Everyday looks: we need people with everyday appearances to be models!

Published: 25th Jan 2023

It sounds strange but it really is true!

Models Direct is currently being inundated with requests for models who look just like you and I – and all the people we know….

Our clients want people who could be queuing in the bank, shopping in the supermarket or hopping on to the next bus or underground tube train as it pulls up.

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And you only have to look at our Instagram account to see how many of these people we are selecting at the moment – and how many are being chosen over and over again!

It’s not rocket science to understand just why high street and other major brands want to feal real-looking people in their advertising, campaigns and promotions.

It is because we, the real people, are the consumers – we are the people who may or may not spend our money with them, and they want to do all they can to appeal to us.

They want to reflect real-life situations, as well as aspirational scenarios, through their film shoots and stills photography – and to do so they need real people.

Reflecting daily life means having everyday and diverse models of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and heritages.

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Our clients need female models to play young mums, women at work, grandmothers and retirees.

They need male models to be sons, brothers, commuters and grandfathers, and, of course, they need younger people to play school children, teenagers and students.

And all these models need to look like they could be part of our own families, one of our friends – or even us ourselves!

Spend time browsing our Instagram account to really get a feel for the kinds of jobs we are currently sending our models to, in great numbers and every day.

Peruse the reviews section of our website to hear from the mouths of some of these models exactly how they found the experience of stepping out in front of a camera with us.

And read more of our blogs to learn about some of the specific assignments that our everyday models have been sent along to.

As you do so, think about whether any of these are assignments that you might possibly have been put forward and selected for.

We all have something special about us, but most of us are also just everyday folk and there is no reason at all why we shouldn’t be someone who really makes a success of modelling.

If you think you might be interested in modelling you can apply here.

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