The National Lottery: James Bond

Sunny, Model Ref: 202024

Model Fee: £165


Sunny was the 'purrfect' choice for a James Bond photoshoot for The National Lottery. Here's what his owner Geraldine said about the assignment...

"The photoshoot went really well... I look forward to seeing the photos."

When Platform PR turned to Models Direct to find a cat to model in an upcoming photoshoot, we didn't disappoint. Sunny, a Birman breed cat, was the pretty boy chosen for the part.

The photoshoot was to provide advertisements for a new scratchcard from The National Lottery entitled 'Kitty Cash'. Adverts using images from the shoot appeared in various newspapers across Scotland including The Sun and the Daily Star.

Sunny really enjoyed the photoshoot, which he shared with two 'Bond women'. Sunny's owner, Geraldine, also has two kittens who joined Sunny in some of the photos.

Linda, Director of Platform PR, was delighted with the assignment. "The cats were brilliant," she told us. "The handler was very efficient. She had them very well trained and the assignment was a great success!"

We also asked owner Geraldine for her account of her pets' first photoshoot. "The photoshoot went really well," she responded. "They behaved, which was good! I look forward to seeing the photos."

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