Our models blossom when they promote a well-known household brand

Published: 1st Oct 2023

Promoting major household brands is an important part of what we do here at Models Direct.

Indeed, among our clients are such well-known names as Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, for example.

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We are frequently approached by brands like this and asked to supply models to help them advertise particular product ranges or as part of a seasonal or special campaign.

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest occasions for florists and supermarkets in this country –and two of our models really blossomed when they helped to promote it.

Kristina and Storm were picked by renowned national retailer Morrisons to take part in a very special shoot to celebrate the occasion.

This year’s campaign by the major supermarket highlighted its pledge to sell only British-grown tulips.

These were all cultivated on a 17.5-acre site in Derby, which is wholly owned by the supermarket.

Morrisons predicted that some 1.2 million of the gorgeous blooms – that traditionally come over from the Netherlands – would be bought.

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And they needed our delightful duo to help them let everyone know exactly where they came from.

Kristina and Storm were among our models who answered the very specific requirements of the company and so were put forward to our client by our team at Models Direct.

As usual, the client considered all the models we suggested very carefully – and this time they picked Kristin and Storm as their prize blooms.

When the time came for the shoot to take place, our pair certainly showed their true colours and came into full flower.

Since then, the final photos – Kristina with a member of staff from Morrisons, and Kristina and Storm together – have appeared in a range of publications and online.

Morrisons, which is known for its sizeable florist stations and create-your-own-bouquet service within its stores, was pleased to have run such a successful campaign.

And for Kristina and Storm it was a chance to smile, spring into action and reveal their natural talent in front of the cameras for a household brand that everyone recognises.

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