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Published: 17th Apr 2021

Startup companies/brands are game-changers in the world of business. They offer lots of perks for their workforce like solid collaboration between the workforce hierarchies, competitive salaries, excellent work-life balance – the list is comprehensive. We have had lots of startups approach our modelling agency, Models Direct, over the past 30 years of our presence in the modelling industry. 

Very recently, we had a new baby brand Infant Innovations Ltd approach us about a project they needed a hand with and of course, we were delighted to come on board and support them.

They wanted a baby model for a website photoshoot to launch their online presence, and they found their baby modelling star – Lincoln – through our agency. And in case you’re wondering, Infant Innovations are still in the process of getting their website up and running. If you’ve tried googling them already, you won’t find them just yet! Lincoln’s only 5 months old but was perfect for the part – he was happy, content and calm throughout the photoshoot making him a breeze to work with. 

Compliance with lockdown regulations was followed carefully on the day and our gorgeous baby model, alongside everyone else, was kept safe. The film crew and everyone on set adhered to the social distancing rule, wore face masks, ensured hands, and surfaces and equipment were sanitised. Lincoln was also entertained with clouds of bubbles and other baby gadgets to keep those cute smiles shining through for the camera and to capture the best baby poses on Infant Innovations’ baby products. 

According to Ironpaper, a B2B digital agency based in New York, 92% of business owners believe that having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy. We know how important websites are – online presence is everything from boosting brand awareness, recognition and e-reputation. The ultimate goal is for browsers to become buyers and Infant Innovations know that having a website is a must-have for building and prioritising a strong brand for their startup.  

Bubbly behind the scenes action

We have behind the scenes images for you to have a look at right here. See Lincoln in action: 

Lincoln’s mum left us feedback on how the modelling assignment went:

“Really easy process from signing up to my 5-month-old son getting his first job. We had a great day. All well organised and Covid safe.”

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For any hesitant parents of baby models who might be reading this, we want to put your worries aside and reassure you that our clients have all Covid safety precautions in place as modelling work continues throughout our third lockdown. Marketing campaigns for baby brands are always needed and sought after. If you’re not yet a parent or guardian of a baby model, you certainly could be by joining our top UK modelling agency, Models Direct.

Our modelling categories are extensive, and we include babies as part of the people we represent. Whether you have a newborn or a small baby who is ready to begin crawling and exploring the world, we are here to sign them up and get them ready for their first career. Fill in our application form or speak to one of our experts about being parents of a baby model, what life is like for our models or whatever burning questions you may have – we’d love to hear from you

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