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  • Simran, Reference: 1316, Model fee: £150.00

    I love to learn from new challenges and joining Talent Management was the best thing I've done. The experience shooting for Transport For London was amazing, when I arrived at my assignment I was nervous but I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the other 2 models were very nice and we all got on so well.

    The most enjoyable part of my assignment was meeting the other models and working with the Police Community Support Officers. Team work was very important as we all got on so well.

    I would definitely  recommend to everyone wanting to do modelling  to follow their dream . Marie at Talent Management was very helpful and the support I received from them was fantastic.
    I will definitely be updating my e-portfolio on a regular basis from now on  as this will allow me to carry on following my dream.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Sandra, Reference: 1306, Model fee: £150.00

    I was looking forward to going to my latest assignment through Talent Management because it was based in a large London hospital.  I worked at this hospital many many years ago, but it has changed so much and has become even larger.   I was not nervous about the assignment but keen to see what it was all about.  The crew were very nice and welcoming.  I arrived on time and did not have to wait long.  A member of the crew explained the purpose of the assignment which was an advert to promote hygiene in hospitals.  I was given costumes and shown what I had to do.

    I liked this photo shoot because it gave me a new experience, and I am keen to do different types of adverts or public information filming.

    I would recommend this experience to others because it is fun, you meet some very nice people and you learn and develop confidence in the process.

  • Jane, Reference: 1307, Model fee: £150.00

    I joined up with Talent Management as I had some modelling experience when I was younger, and now I live back in London and my children have left home, so I felt this would be the perfect time to re-start my career.

    I really enjoyed my first assignment through TM, modelling and promoting Bridgman garden furniture. This was something I hadn't done before so I was a little nervous at first, but soon settled into the job in hand. The job involved promoting and showing how each set of furniture could be used.  This was most enjoyable, as it involved lots of fun shoots eating and drinking around a table, entertaining with friends on the outside sofas and just relaxing on the sun beds. The team around me were so friendly and I would love to do more assignments, I would certainly recommend the experience to a friend.

  • Oksana, Reference: 1299, Model fee: £570.00

    I really enjoyed  my 3days promotional assignment for Lancaster insurance at the NEC  Classic Car Show so I would recommend this kind of job and Talent Management modelling agency.
    I had  a lot of fun meeting new people and got to improve my English skills.
    It was really nice, I  represented the car I was standing behind, its was Volvo PI800.
    I had to smile, interact, be polite and take pictures with customers and the car.
    There was also a competition for the favorite amongst the cars, so I had to get as many votes from customers for Volvo.
    I got good money for this job, so I really hope to get more modelling  jobs in future.Thank you !!

  • Rebecca, Reference: 1303, Model fee: £600.00

    This was our second assignment through Talent Management, and as the first one went so well I was hoping this would be the same.  We arrived to meet photograph and film crew at Perevil Homes, and after introductions we were straight into the working day.  As this was a family shoot we are always hoping they will be patient with Oscar who is my 4 year old little boy, and we had nothing to worry about.  We had such an amazing day with lots of laughs and loads of fun.

    We had never done filming before so that was a new aspect of modelling that we all thoroughly enjoyed and wont hesitate to work for the company, photographer and film crew again.

    When first joining Talent Management, I was worried that we would never get a job as there must be so many people going for the same jobs, however I think with keeping your profile up to date and adding photos and information as I have done (not just for myself, but my husband and 3 children too) is why we have had success, along with the help from the amazing staff at Talent Management.

  • Jane, Reference: 1291, Model fee: £125.00

    I chose to join up with Talent Management because they seemed very welcoming and inclusive and that this would give me the best chance of being offered assignments. I also like the way that I am able manage my own portfolio. 

    On yesterday's assignment, I was booked to model a make-up product on day time TV.  This was my first assignment and my first film shoot.  I couldn't quite believe that it was me!  I enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.  It never occurred to me to be nervous because everybody was so helpful and friendly.  Off-screen, I was guided carefully through each step of my on-screen role and I am quite proud of what I achieved.  The main direction was to remain totally facially expressionless for about three minutes while the make up was applied, which sounds easy but it is actually quite hard to not react facially to any of the presenters while they are talking to the audience and each other.  I am quite a facially expressive person but I can take a direction when I'm given one! The hardest thing was to admire the results in the mirror - not because they weren't amazing but because it's quite difficult to admire yourself on TV!  That's the bit I need to practice if I get asked to do
    more make up modelling. It was great to realise that there is no need to be nervous and to find out that I can successfully take on a role like this. I don't normally wear much make up but this did not affect my ability to be successful on screen with the presentation of a make up product.

    I would encourage anyone who receives an invitation for an assignment that might appear to be outside their comfort zone to just go for it!  You'll enjoy it and that will help you to do well.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Kristina, Reference: 1280, Model fee: £280.00

    Thanks Talent Management! I spent the day getting facial , 8 of them! All done by a well known make up artist at the launch of a new skin care range by L'Occitane .  It was a great day with friendly people who in the end felt more like old friends than new acquaintances.

  • Emma, Reference: 1274, Model fee: £150.00

    My latest assignment was a promotional shoot for Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.  The weather was fabulous and the gardens were amazing.  Herb and I had worked together before and we were joined by the lovely Tomlinson family. We had to wander through the gardens on a family day out, it was to be relaxing and natural, to promote the experience of visiting Exbury as a fabulous day out for all age groups.  The gardens are famous for their spring and early summer displays but our job was to show the beautiful family experience in the Autumn.  There were lots of photos taken in natural poses and we all had a fun time, shame when we finished.  I would recommend anyone thinking to joining Talent Management to do so, you meet such nice people, have a great time and get paid too!

  • Sangi, Reference: 1265, Model fee: £120.00

    I was familiar with the Duracell team as this was the second time I was booked by them through Talent Management.  They were very friendly, great to work with and hospitable, providing me with lunch and snacks.  I was re-shooting some scenes for the latest Duracell commercial. The direction was great and I felt more comfortable than the first time. Overall I really enjoyed the day.

    I would love to do more commercial modelling work because it gives you a real self confidence boost.

  • Janelle, Reference: 1268, Model fee: £500.00

    I enjoyed working in Northampton for the NHS's latest video shoot. I felt at ease and everything was quite simple. Everyone was really nice and we all had a good time working together. I would recommend signing up to Talent Management to anyone looking for industry experience and to add to your CV.  Thanks, Janelle

  • Elle, Reference: 1272, Model fee: £500.00

    Hey Guys!

    Please take a moment to read some of my feedback from another job I have recently had with Talent Management.

    So this time with Talent Management I was taken on as a leading actress.  I had to play a patients role for a short corporate film for the NHS. This was something which was completely new to me as I had never done acting before. Molly my booker had great confidence in me and sent the job over. I then went ahead and learnt the scripted lines as soon as I could. I send a little video clip of myself saying the lines and I was selected!

    My experience as an actress was really exciting and challenging for me. At first I was nervous and apprehensive, but that's always to be expected with something new! All the other extras and actors involved were lovely to work with and I felt at great ease chatting with and getting to know them before we had to film.

    From this experience which went really well for me I will now be able to put myself forward for acting positions as well as the modelling work!

    The bookers and team members at Talent Management are one of my favourite groups of agents I work for. I get work pretty frequently through the agency.  They always explain all details and contracted agreements thoroughly and I have huge amounts of support and praise from the bookers when an assignment is complete.

    I look forward to my next job!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Sujal, Reference: 160072, Model fee: £400.00

    Shooting for Steelcase furniture, I was really nervous at first because I didn't really know my way around Cambridge so it took me a while to find the college and I ended up being late on my first day.
     However,  the company we were shooting for were very kind and understanding and didn't make me feel embarrassed for being late. The other models were very kind and easy to get along with. We became friends instantly. On the day, we had to act like we were college students learning about marketing. On the second day, we were college students sitting in the library either working on our own or in a small group. I gained many skills during this 2-day experience and hopefully I can exercise them again in the near future in other assignments with Talent Management. I would definitely recommend this experience to others. I would recommend anyone thinking of pursuing work in the talent industry to be themselves and when their time comes to go to an assignment, be friendly, confident and have fun.

  • Belinda, Reference: 12152, Model fee: £200.00

    It was awesome!  I loved my first shoot .The most enjoyable part of the day would have to be everything to be honest,  we had to do a shoot for Steelcase  furniture, I was asked to walk and seat down at one point and the other point had to make conversation with other models, whilst they took pictures etc . I learned, how to make a photo look realistic and not to make it obvious by looking at the cameras around.
    I would definitely recommend the experience to others as I liked it  a lot  . If you are someone thinking of pursuing work in the talent industry is  a good move to join an agency  like Talent Management, it can be a waiting game for a  while  but you'll get a job as long as you update  your      E-portfolio all the time. Personally I decided to join up with Talent Management because I wanted experience, to follow my ambition and dreams of being a model one day and now I've started doing so!

  • Chloe, Reference: 156597, Model fee: £200.00

    t felt so good being a model for the Steelcase company. I enjoyed every moment of being in front of the camera. I felt very nervous on my journey there as I was going into something completely unexpected! But once there, I had so much fun and it is definitely something I would do again.
    I loved the part where they were taking pictures of me with my hair in a bun listening to music, It was so fun. Especially when your whole face is in the picture. It's a good feeling.
    We were directed to act as if we were students in a school,  as it was for a company who provides furniture for schools. We got told to act as if we were having a conversations  and we  weren't  even being filmed or anything.
    I would recommended the experience to others as its a stepping stone. It may not always  be the kind of modelling you would like to do however it's experience and everyone has to start somewhere!
    If you want to pursue in this industry you do need to be confident and have good communication skills, at the end of the day you are  representing someone else's company not your own so you have to keep that in mind. However if it is something you wish to do then go for it!
    I wanted to join Talent Management as I thought it seemed more realistic.  I like the idea of having to put your own pictures up to get recognized because then you can say you've actually done something, so Thank you!

  • Deborah, Reference: 167745, Model fee: £300.00

    When I found out I was chosen to be a model for the day for Wex Photographic, I was overwhelmed. I arrived at the location to meet the crew and  I wasn't too sure what to expect since this was my first time, so I was quite nervous beforehand but why?.. I do not know  they made me feel unbelievably comfortable, involved and relaxed. I had tons of fun and would definitely enjoy taking part in another opportunity like this.
    The most enjoyable part of the assignment was meeting some fantastic people and being able to be ourselves and have lots of fun! The assignment involved myself and another lovely model, Tara to act as best friends on a day out in Blackpool using the new SONY camera for a commercial video. We were directed to have lots of fun and use the camera. We did not have to speak just act and interact with the camera.
    I feel that doing this assignment has definitely improved my confidence and I look forward to  participating in more modelling opportunities in the future. I would recommend the experience to anybody because it is such a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and learn how to interact with cameras and video equipment naturally.
     At first when the cameras were around me, I felt that it was difficult to relax in front of them  however once I got into the assignment I started to relax and found it easier to interact with the camera.
    If you are thinking about joining an agency I would certainly recommend Talent Management, I signed up expecting to get no work and it's been less than a year and I have already had one assignment! Updating my e-portfolio has come as a routine, I am constantly updating it and it is quick and easy.
    Personally I joined up with Talent Management because I have always wanted to model, be in front of the camera and meet new people. I used to look online at modelling companies and apply but they were either not real agencies or required you to have a certain look or a specific size and it really knocked my confidence because I'm not the tallest of people,  when I found Talent Management and they were open to all ages, sizes and looks I had to give it a try and I certainly haven't regretted it!
    Thank you!! :)

  • Sharon, Reference: 167463, Model fee: £200.00

    On arrival l was welcomed by the crew warmly.
    I was offered something to eat or drink and enjoyed the attention of the makeup artist and her assistant.

    I was not nervous as everybody was welcoming and warm.  I met the second model l was to work with and we got on very well.  The most enjoyable part was just getting to know the different people who were working as a team.

    The assignment involved me acting like a woman who has just started her own company and showing how even though l was busy, l was able to multi task. I enjoy modelling and learning new techniques of getting the right character, look and meeting people l would otherwise not meet in my everyday life.  I would certainly recommend others to try it because its not as daunting as it seems, when one is able to follow directions and the fun that goes along with the business side of modelling, is really worth it. Thank you Talent Management!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Rosie, Reference: 1231, Model fee: £300.00

    It was lovely to be asked to work for RGB Building Supplies again, having previously been employed by them in April.  I was excited to see the team; who are so welcoming and professional, and a lot of fun!

    The assignment was promotional work at a 'Self Build' Fair, myself and my wonderful fellow model Serena were asked to hand out flyers and free gifts whilst promoting special offers and directing potential customers towards the RGB stands.  Having now had several experiences of promotional work I was fairly confident in what to expect and how to approach the job. Its always a lot of fun and you meet so many different interesting people in just one day.

    I would definitely recommend my experience to others, everyone I worked with was friendly and incredibly professional, I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. Thank you to RGB and to Talent Management, a great experience.

  • Fiona, Reference: 1230, Model fee: £180.00

    My first assignment through Talent Management was very pleasant.   The photographer and agency staff were very friendly, helpful and professional.  I took part in various office scenes either on my own or with another model, to portray a relaxed work environment for a new DWP campaign.   It was a straightforward assignment and it all went smoothly.  My advice to aspiring models: Be on time, be prepared with a variety of outfits, be accommodating and interested in the project.

  • Katherine, Reference: 161548, Model fee: £200.00

    The day went really well,  instructions on what to bring & summary of the job was given beforehand, the producer also called a couple of days before the shoot to chat through what would be needed/expected, which was great.
    On the day itself, I was scheduled to be at the venue between 10 - 5, but my work was done by 2. I would advise maybe taking a book etc to read as there was a lot of setting up by photographers etc before pictures were taken. Once it all started, all instruction from photographers/lighting guys were very clear, & we all had quite a laugh.
    It's all great experience, all very clear and good to work as part of a team! Thank you Talent Management :-) x


  • Lucy, Reference: 154623, Model fee: £200.00

    Great shoot today!  The whole thing was done in a hair salon so not only did I get my hair and make up done before before the shoot, I had my hair done throughout the shoot as well. Great fun and everybody was really nice to work with. Thank you Talent Management for another great Assignment!

  • Charlotte, Reference: 1213, Model fee: £150.00

    I had a great time at my very first assignment with Talent Management!  I was really excited to work but also nervous as it was a video rather then a photo shoot, but I would love to do something similar again! 

    The assignment itself involved myself and the other models walking around an exhibition, enjoying what was to offer including activities. I learnt a lot more about acting and what it takes to be confident in front of the camera.  The most enjoyable part was being involved with the other models, they were all lovely and we all got on.  The director was also very nice and supportive.

    I would definitely recommend this type of assignment and also to work through Talent Management!  I believe it's all about your upkeep and interest in this work to succeed, I am very keen and ready to learn more!  I joined Talent Management to personally see if I had potential to succeed and learn.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Serena, Reference: 1212, Model fee: £300.00

    I very much enjoyed my assignment working with RGB Building Supplies!  I have worked with them before and they are a great team to work for.  Myself and another lovely model Rosie had to promote RGB by talking to customers about all their new loyalty cards and handing out bags with goodies in.  Over the 2 days on assignment, I learnt a lot about building your own house, which has amazed me!  I would advise anyone to get involved in promotional work, as you will learn a lot and gain so much confidence in talking to new people. I join Talent Management to gain experience - I love working for them and love all the jobs I do!

  • Lana, Reference: 1211, Model fee: £150.00

    I enjoyed my first job via Talent Management. I had a pretend husband for the day and we helped market high end dining room and bedroom furniture. We were filmed and photographed making ourselves at home on the luxury sets, including a Christmas day scene. Our direction was clear and all the team were very friendly and patient. I enjoyed the day as it helped me gain confidence for future shoots.  Thanks Talent Management!

  • Mansoureh, Reference: 1208, Model fee: £150.00

    I have been to other assignments which were photography, but the most recent was videography and my first experience of being filmed. I was not sure how it would go, but when I went there the guide told us everything.  I was with a group of models and we started to chat and get to know each other.  We attended an event which was genuine, so it was not hard to enjoy the event and chat with my new friends.

    I would recommend the experience to others, because you can enjoy your time, learn and make new friends whilst working in a professional modelling environment and earn money as well.  I would love to keep taking part in modelling assignments, because I have enjoyed all of which I have received through Talent Management, thus I am sure I will enjoy the next one too!   Modelling is not my full-time profession, however I joined Talent Management to do more photo shoots in my spare time.

  • Annie, Reference: 1209, Model fee: £150.00

    I had a fantastic time on my first job modelling through Talent Management, and was surprised by how quickly the work appeared after signing up!  The booking was to model on a video shoot with several other models from Talent Management, acting as a group of friends who were enjoying their time at the Wellcome Collection Gallery's evening event. We didn't really need to pretend, we all had such a great time! On arrival we were welcomed by the director who was very friendly, and who talked us through what was expected of us over drinks and food. We were directed by him in small groups whilst walking around the gallery. The whole evening was thoroughly enjoyable, and the other models were such great fun that it was a very relaxed and upbeat experience. We all left feeling very excited about seeing the end result! I would definitely recommend joining Talent Management after having such a positive experience, and I am looking forward to the next job!