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  • Karen, Reference: 1371, Model fee: £175.00

    I had an amazing day in Southampton shooting for Housing and care 21. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I met some new interesting people. I would recommend the experience to anyone interested in getting into the business.  I enjoyed watching the technicians at work and the whole process. Thank you Talent Management! What a terrific day!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Aliona, Reference: 1370, Model fee: £150.00

    Just wanted to say it felt very good taking part in this assignment. All my nerves were gone once the first shots were taken.
    I feel this normally indicate that you are capable of much more once the confidence kicks in. Therefore when the photographer asked me  to pretend to talk to someone I completely plunged myself into character and didn't let any external factors distract me ( regardless of the amount of people in the tube station)
    My assignment was TFL's latest campaign  for public awareness focusing especially on vulnerable women, traveling at night.
    The campaign focused on making people aware that they should not be afraid to report any incident or crime regardless of the circumstances.
    I have personally received a great experience from this and would definitely recommend it to others. Talent Management provide a great base for achieving your goals and the amount of work you receive from them only depends on you, how proactive you are and the quality of your portfolio.Whether you want to promote yourself or not they have all the tools for you to do so.
    Lastly thank you Talent Management for helping me to realize my ambitions and potentials and I  hope to get much more work from you.

  • Gillian, Reference: 1366, Model fee: £150.00

    Today's assignment was a photo shoot promoting Westminster Recliners newest range of chairs and adjustable beds.
    It took place in two industrial units one made up as a bedroom scene and the other as a lounge.
    There were 6 of us models taking part, 3 ladies and 3 men, we had to wear casual outfits for day wear and pyjamas for the bedroom settings. Each couple had to demonstrate the various adjustable positions of chairs and the beds in an everyday setting.
    There were several changes of furniture and background settings which meant quite a bit of standing around but it was all very interesting to watch and also gave us a chance to get to know each other.
    The crew and photographers were very friendly and easy to get on with, so it made for a very enjoyable experience.
    It is great fun to do this kind of work and I thoroughly recommend it.
    Thanks again Talent Management for the assignment!

  • Jane, Reference: 1345, Model fee: £125.00

    I've just completed another TV Studio assignment as a model for make-up products and I've been enjoying every minute.  I have worked with the same TV team for five assignments and, although team members may change according to scheduling, they all enable me to feel confident and 'at home'.  It did come as quite a surprise when I was asked to speak while live on camera but the presenters and technicians have been amazingly encouraging and helpful and the speaking has now just become another great aspect of the job. Talent Management have been fantastic in identifying me as a suitable model for these make up products and for in placing me on these assignments

  • Elle, Reference: 1346, Model fee: £150.00

    This was my last job working with the filming crew (Fingertip Creative) through Talent Management. I was booked in order to finish of the last stage of the NHS corporate filming project, which has been ongoing for a few months.

    The last stage involved recording voiceover work (off of a script) in a recording studio! This was great fun and the perfect way to wrap up the whole project!

    I am very grateful for having been part of such a fantastic filming project and as my first filming/acting job. The whole team were incredibly supportive considering I was new to it all and were very friendly and professional. I have developed a great deal of knowledge and skills having done this work and hope to take this experience onto other jobs!

    Thanks TM!

  • Lawayne, Reference: 1353, Model fee: £250.00

    I felt like a celebrity as if I was on set for a movie - with all the cameras, lights and direction, professional makeup, hair stylist and wardrobe support.

    It was fun and very relaxed despite all that was going on so I was able to be really chilled out and laugh when I was supposed to. Its really great for fantasy and imagining yourself as another person or in a new role in life: a bit like princess dreams. Yes I would do it again.

    The acting to get the looks they wanted for the images. I had to picture many different places and events to portray the emotions and looks required.

    I learnt about makeup and how to apply it for different looks. I also learnt a lot about acting.

    I was paired with a husband for the day to discuss financial planning for retirement. We had to look like a couple, but serious about what we were planning; and we had to portray a range of emotions from deep contemplation; to discussion; questioning to agreement seriousness to joy; reassuring and supporting each other while putting together information and checking together it is correct and assuring each other that we have made a brilliant decision while working with laptop and tablet and all of this over tea in the kitchen and on the sofa in the lounge in the evening.

    My advice is you have to be patient and open-minded. You have to be chilled, easy-going and professional all in one. Be prepared to let yourself be directed and use your imagination and memories to get into whatever character you need to. That way it becomes real and you do not even notice the camera and other stuff around.

    I update my portfolio from time to time and choose the photos very carefully to match what the industry wants.

    I have always loved fantasy, stories, dance, theatre and fashion. And have always envisioned myself doing modelling and acting but never felt it could ever happen so kept it as a latent dream. Then I came across Talent Management in an internet search. I made an application and they got in contact in a week. The advisor was friendly and very charming and also very encouraging and made me feel my dreams were possible. And the rest is history as they say.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Elle, Reference: 1340, Model fee: £150.00

    Doing a shoot for Mattress Man was so much fun and such easy work!  The client we worked for were such a lovely team - being very professional, friendly and helpful throughout the shoot. 

    I was lucky enough to work alongside with my partner as part of the 'real couple' shoot. We modelled at an awesome studio set in Norwich which was done out like an everyday bedroom.  The shots involved some fun selfie shots, eating breakfast in bed, cuddling in bed and making the bed! 

    Nothing felt awkward about it at all and we were done within a few hours!  We were also able to see the final shots on the computer and were very happy with them.

    It was another successful job through Talent Management!

    Thank guys!

  • Jane, Reference: 1338, Model fee: £125.00

    I've just completed my third assignment for Talent Management. Each has been for the same client, and I now feel part of the team! I have a good time with the other models and we look after each other.  The presenters and floor team at Ideal World TV are really kind and fun, and always make sure that we know exactly what to do so I have never been nervous.  I waited quite a long time before I was chosen for an assignment but I'm glad I was patient.

  • Amanda, Reference: 1336, Model fee: £165.00

    I really enjoyed my Ann Summers assignment, which was modelling for their in-store opening event in Swansea.  I was required to promote their lingerie by standing in a window.  I was very very nervous beforehand because I had no idea what I would be wearing or how members of the public would react.  I was soon made to feel relaxed when I met all of the employees of Ann Summers, who were really supportive and friendly.  The other people who were also doing the same assignment were also very supportive and friendly, we all had a great time laughing and joking.  I got to wear a lovely Santa dress as well as candy cane stockings to get into the Christmas spirit.  The members of the public loved it, they would laugh, take pictures with us and crack jokes. Sadly the event came to an end, the manager hugged us and said we did such a good job we deserve goody-bags and to keep the garments. This assignment gave me a lot of confidence, I would recommend everyone to do this as it was a lovely experience I got to meet some great people and modelling is something I really enjoy doing. I wouldn't have been able to do this without the help of Talent Management.

  • Mansoureh, Reference: 1334, Model fee: £150.00

    My assignment with Ieso Digital Health was the forth one through Talent Management. I was confident this time and I think each assignment helps me to improve my skill.

    This time around, I was the only model, while on my previous assignments I worked in groups with other models. I felt a bit like celebrity.

    The photo shoot took place in a small train station on a foggy day. Usually I am asked to smile for photos, but this time I was asked to be serious and not smile.  As I mentioned, it was different from what I have experienced before, but it was something I would like to do again.

    I appreciate what Talent Management does, because they give me the opportunity to experience new things, while I am having fun and earning money.

  • Ieva, Reference: 150.00, Model fee: £1335.00

    Couldn't believe it but within a week of joining Talent Management, I was assigned to do a second modelling job!  This time I was working with another TM male model in a studio shoot for Matrressman.  We had to pose as a couple - reading a magazine, making the bed,  taking selfies etc within a bedroom setting. It was one of the easiest and relaxed jobs ever!  We spent the whole time posing on their very comfy mattress with fluffy bed covers.   Sometimes you can't believe that this is what they are paying you for!  I would definitely recommend people looking to get into this industry to join Talent Management!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Nadine, Reference: 1333, Model fee: £120.00

    It was really good to work as model for Hallet Retail. I was very nervous beforehand, but once I got settled I was very comfortable.  The assignment involved modelling for a clothing brand e-commerce material. Various photos where taken of me from the neck down, modelling items of clothing and accessories for the use of House of Fraser, JD Williams and Debenhams for online catalogue/website. I was asked to get changed in the various clothing then the action took place in front of the camera. I learnt different a lot of new actions and poses for the camera.  Everything about the assignment was enjoyable, but most importantly was the team that worked with me on my assignment. Everyone was just welcoming and friendly and made me feel at home.  I had so much fun, and would love to do it on a again. I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience and look forward to doing more assignments.

    I would recommend my experience to others because it's really enjoyable if you are not afraid of the camera.

    The people that organised my assignment at Talent Management are welcoming and nice. It is a good idea to join a modelling agency as they do a majority of the work in finding you assignments without any hassle. I have not been proactive in pursuing work in the talent industry as this was the first booking I was assigned to but I am fairly good at updating my e-portfolio. I decide to join Talent Management because I have interest in fashion and enjoy taking pictures and I enjoy every experience I come across.

  • MICHELE, Reference: 1305, Model fee: £800.00

    Another good day, the team was really lovely, welcoming and relaxed. The other models also were very nice and every one had a good laugh.  I had to sit in front of the camera and pretend that I was having a conversation with someone. As I am an actress, it was pretty easy for me, I did get full training for that!  Thank you Talent Management.

  • Ieva, Reference: 1325, Model fee: £165.00

    Working for Ann Summers as a promotional model was my first assignment with Talent Management.  The job consisted of meeting and greeting costumers whilst modelling the client's lingerie.  It was super easy and such a good fun as I had another model from Talent Management working with me too. I really enjoyed my time working there. The store manager was super understandable and gave us a few different lingerie options to choose from as some were more revealing than others. All the staff were lovely to chat and have a little giggle with also. I would love to do this again!  Thanks TM!

  • Elle, Reference: 1323, Model fee: £250.00

    Taking part in stage 2 of my acting job was just as perfect as the first.  Everything ran very smoothly and we even finished earlier than expected!

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the NHS filming put together and felt we had achieved something of a high standard.  This was a very rewarding moment as my first finished piece of acting work!

    My confidence is growing more and more within acting roles - including how to learn my lines the best way, how to get into character and most importantly how to work effectively with big teams of people.

    The most enjoyable part of this particular job was that I was able to drive down with one of the girls from Talent Management who I had previously met and worked with. It was so nice have company and a new friend to go to the job with.  My confidence was sky high with lots of excitement!

    Thank you Talent Management!

  • Jane, Reference: 1320, Model fee: £125.00

    This was my second assignment for Talent Management in a live TV studio modelling make up products and the experience has been amazing.  From the moment I walked into the Green Room the other models, the presenters, producers and film crew made me feel part of the team and helped me to achieve my best. Before going on set, I carefully watch and listen to everything that is going on around me and I ask questions if I have any uncertainty about what I am expected to do.  As the assignment is filmed for live TV there is a huge responsibility to get things right but I enjoy this challenge - it certainly makes the experience exciting. If you get an offer to work on live TV don't hesitate to take it but be prepared to listen and think on your feet!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Hannah, Reference: 1319, Model fee: £165.00

    I was nervous when I got to the venue, but everyone at Ann Summers was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable.  It was nice to meet new people and we had fun.  There were 4 of us models there and we had to greet customers whilst modelling Ann Summers lingerie. I have gained more confidence by doing this assignment and would definitely recommend signing up to Talent Management - you will meet some awesome people along the way!

  • Serena, Reference: 1308, Model fee: £225.00

    When I got a phone call from Molly at Talent Management about this amazing opportunity, I was over the moon!  I was working on an assignment doing a video advertisement for 'Perfect Pout' lip enhancer, which is going to appear in major department stores and TV across the Middle East!  I was very nervous to begin with, but when I met everyone involved I learnt that they were all down to earth which made me feel very comfortable.  I had injured my knee pretty badly a few days before I went on the job, and the cast were amazing to me!  I can't pick a best part out of the day because the whole assignment was just amazing.  There was another model working alongside, she was amazing and we had a few scenes together using pink paint and throwing it everywhere, even on ourselves which was a laugh. I definitely have made a friend for life!

    I had the best experience doing this job and I can't wait to further my career with more work like this.

    I would recommend Talent Management to anyone because getting jobs like this can take you far in life, and the people who work for Talent Management are so supportive, especially Molly.

  • Simran, Reference: 1316, Model fee: £150.00

    I love to learn from new challenges and joining Talent Management was the best thing I've done. The experience shooting for Transport For London was amazing, when I arrived at my assignment I was nervous but I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the other 2 models were very nice and we all got on so well.

    The most enjoyable part of my assignment was meeting the other models and working with the Police Community Support Officers. Team work was very important as we all got on so well.

    I would definitely  recommend to everyone wanting to do modelling  to follow their dream . Marie at Talent Management was very helpful and the support I received from them was fantastic.
    I will definitely be updating my e-portfolio on a regular basis from now on  as this will allow me to carry on following my dream.

  • Sandra, Reference: 1306, Model fee: £150.00

    I was looking forward to going to my latest assignment through Talent Management because it was based in a large London hospital.  I worked at this hospital many many years ago, but it has changed so much and has become even larger.   I was not nervous about the assignment but keen to see what it was all about.  The crew were very nice and welcoming.  I arrived on time and did not have to wait long.  A member of the crew explained the purpose of the assignment which was an advert to promote hygiene in hospitals.  I was given costumes and shown what I had to do.

    I liked this photo shoot because it gave me a new experience, and I am keen to do different types of adverts or public information filming.

    I would recommend this experience to others because it is fun, you meet some very nice people and you learn and develop confidence in the process.

  • Jane, Reference: 1307, Model fee: £150.00

    I joined up with Talent Management as I had some modelling experience when I was younger, and now I live back in London and my children have left home, so I felt this would be the perfect time to re-start my career.

    I really enjoyed my first assignment through TM, modelling and promoting Bridgman garden furniture. This was something I hadn't done before so I was a little nervous at first, but soon settled into the job in hand. The job involved promoting and showing how each set of furniture could be used.  This was most enjoyable, as it involved lots of fun shoots eating and drinking around a table, entertaining with friends on the outside sofas and just relaxing on the sun beds. The team around me were so friendly and I would love to do more assignments, I would certainly recommend the experience to a friend.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Oksana, Reference: 1299, Model fee: £570.00

    I really enjoyed  my 3days promotional assignment for Lancaster insurance at the NEC  Classic Car Show so I would recommend this kind of job and Talent Management modelling agency.
    I had  a lot of fun meeting new people and got to improve my English skills.
    It was really nice, I  represented the car I was standing behind, its was Volvo PI800.
    I had to smile, interact, be polite and take pictures with customers and the car.
    There was also a competition for the favorite amongst the cars, so I had to get as many votes from customers for Volvo.
    I got good money for this job, so I really hope to get more modelling  jobs in future.Thank you !!

  • Rebecca, Reference: 1303, Model fee: £600.00

    This was our second assignment through Talent Management, and as the first one went so well I was hoping this would be the same.  We arrived to meet photograph and film crew at Perevil Homes, and after introductions we were straight into the working day.  As this was a family shoot we are always hoping they will be patient with Oscar who is my 4 year old little boy, and we had nothing to worry about.  We had such an amazing day with lots of laughs and loads of fun.

    We had never done filming before so that was a new aspect of modelling that we all thoroughly enjoyed and wont hesitate to work for the company, photographer and film crew again.

    When first joining Talent Management, I was worried that we would never get a job as there must be so many people going for the same jobs, however I think with keeping your profile up to date and adding photos and information as I have done (not just for myself, but my husband and 3 children too) is why we have had success, along with the help from the amazing staff at Talent Management.

  • Jane, Reference: 1291, Model fee: £125.00

    I chose to join up with Talent Management because they seemed very welcoming and inclusive and that this would give me the best chance of being offered assignments. I also like the way that I am able manage my own portfolio. 

    On yesterday's assignment, I was booked to model a make-up product on day time TV.  This was my first assignment and my first film shoot.  I couldn't quite believe that it was me!  I enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.  It never occurred to me to be nervous because everybody was so helpful and friendly.  Off-screen, I was guided carefully through each step of my on-screen role and I am quite proud of what I achieved.  The main direction was to remain totally facially expressionless for about three minutes while the make up was applied, which sounds easy but it is actually quite hard to not react facially to any of the presenters while they are talking to the audience and each other.  I am quite a facially expressive person but I can take a direction when I'm given one! The hardest thing was to admire the results in the mirror - not because they weren't amazing but because it's quite difficult to admire yourself on TV!  That's the bit I need to practice if I get asked to do
    more make up modelling. It was great to realise that there is no need to be nervous and to find out that I can successfully take on a role like this. I don't normally wear much make up but this did not affect my ability to be successful on screen with the presentation of a make up product.

    I would encourage anyone who receives an invitation for an assignment that might appear to be outside their comfort zone to just go for it!  You'll enjoy it and that will help you to do well.

  • Kristina, Reference: 1280, Model fee: £280.00

    Thanks Talent Management! I spent the day getting facial , 8 of them! All done by a well known make up artist at the launch of a new skin care range by L'Occitane .  It was a great day with friendly people who in the end felt more like old friends than new acquaintances.