Breckland Studio

Location: Norfolk

Hello – I’m Michael ( Email : ), and I’m a multi award winning portrait photographer with a Studio near Thetford in Norfolk, I am fully qualified, fully insured and DBS checked.

I am married with two children, with my son specialising with Wildlife Photography that he is very passionate about and has already had some of his work published, and my daughter providing me with wonderful grand children.

Over my career so far I have worked and lived across the UK including London, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and of course Norfolk. During that time I have worked in IT, Telecoms & Medical electronics in roles mostly in technical, sales & service and moved into photography around the mid 2000’s.

Photography hit me like a train. I started getting interested fairly late in my career but after a short time I just couldn’t get enough of it – I have a burning in my stomach to achieve more & better every day and it will not go away. Someone I met a few years ago whom I told I was a photographer asked me if it was my passion. At the time I didn’t realise it was but oh my god – it really is and it gets
stronger every day.

That passion is included in all of the images that I make for my clients and especially developing my art of photography which I include in all of my photo-shoots to create dynamic and impactful images.

I believe that to be truly great at something especially when it becomes your life, you have to find and work with like minded people and therefore I am a qualified member of some of the best UK Photography Organisations in the Industry. I also try to give back to the industry & work closely with many photographers across the UK to add benefits to give to charities ( including the NHS over the
last year ) and to improve the Photography industry in an ever changing world, especially where technology is driving many elements.

Professional Photography is just one of those things where you never know everything and you never stop learning. Whether it is Technical, Process, Business, Design, IT, Marketing, or Transformation, to name just some. For me I have a mentor ( probably the most qualified photographer in the world ), who drives me to continually learn & improve, and from whom I am implementing new and improved methods all the time both to continually improve my business and the images that I make.

My specialities include Family Portraits, Lifestyle, Dog Portraits, Head Shots, Model Portfolios and Hollywood Beauty. These are all completed at my studio – Breckland Studio – which is around 1100 square ft, which is a nice size to be able to social distance as well as being flexible and a very versatile space.

I would love to welcome you to Breckland Studios where you can be assured of the absolute best service and some wonderful images.

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