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I had such great fun modeling. Trying on the wedding dresses was just superb! It was a dream assignment! I am not the 'standard' shape for modelling as I am curvy and never imagined I could do something like this but in fact my shape was just what the client was looking for and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Coming from a life of being a mother and hardworking business-woman it is so nice to be able to do something that I class as me-time, its a great confidence boost too! Thank you for arranging for me to attend this assignment ! I had a really great day, I really enjoyed it. I hope that the clients are satisfied with the results and look forward to doing another assignment in the future.
Sonya, Ref: M189617

I really enjoyed working at the show was so much fun. The people I was working for were lovely and very down to earth, they really looked after me and made sure I was ok with everything I was doing! They took a few pics of me and they are going to email them to me so I will upload these on to my profile. Thank you for your help in all the organising for me to do what I did much appreciated.
Sacha, Model Fee: £300.00, Ref: 131697

The assignment "Floral fashion" on GMTV went very well. I am very pleased to say that it was my 13th assignment for GMTV through Models Direct . I enjoy every single minute on GMTV on Fridays.
Gyte, Model Fee: £133.00, Ref: F154470

The whole thing was done to a very professional level from the casting to the catwalk show. We were looked after very well and everyone involved was lovely which really helped with how long the day was. Hair cut and colour is fantastic and I am keeping it!
Amy, Model Fee: £320.00, Ref: A178669

I really enjoyed myself I had a great time and don't mind doing it again. We had 8 models I paired up with a guy so we were boyfriend and girlfriend in the shot. We had grand parents, mum and dad, children. its was great fun getting to know the rest of the models there.
Monica, Model Fee: £150.00, Ref: 161803

Filming the Bensons for Beds commercial was a great experience, I learnt a lot. It was the first time that I had shot a TV ad, so it was all new to me. So much goes on behind screen that you don't even think of! I enjoyed working alongside my 'boyfriend' Dan, and Kim was lovely too. It was a very long day (arriving at 7.30 finishing at 6.30), but all the crew were really nice and they kindly put on food for us. The make up and wardrobe girls were really helpful too. I'm excited (if not a little nervous?!) to see the ad once it has been put together!
Nicola, Model Fee: £183.00, Ref: 176761

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