Applying as a Model


Published: 12th Mar 2020

So, you’ve had a thought. Could I be a model?… While you’re looking through magazines. Why not?

You might not have any experience in front of the camera, but why should that stop you. Make your wish to be a model a reality by finding agencies and apply to be a model…Its that easy… Then if you are on their books, you will be in for a chance to work with companies as a model. This can be for fashion websites, TV commercials, Fashion catwalks and so many more opportunities. 

The Application
When applying for a modelling agency, you don’t just want to apply to any old agency. You want to make sure this agency will represent you the best, an agency that will find you the work you want and will keep in contact with you.

Models Direct was the perfect fit for me when I looking for an agency to join, they covered everything I was looking for and was so helpful when asking questions. They have a team of passionate and hard working people who are happy to help with anything. Quick responses and friendly faces!! An agency you can trust. 


Before you start the application to model, you will need at least a headshot, a side shot and a full body shot. Make sure you have these. If you don’t already have a photo, professional or not, those required shots then get your partner or friend to take the picture. It doesn’t really need to be professional; it just needs to be you in front of a white background and for you to look at natural as possible (not make up and hair tucked behind your ears). Photos should not be edited or be taken in black and white.


The application will ask for all types of body measurements so when you open the application…make sure you have a tape measurer at the ready and be completely honest with the sizes. 

The application form is filled in; the photos are attached… time to click the ‘Send’ button. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for a response from the agency! Good luck!

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