act as a retired couple who were downsizing to live in the retirement village.  As part of the shoot we were required to be photographed walking in the park, and posing for various shots in front of some traditional Cheltenham houses. We were also photographed window shopping in the local village shops. By this time, Herb had made me feel at ease, he was so relaxed and professional, we had a good laugh and really enjoyed the experience of being photographed outside. We then had photographs taken in a local hotel, where we were treated to a lovely lunch, whilst the photographer took various shots of us enjoying dining in the hotel restaurant.  The photographer and brochure designer were both very friendly and professional - they gave us good direction, explained what they wanted us to do and what they wanted to acheive during the shoot.

    It was a brilliant day. I left the assignment feeling as though I had gained in confidence and look forward to more photographic work in the future.

    I would recommend Talent Management for anyone who would like to become a model - to have new experiences and meet interesting people.

  • kirby, Reference: 1389, Model fee: £150.00

    We had pictures taken in a big snow globe outside liberty stadium whilst interacting with football fans, letting them now about the unclaimed 1 millionpounds


    This was first assignment through Talent Management.  I was paired up with a male model from the agency, who was very funny and made me feel at ease. We were modelling/promoting for The National Lottery, as someone in Swansea has yet to claim a 1 million pound prize plus a ski holiday. I felt very comfortable and really enjoyed my self throughout the assignment.  We had pictures taken in a big snow globe outside liberty stadium whilst interacting with football fans, letting them now about the unclaimed 1 million pounds.  We also gave out free hot chocolates!  I would recommend Talent Management to anyone looking to persue a modelling career - the money is good as well as gaining experience.


  • Patricia, Reference: 1372, Model fee: £300.00

    A bath full of bubbles!

    An early morning start for this assignment - it was dark and raining!  I travelled to a location in the South of England, and on arrival the sun was shining and I found a fabulous country house complete with the most placid black Labrador who - given a chance - would have appeared in every shot.

    I was to be used as a model for Invacare to promote a new bath lift and as the day progressed I could see what an invaluable asset it would be to anyone having difficulty in getting in and out of a bath - we all know what bliss a soak in a bath is when tired or in pain!

    I was first filmed putting down a coffee mug in the kitchen - and supposedly looking a little weary and ready for a bath.  We then went upstairs where I changed into swimming costume and bath robe to demonstrate how the lift took apart easily, and finally spent some time in a bath full of bubbles going up and down to show the lift in operation. The final scenes showed cleaning and storing the equipment.

    It was a wonderful day - good company, expert advice from the photographers, and well directed by the company representatives.

    I have done several assignments for Talent Management - each one totally different - but each time learning new photographic skills and having a thoroughly enjoyable time.  Of course there are nerves when you receive the paperwork - just what is required? Have I chosen the right outfits to take with me? What will the crew be like? However all goes well on the day and with the wonderful support from the team at Talent Management it is a most satisfying experience - try it and see!

  • Jane, Reference: 1374, Model fee: £125.00

    It's so great that Talent Management are now getting me regular bookings on daytime TV. I now feel really comfortable and confident with the routine and I am making new friends among both the models and the presenters. I am asked to be at the studios an hour before the filming begins which, at first, surprised me.  But I quickly realised how valuable this hour is for preparation as well as for relaxation and for getting to know the team with which I will be working as this changes on a daily basis. Thank you Talent Management for recognising this opportunity for me.