Bursting with pride – there’s nothing as exciting as seeing final modelling photographs!

Published: 24th Feb 2023

Here at Models Direct there’s never more excitement than when the final pictures from one of our modelling shoots appear on our screens!

NHS campaign featuring Models Direct models

In the old days, when we first launched our agency more than 30 years ago, we would still receive hard copies of photographs in the post and it was a thrill to open the envelopes!

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Today, of course, they pop up on our computers and we all gather round to have a good look at exactly how our wonderful models performed on the day.

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An agency such as ours, with such a long history and such a busy diary, has final images arriving all the time, of course.

But for the team here it is a hands-on business and we want to be involve right throught until the very end.

Tottenham Hotspurs campaign featuring Models Direct models

Some of our experienced members of staff are points of contact for individual models while others have long relationships with our many clients.

We investigate each assignment thoroughly and we chose models to put forward to our clients for selection very carefully indeed.

We discuss each booking in detail with our models and we are there on the end of the phone ready to offer them support if they need it.

“We ask all our models to take “behind the scenes” shots and video footage while they are on assignment.

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We love to see what went on when the shoot took place – and we know our other models and would-be models do too. It helps them to have an idea of what is to come for them.

Castrol campaign featuring Models Direct models

But taking all this into account, nothing beats seeing the final photographs – seeing our talented, confident models out there performing at their very best!

Lancome campaign featuring Models Direct Star Pets

It fills us with pride, just as it must fill them with joy – and just as their friends and family must also be delighted to see their loved one achieving so much.

That is why we also love to share final images with you and all our other readers and social media followers.

We take great pleasure in everything we do here at Models Direct – and we want to shout about it!

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