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Meet Warrington's #1 diverse modelling agency that helps models and clients create meaningful marketing campaigns together.

Snuggled between Liverpool and Manchester is a historic town in Cheshire, England. Warrington is a blend of where the past meets the present. Its historical landmarks such as the Warrington Transporter Bridge and modern developments like Gulliver's World Resort (who can resist a theme park for younger children?) have built its dynamic character and added to the town's vibrant atmosphere.

The lush, calm sounds of The River Mersey or the unforgettable electronic musical energy at Creamfields, are both a stone's throw away for our models and clients registered with Models Direct Modelling Agency. We're a different sort of agency though, hopefully not like any other you've come across and we'll tell you why.

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What sets us apart from other modelling agencies?

Our commitment to trend-setting ideas has established us as a leader in the modelling industry. What ideas are those? We practice a diverse and inclusive recruitment process that ensures equal opportunity for everyone we work with, irrespective of race, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age or gender.

This means baby models , child models, teen models, young adult models, senior models , family models, pet models – you name it! Everyone can grab a chance at becoming a paid model, working with tried and trusted clients.

Models Direct Modelling Agency has been working with models and clients from Warrington for over three decades and the diversity and inclusion trend has been part of our modelling package before it was even a thing!

As a modelling agency, we hope we're a breath of fresh air for newcomers, both models and clients alike, as we actively work to find our models gigs and connect our clients to the right people.

In a world that drives us to be ‘perfect' we embrace our models' beautifully imperfect selves. You are enough, just are you are and you can become a Warrington model landing assignments whenever a client calls for your look or your extra skills in our locality.

We've repeatedly demonstrated our success with great local stories to inspire and delight you. Here's a snapshot of a wonderful assignment our Warrington residents took part in for a Greene King photoshoot. Our male models, Ian and Carl, headed towards Liverpool to create a blinding campaign. Sound like something you'd like to give a go (and get paid)?

If you're considering a flexible dream career pathway that pays well, join our dynamic Cheshire-based models. We're ready to amplify the modelling industry and disrupt it like never before!

Like what you've read? Meet our team right here . We're real people behind this screen. Keep an eye out for our new blogs on what's happening in and around Warrington, coming to a digital platform near you!

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