Mamas and Papas – our beautiful babies appear in national campaigns

Published: 30th Nov 2020

Imagine seeing your little one smiling up at you from the page of a catalogue or brochure – or catching sight of their gorgeous gurgling face in an advert – Nothing could be more heart-warming

Well, that is exactly what some of our very own mamas and papas from Models Direct have had the pleasure of experiencing.

We put our bouncing baby models forward for all sorts of exciting jobs and none have been more enjoyable than our Mamas and Papas assignments.

Newborn modelling success

Take tiny Kyla, for example, who at just two-and-a-half weeks old was chosen for the front cover of Mamas & Papas Magazine.

Barely out in the big, wide world, she secured her first booking on the very day she registered with us!

New mum Katrina was, of course, bursting with pride and told us:

“The shoot couldn’t have been more successful. Kyla slept the whole way through and looked gorgeous in the shots. I was impressed by the treatment of the staff who were friendly and made Kyla’s first assignment a very pleasant and exciting experience. The director was very happy with the outcome of the shoot, but nothing could beat the delight of me and my partner Leroy! Not a bad start for someone who’s only 19 days old!”

Spring baby models

Baby Jacob’s mum Christine was also as proud as punch. She said afterwards:

“Just to let you know that when we went for the fitting at Mamas and Papas, they tried three outfits on Jacob and the staff were lovely. At the shoot the staff were again very nice and all the details you gave me about the assignment really helped. Thanks again and hope to hear from you again soon..”

Like Jacob, twins Etienne and Amity were integral to a photoshoot for the Mamas and Papas spring catalogue.

This delightful duo was able to fulfil a request for little ones who could fit into clothing for babies aged three to six months yet were already able to sit up.

Just a month after signing them up, mum Audrey was thrilled to take them along and reported:

“The twins really enjoyed the experience and it was fun for me to see them perform for the camera. The clothes they modelled were really cute!”

Parental pride

Little Olivia also shone when she was chosen to model baby robes for the Mamas and Papas catalogue – this was in spite of being a tad grizzly on the day of the shoot.

“There were quite a few tears as we walked into the crowded bathroom and handed her over to the mummy model, But a soothing bottle of milk later and she was more like her normal self. After lots of behind the camera encouragement and funny faces from mummy, the shoot was over. I had a peek at some of the photos from the shoot and was very proud to see my babylooking back at me, as beautiful as ever. I can’t wait for her next assignment and the chance to show her off again!”

Smiling Oliver, who landed his first assignment just six weeks after joining us, also proved to be something of a star.

His parents were asked to dress him in a cute pair of Mamas and Papas trousers and to pop him in a highchair beside a breakfast table.

Contented Oliver tucked into a chocolate muffin while the photographer clicked away.

His mum summed the experience up for us:

“…he loved it he looked really happy and at ease……Darren and I stood behind the photographer every now and then, waving and pulling silly faces to make him giggle and smile! The photo shoot took approximately 45 minutes – they said they were really happy with the many photos they had taken….Everyone was really friendly and made us feel at ease (I felt quite nervous for him before we got there). All in all, I think he enjoyed it and both Darren and I felt very proud.”

Sheer professionalism

All the Models Direct parents tell us just how professional, friendly and helpful the team from Mamas and Papas was.

Baby model Sofia, aged one, could not have been happier throughout the two days of her assignment, stressed her mum:

“We were both made to feel very welcome and looked after. One of the team came in and looked through Sofia’s clothes and chose an outfit for her to wear. We were then taken upstairs into a bedroom that was decorated in Mamas and Papas nursery furniture. Sofia was then left to move around the room and play with various toys whilst the camera clicked away – she loved all the attention! It was a great experience; we were made to feel very welcome and can’t wait to do some more work.”

If your happy Harry or beautiful Bella is something of a star, ready to shine for a client like Mamas and Papas and many other big name baby brands, then read more of our success stories or find out how to apply online.

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