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  • Patricia, Reference: CB695733, Model fee: £225.00

    A wet day - what better to do then appear in a video to explain the use of a medical product that helps relieve the symptoms of skin discomfort after radiation treatment!  I arrived at the venue - a new small private hospital about to be opened - to be welcomed by the 'crew'.  Over coffee we had a discussion regarding filming requirements - I now have a fair amount of experience of video shoots, having been on Talent Management's books for several years, but each assignment brings something new and exciting - a new group of people to work with - a new product to promote and another chance to learn about presentation and appearances.  Apparently patients using the medical product need a video to show how to apply and use correctly, so I and my male colleague from Talent Management were involved in a shoot showing a nurse applying the medication to our skin in the correct way.  We did a short rehearsal to make sure everything was correctly in place and then completed the shoot in record time as all went according to plan!  This was another paid assignment that was interesting and rewarding!  If you think this is for you - do contact Talent Management and speak to them - they will give you lots of help and advice. There are all sorts of opportunities including film extra bookings, modelling assignments and many more.

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  • Patricia, Reference: CB695733, Model fee: £180.00

    A windy and sometimes wet Southwold on the Suffolk coast was the venue for my latest assignment. A TV company was making a film for Ancestry UK and required two old ladies to be onlookers as the researcher - a professional actor - described his grandfathers house.  What fun we had!!  The makeup artist soon transformed myself and my colleague from Talent Management into two windswept grannies and we were then given direction as to how the role was to be played out.  The whole team worked so well together and everyone was so friendly.  It was a privilege to work with the team and I look forward to seeing the end result.  If you have ever considered being involved in this sort of activity, do give Talent Management a try.  Thank you, Patricia

  • Gillian, Reference: BM703705, Model fee: £180.00

    For this assignment myself and another model from Talent Management were booked by Toast TV as extras Ancestry UK.  We met the actor and film crew outside an old house on a very windy seafront location in Southwold, Suffolk.  Both of us were dressed as elderly ladies and I had a shopping trolley - we had a good laugh at how we looked!  The actor was supposed to be the grandson of the original owner of the house and he had come to visit it. We were asked to walk passed him whilst he was standing looking up at the house and he was to comment to us about his grandfather once owning it.  We had to look surprised and then continue to walk on.  The film crew were very friendly, professional and grateful for our help and seemed pleased with the results. They kept apologising for making us look so old but we had a lot of fun and laughter whilst doing it.  I can thoroughly recommend anyone getting involved in the industry and I think it helps if you are prepared to be adaptable.  Gillian

  • Nikki, Reference: CA645033, Model fee: £180.00

    It was fantastic to be part of 2 TV advertisements - I had great fun!  The first advert involved me being the wife of the main character pottering around in the kitchen in the background in a smart Victorian house.  The second advert I was a body double for the main actress and got to drive a gorgeous orange 1972 VW Camper Van.  I would thoroughly recommend Talent Management to anyone - just go for it.  Sometimes you will not receive the full details of what's in store until the day, which is always very exciting!  My confidence is building with each assignment, and once I knew what I had to do, the nerves disappeared.  I signed up to Talent Management as I wanted to promote myself and have some totally new experiences, which has definitely happened!  Nikki

  • Serena, Reference: N669829, Model fee: £300.00

    I have had an amazing time working with RGB Building Supplies last week at the ToolFair Exhibition in Exeter.  At first I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and down to earth. Myself and Rosie (the other model) were required to attract customers to our stand and take photos with them in a photo booth with lots of funny props - which the customers got a copy of afterwards!

    I would recommend this experience to anyone - everyone was left with a smile on their face!  I had an amazing time and hope to do it again soon.  In this industry it's not all about being serious - you can have a really good laugh with the people your working with - even customers.  Thanks Talent Management!

  • Sangi, Reference: BW626422, Model fee: £120.00

    I had a great 4 hours on my shoot for Duracell - the crew and team were friendly, helpful and very relaxed.  I was really looking forward to it from the moment it was confirmed.  I was excited on the day and thankfully not nervous.  I was the main person in the commercial, which made me feel great about myself and helped to increase my confidence.  I was told at the end that "you made our lives easy as you were great to work with", which is so great to hear!  I predominantly had to sit behind a computer and pretend to be working and looking at the screen, the mouse was then taken away and I had to recreate the position of the mouse for several takes, which was challenging but fun to do.

    I enjoy being in front of the camera whether it is for adverts, videos or photography.  It is something so unrelated to my full time job that I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities that come my way.  I would absolutely recommend Talent Management to those who are looking to get into the industry and sincerely hope more assignments come my way!

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  • Gillian, Reference: BM703705, Model fee: £120.00

    On arrival to my assignment with Duracell, everyone was very friendly and I found it exciting doing something I had always felt I would like to do.  I enjoyed being on a film set with such a nice and professional group of people, and learning how to act on the film director's instructions in front of a camera. I was asked to act out putting on a hearing aid, then actually putting one on and listening to my model grandaughter reading to me. The film director and crew seemed pleased with what we had achieved and I look forward to seeing the video in due course. I really enjoyed the experience and would love to have the opportunity to do it again. 

    Prior to signing up, I had looked at a few agencies but decided that Talent Management had the most friendly and professional approach and I would definitely recommend the agency to others who are interested in pursuing a modelling career.

  • Rosie, Reference: CB682039, Model fee: £300.00

    I was very excited to hear from Talent Management again and pleased to find out I would be doing promotion for RGB Building Supplies; this would be a change for me as I previously had more experience in photographic and video work.  This change was one of the most enjoyable parts of the assignment.  When I arrived I was given clothing to wear and met the team I would be working with, including the other model from Talent Management, Serena. We spent the two days at ToolFair handing out brochures for the company and giving away free pens and t-shirts each morning as people arrived, then encouraging customers to come and have their photo taken with us in the photobooth next to the company's stall.

    The nature of this work required us to approach a lot of customers and maintain their attention long enough to get them interested in the company we were promoting. This meant as models we needed to be both confident and knowledgeable about what we were selling.

    I would definitely recommend this experience to other models, the people I worked with were not only highly professional but also a lot of fun and I would gladly see them all again. Of course being part of Talent Management is something I would also recommend for models looking to take part in this type of work. It gave me a feeling of safety, particularly as a young woman working in an environment with a lot of strangers. I knew who my onsite contact would be ahead of time, and I could contact my agent Molly at any point if I didn't feel comfortable. This is invaluable when travelling to somewhere new.

  • Heather, Reference: BC579347, Model fee: £300.00

    I was booked by Talent Management to film promotional material for a spray tan brand and also model for before/after photos of the product. It was a fantastic experience!  Everyone was really friendly and positive - the assignment was well organised and a pleasure to do!

  • Shannon, Reference: R656743, Model fee: £220.00

    Working with Talent Management allows you to work flexibly around your lifestyle. I am currently studying and was recently booked for a skincare campaign. The shoot was in Devon and the other model and team I worked with were wonderful and really friendly. The staff at Talent Management are also very helpful and easy to talk to - I would recommend this agency for anyone thinking of pursuing work in the talent industry!

  • Charmaine, Reference: A702041, Model fee: £300.00

    I really enjoyed this weeks filming assignment through Talent Management.  Thanks for helping me to live out my dream!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Rachel, Reference: BP602949, Model fee: £420.00

    I had an amazing time on this assignment, which involved being part of an web commercial for a leading car company.  It was a 3 day job away from London, and outdoors which wasn't always easy as it required to stay for a few hours and film in the cold; but we were always really well looked after.

    It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and fun team, everybody was lovely and knew exactly what they were doing; if there were some stressful moments, everything was handled smoothly and efficiently.  The other models Andy, Elle, Nikky and Shaney were really great and I'm very glad I have met them.  They were fun, professional and lovely and we all got along super well, which I think is essential if you spend 3 days with a lot of waiting in company of other people!

    The assignment required us to be physically fit and have a good balance as we were tethered at the back of a moving truck, but I would say that personally it was the fact of filming in the cold wind for many takes that was the most challenging!  Still it was a new and interesting experience, and the first time I was working in such an environment; it made me think I would like to do more filming that required physical challenges like that, as I thought it was really fun.

    Thank you Talent Management for giving me the opportunity for this 'once in a life time' experience, we all felt we were part of something special. I'm very happy I met such lovely people, and had such a fun time while working!

  • Nikki, Reference: CA645033, Model fee: £420.00

    The assignment involved being tethered to an HGV lorry and inside a vehicle both moving at 20 miles per hour in both an acting and modeling role. I was working as part of a team with 5 other models/actors from Talent Management and a celebrity for an advertisement which took 2 and 1/2 days to film.

    The directors, producers etc. were all incredibly supportive and I felt completely relaxed and confident in everything that we were asked to do. I learnt a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of a production and found it extremely interesting. 

    The most enjoyable part was when everything came together the stage built, the harnesses fitted etc. and action called, then acting out the role with 3 cameras focused on us, the main one circling us, the 3 go pros and the drone too! Absolutely amazing!

    The other fantastic part was working beside other models from Talent Management. We were again totally supportive of each other and looked out for each other at all times. We are now connected through Facebook and I  really hope we can stay friends.

    I would definitely recommend this experience to others. I feel sad that having joined the agency a year ago this has been my first assignment, but now I understand the importance of keeping my portfolio updated and will be actively apply for more roles -  for the experience, ambition and of course the money!!

  • Elle, Reference: MA135832, Model fee: £420.00

    Being booked through talent Management was a fantastic opportunity. Even before arriving to the client everything was very well organised, explained and lead within a very professional and friendly manner.

    The most enjoyable part of the assignment would definitely be meeting such lovely people throughout the whole experience and being part of something new and exciting which I was involved in every step of the way.  For this particular assignment, we were involved in promoting a new car for a leading brand with a very exciting twist that until its launched I can't reveal!  It was truly fascinating being involved with producers and clients of the video shoot and to learn how commercials are put together.

    I would definitely recommend Talent Management to anyone who loves doing something different, meeting new people and wanting to develop confidence further within an acting role. Its such great fun, and you can ensure to be looked after well if booked by Talent Management!

  • Judith, Reference: R643559, Model fee: £300.00

    I was excited and anxious before the assignment, curious too - but I needn't have worried! I  had a lot of fun and would certainly be up for doing it again!  I enjoyed sharing the experience with the people I met, and those of us that were the audience shared lots of laughter, even though we felt so cold on the viewing truck. We were being driven on a truck as the observers of a magic trick being performed on another moving truck, and being impressed by his magic.

    The crew & staff were all friendly and looked after us while doing what they had to do to look after the project too. It was interesting to see and hear some of what's involved in putting some filming together.  I didn't realise how much time certain things take, so we had quite a lot of waiting time, but then there was laughter and chat with new friends, coffee time and food too to fill the time!

    The whole experience was interesting and fun and I feel glad to have taken part in something I've not done before, so it's been a boost to my confidence too!  The friendliness and care made it a very enjoyable experience and I will recommend the experience to friends I know will also be interested.

    This is not something I would have done had it not been for doing Talent Management and was a positive experience that leaves me hoping for more - I joined to gain new experience and I got one!  It's a good thing - "it's better late than never" as an older model, and great of course for those who start younger!  Thank you Talent Management for a fun, friendly and interesting time!

  • Danielle, Reference: Z688067, Model fee: £300.00

    I really loved being a part of this advert - it was a truly amazing experience and the team were so lovely, polite and patient.  I was very nervous and anxious at the beginning as I haven't done something like this before, so didn't know what to expect but I am so glad I got the chance to be a part of this!  The most enjoyable part was meeting so many new people and learning what it takes to put something like this together.  New skills I learnt include how to not act cold when really you are freezing and how to work really well in a team of people you've just met.  I would recommend this experience to anyone if they get the chance-  it was so cool and to say you've been chosen to be a part of a big filming role is amazing - it also helps you gain confidence in yourself.  My advice for someone interested in working in this industry is to sign up with Talent Management, grab all opportunities with both hands and enjoy every moment of it.

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Nicola, Reference: A660994, Model fee: £220.00

    Talent Management recently booked me on a photo shoot in Totnes, Devon - a beautiful place - for a skincare brand project.  The day started with lots of skin cream application, then moved on to camera work with various shots being taken of myself and my delightful 'model daughter'.  The photographer was lovely and knew exactly how to acheive great pictures - very talented.  I had a great day and enjoyed the shoot very much.  Thanks Talent Management for this opportunity!

  • Donine, Reference: 1092, Model fee: £150.00

    My first assignment with Talent Management was awesome and fun.  I was a hand model for the day for a well known brand of sunglasses.  I gained confidence in how to use my hands for modelling and really enjoyed working with the crew.  I highly recommend this experience to others and would advise to seek representation from Talent Management - I really needed a new challenge, and thanks to TM I am now going places!

  • Chloe, Reference: K672929, Model fee: £150.00

    I really enjoyed my day being a model. I was nervous beforehand, but felt at ease as soon as I met the people I was working with. I was modelling satin dressing gowns for the Clifford James catalog, which will also appear in Groupon and The Daily Mail. I also got asked to model a pair of leggings and a new happy light.  This made me more confident for next time and I have learnt not to be so nervous in the future.  This type of modelling work is something I would absolutely like to do again. I would recommend this experience to others because it's fun, enjoyable and a great experience to help build confidence. Thanks Talent Management for a great first assignment!

  • Emma, Reference: A662381, Model fee: £270.00

    I wasn't nervous about the assignment, although it had been a long time since I did anything similar. I had the best time - Chris our photographer was so easy to work for, with clear instructions, and Sophie his assistant who helped to choose the outfits was just lovely. My two fellow models were great to work with.

    The assignment was for a website and brochure for a lovely care home for which we posed as residents. The shoot required us to arrange flowers, do some baking, play bridge, use a computer and enjoy afternoon tea.  We were asked to have big smiles and then hold the pose, as it was all photographic stills. 

    It was such good fun with great people that I did not want it to end and I can't wait for my next assignment. I am so glad that I joined Talent Management, I wish I had done it before. Do join, you will have fun!

  • Patricia, Reference: CB695733, Model fee: £270.00

    Having worked for Talent Management before, I knew what to expect from the team ahead of my assignment - the usual excellent support, clear directions and information about the assignment accompanied by good wishes for a happy day.  Inevitably the day before you wonder what the people you are to work with are going to be like and just what the requirements will be.  It was nice to know that Herb was to be the male model as I have worked with him before.  Three of us (Herb, Emma and I) were to be models as care patients at Water Mill House, a wonderful new care home in Hemel Hempstead.  On arrival I was immediately greeted with a cup of coffee and welcomed by Chris the photographer and Sophie his assistant.  There was a schedule already made out regarding the different scenarios and we were given guidance by Sophie as to the style of clothing etc that would be appropriate for each 'scene'. 

    On the first day we had great fun enacting Bridge playing, flower arranging, taking breakfast and baking - and ended up with much hilarity trying to get successful shots of flour blowing about as we clapped our hands!  Chris directed brilliantly giving precise details as to what he needed to get successful takes and he and Sophie were extremely pleasant to work with. Day two started with computer scenes then an art lesson and after a break for sandwiches and drinks provided by Water Mill House we went on to enact 'afternoon tea', a reading or music session and finally a consultation regarding care plans for the 'patient' Herb!

    Every new shoot brings new experience and knowledge as to how to react to the camera - its a steep learning curve but so rewarding!  If you have ever considered trying this sort of thing yourself and then written it off as 'they won't want me' - don't believe it!  All types of models are required at different times for different circumstances.  The only little bit of advice I might give is - if you are considering signing up with Talent Management for commercial work, avoid the temptation of having a tattoo where it can be seen by the camera!

    Apply: Female modelling

  • Jody, Reference: P559559, Model fee: £130.00

    Working with the Medikidz team as a superhero was an amazing experience as usual!  Just being part of a team that helps kids understand medical issues is such a privilege. The most enjoyable part of the day is when we first present ourselves to the kids, the excitement and joy on there face is priceless. Medikidz have definitely helped me boost my confidence and continue to teach me new skills and knowledge.  I will most definitely do it again and would encourage others to sign up with Talent Management and get involved.

  • Naomi, Reference: 1082, Model fee: £130.00

    Again, I loved working with Medikidz for the day at St Josephs Primary School. The same core team were brilliant to work with and I was confident with the drill - which was talking about eye health and entertaining the children with fun activities and competitions. I really love the idea behind the company and the activities - I would be happy do it again.

    My job involved dressing up as 'Skindy' - along with a great team of other interesting characters/superheroes, and going to a children's primary school where we quizzed, helped and engaged with the children about eye health and looking after the body in general (whilst making it upbeat and fun). I really love speaking to the children individually about their special super hero glasses during the competition and getting them to engage with the thought process about eye health.

    I would recommend this job to anyone who wants to work with children or who likes sparking imagination amongst youngsters, as well as those who have an interest in character entrainment and education. It's activities like this one that make being with Talent Management such a lovely experience.

  • Naomi, Reference: 1069, Model fee: £130.00

    I absolutely LOVE Medikidz - such a great way to engage the children and get them involved and interested with learning about the human body, and super heroes!  It was brilliant working with the team and I was comfortable and confident with the drill. I would love to do it again. For the activity we had to all be dressed up and ready as super heroes and address groups of primary school children and inform them with the importance of eyes, eye health etc. We worked alongside a woman from Vision Express and got the children involved with drawing super hero glasses and reading out comic strips with us. I would recommend this experience to anyone else trying to get involved with acting/working with children, as the job in itself is rewarding and you learn a lot on assignment, such as how to deal with certain situations. I think if you were trying to pursue a career in this industry you just need the right drive and enthusiasm as well as hard work and smiles. Talent Management have offered me a variety of clients to work with and for that reason and many other, they are a great agency to be a part of.

  • Victoria, Reference: BV640118, Model fee: £100.00

    I was very nervous beforehand as I have never done anything like this before, however after completing the assignment I felt much more confident and it is something I would like to do again.

    We were required by Medikidz to dress up as superhero characters and introduced ourselves to the children in assembly. We talked about the eye and asked them any questions in which an optometrist answered their questions. We then went to the Year 3 class and had them make their own superhero masks and write down three super powers. We made it into a competition and had some photos taken with the children. I am training to become a primary school teacher so found it extra supportive, and this experience will give me more confidence to stand in front of the school assembly in my future.

    The most enjoyable part of the day for me was working alongside the children in the classroom.

    I would definitely recommend signing up with Talent Management and undergoing assignments like this - it was a very rewarding job, giving the children more knowledge in a fun way.