Everyday bookings

Published: 7th Aug 2022

What’s life without a little bit of variety?

If you take a look at the range of our clients, you’ll realise that no two modelling assignments are identical. And that’s just the way we like it – as do our models.

The strength of our bookings team – coupled with our clients – results in an impressive amount of jobs for commercial models in every corner of the UK. Though we put forward hundreds of models for high-profile modelling gigs, it’s our “everyday bookings” that often catch the eye.

Why? Because many of our models are absolutely perfect for their experience, looks and talents.

Perhaps the most effective trait for our commercial models is the ability to appeal to the general public; that is, to put them in the shoes of the largest bracket of the UK’s population. Staring in a commercial modelling shoot or film is about connecting with people – people just like you!

Commercial modelling is the most natural route into the industry for novice models, so it’ll pay massive dividends to research more about commercial “everyday” bookings here:


So, what can models expect from “everyday” bookings (apart from being well looked-after and well paid, all in a safe, friendly environment)? Many of our jobs require models of all ages, from superstar children to rocking mature models. Diversity is the key, so commercial modelling appeals to gregarious families and individuals alike, with models from all kinds of backgrounds thriving in front of the camera.

It’s not all glamour, though. The reality is that you could be with a client and photographer / producer in an ordinary setting, with a bit of waiting on your hands before you “do your stuff”. It’s true that our clients are an eclectic bunch, but sometimes a commercial model is required for the practical, run of the mill work. That’s not to say the modelling itself is trivial. Quite the opposite, in fat. Promotional modelling work for local businesses can help raise profiles and get a town talking! And commercial models are central for successful campaigns.

Everyday bookings tend to be relevant and important in equal measures, because they are easily identified by similar-minded people. Classic examples include work involved with the Metropolitan Police, the NHS and local councils. Models may be asked to pose as conventional workers such as nurses or builders, and their work could end up on websites, in magazines or on social media sites. It’s entirely in the hands of the client, but one thing’s for sure: many models starting out with everyday bookings have gone on to more prestigious work – including modelling abroad!

Everyday bookings may not be high profile, but they are the essence of commercial modelling. There are no limits to how far you can go in the industry as an “everyday” model. We encourage anyone with an interest in modelling to have a look at our everyday opportunities (https://www.modelsdirect.com/search/jobs/).

When you sign up with us, we’ll propose the most suitable models to our clients, and it could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

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