Sleep Like a Baby with Purflo: Baby Modelling with Models Direct

Published: 12th Mar 2021

Purflo is a well-established baby safe sleep brand which came into being in 1997 dedicated to creating cleaner, safer and healthier sleeping environments for babies. So when the company requested a baby model for marketing their newborn products, we were delighted to put forward a selection of baby models forward and little Sienna was selected.

Sienna is a delightful baby model with our long-standing modelling agency, Models Direct. When our assignment team studied her application, we couldn’t wait to get her career rolling by adding her to our books. We knew when the time was right, a client would call for her look and we would be right on board making the next steps happen when launching her new modelling career. Granted she doesn’t know she is a famous mini model but her mum, Samantha and loved ones sure do! What’s so charming about babies being models is that it opens a world of exciting possibilities – experiencing something different from the usual daily life a family has around a baby and making new connections. 

Now let’s be honest, when we think of modelling we usually tend to think of the runway fashion models that strut the catwalk in funky clothes, but we don’t think of all the other spheres modelling covers. Baby models are extremely popular and at the top of the categories along with family modelling. All you have to do is look closer at print and digital mediums to see how many cute little babies pop up with their sweet smiles and adorable expressions – awake or asleep. Parents, guardians, friends and families of babies will be familiar with the baby industry.    

Oh so sweet little ones

Babies are wondrous beings and make our hearts melt so it’s no wonder why they would be featured in ads and marketing campaigns regardless of whether the brand is geared towards their target audience or not. Remember the AA’s dog Tukker who was filmed for the breakdown company’s lockdown ad? The creative minds behind the commercial calculated that having an animal – albeit a puppet – cast in their ad would be a success (as opposed to a human counterpart doing the same job)… and it really was!  

The filming with Purflo took place in Kent where mother and baby worked harmoniously as a duo. Sienna’s short and sweet assignment was an uncomplicated one, but it was a brilliant example to prove how great a real mother and baby model team can be as opposed to separately scouting a female and baby model for the job. Although this does happen at Models Direct, it will now be challenging given our current social distancing and social bubble climate. Ideally, as a modelling agency, we would prefer real-life families to come forward and join our family modelling compass. 

Click here to read what Sienna’s mum had to say about the assignment experience along with other parents assignment reviews too.

We’ve got some superly sweet snaps of mother and baby on the day of their assignment. You can’t help but smile seeing these adorable images!

Sienna was the teeny tiny star of the Purflo commercial – what an amazing job she did! How about signing up and seeing where your bundle of joy’s career can take them…and take you?! The baby industry is absolutely humongous, we kid you not! The list of areas this market covers are food, drink, nutrition, diet, hygiene, toy, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, child care, leisure and travel insurance. We’re sure the list doesn’t end there. If you’re reading this blog and know of any more that we might’ve missed out on, do let us know! Subscribe to our blogs to have the latest news drop into your inbox and see what our models are getting up to. 

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