Location: Glasgow

Photologue photography is a Glasgow based
photography company primarily covering Glasgow and
central Scotland.

Photologue has been established for over ten years and
owner Jim Aldebert has been a keen photographer for
over three decades starting his photography career with
black and white film photography and developing
negatives and producing prints in his own darkroom,
then progressing into the new age world of digital
photography in the early 1990’s and replacing the
traditional darkroom with light room and photoshop for

Photologue can provide studio photoshoots as well as
location photography using the highest quality
professional camera and lighting equipment with
multiple backgrounds available including green screen.

Photologue can also come to you at home or location
with our portable studio setup, we find some clients
especially younger children feel more relaxed in front of
the camera if they are in familiar surroundings without
the many distractions found in a large studio space.

Our portable studio is also ideal for dance and theatre
company’s or corporate company’s looking for head
shots. Our portable studio setup enables a fast
turnaround for clients on the same day.

Photologue are also one of Glasgow’s premier dance
photography specialists photographing thousands of
dancers each year at various theatres around Scotland
supplying them with amazing images and print products.

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