Morrisons Plastic Waste Solution

Published: 18th May 2023

Morrisons are back, and with a powerful message that strongly supports an eco-friendly solution to reducing plastic waste. Buckle up because Models Direct’s booking blog is about to bring some lights, camera and sustainability all rolled in one. Let’s go (green and save plastic)!

No two days are alike in our Models Direct’s world. Projects and assignments come in varying degrees and compositions to our modelling agency. They all have a different story to tell, a different vision and purpose. Over the years, we’ve built strong client relationships where companies have reached out to us to help them convey their message. Morrisons is one of them where we’ve booked our amazing models for their winning marketing campaigns. For this blog, we’re focusing on our male model Elliott who starred in Morrison’s plastic waste photo shoot campaign in Fife, and it was quite something.

Morrisons x Yes Recycling

Recently Morrisons joined forces with recycling specialists Yes Recycling, opening its first and only recycling plant in the world. This pioneering new technology can process all the different types of plastics, such as sweet wrappers and non-PET food film, into Ecosheets. This is where plastics going into the system are broken down into flakes and pellets which can then be reused into more packaging, setting the recycling loop in motion.

This forward-thinking vision makes Morrisons the first ever supermarket to become a recycler, aiming to reduce its own-brand plastic packaging by 50% and make all own-brand plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Such inspirational news!

Looking forward, Morrisons’ nationwide stores will have recycling collection points that will take different types of plastics, including hard-to-recycle flexible plastic. Unfortunately, no council nor supermarket has as of yet been able to successfully turn these into reusable materials, but Morrisons’ collaboration with Yes Recycling plan to do just that.

Elliott’s plastic-busting assignment

With this positive campaign set to make breaking news, Morrisons wanted a male model to help showcase their revolution, and when they got in touch with our modelling experts, we were extremely excited. Our team loves it when one, or even some of our models, (depending on what the brief dictates), are selected. It’s truly delightful when we make that life-changing phone call to tell them they’ve been chosen for an assignment. This is what happened with Elliott and we are so proud of his professionalism and skills he brought to the table.

Elliott was certainly impressed with his experience too, and kindly left us some positive feedback which he was happy to share with our readers. His reflection on working with Morrisons was:

It was a fantastic day which was very different to the norm. Opened my eyes to another industry and a different world of employment. I enjoyed the way I was treated by all clients involved (including lunch which was fantastic).

It seems like the modelling world has piqued Elliott’s interest in further projects, and why shouldn’t it? Modelling is a great skill to master and an excellent profession to add to your CV. What’s more, it’s paid for and you’re taken care of very well – travel expenses are all covered, and sometimes food expenses just like in Elliot’s case. And when you’re working on an innovative project that goes beyond just flashing a smile for the camera, something which has a deeper meaning, you could be part of a revolution that could change the course of history. If you want a chance to do modelling just like Elliot, then please get in touch with MD and we’d be happy to help.

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