Cactus TV: Richard & Judy

Daisy, Model Ref: 100329

Model Fee: £50


Daisy the bulldog was 'buzzing' after her appearance on Richard and Judy. Here's what her owner Barry said about the day...

"Things went very well and we were extremely well looked after by all of the Richard & Judy team who are incredibly professional and friendly."

Cactus Television representatives from Channel 4 approached Models Direct's sister company Star Pets with a challenge and just 24 hours' notice to respond to it when they needed the perfect pup to star on popular programme Richard & Judy.

The dedicated model assignments team worked quickly to find the right pet for the job, and when Daisy was put forward, the client picked her almost immediately. Cactus Television was looking for a gorgeous dog to model the latest American craze - a bumblebee costume made especially for dogs!

Models Direct was able to put forward a selection of dogs to Cactus after contacting owners to ensure their pets had the right temperament for the assignment. We needed to know that the chosen dog would be comfortable on set and not get too overexcited.

Daisy turned out to be the perfect choice! With half a day to prepare, her owners rearranged their schedules and accompanied her to the filming. She did a fantastic job and received lots of praise from the production crew.

Eighteen-month-old Daisy had never been in a studio environment before but was unfazed by the cameras and lights. She and her owners had a brilliant time and got a real 'buzz' from the experience! Her owner, Barry, was understandably very proud of his lovely dog. "Daisy was extremely well behaved (as always!) and loved all the attention and treats," he says. "We were surprised by just how well she performed for the producers."

Barry was also glad that he remembered to hit 'record' on the video player before he left, so he was able to watch Daisy's debut all over again!

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