Small Business Brands are Going Big

Published: 21st Aug 2022

Small brand owners – local, independent and start-ups – need expert marketing tools to push their advertising. Where do they go when they need a model? Yup, Models Direct!

Small brands, big visions

Not all our model bookings are with the big brands and leaders of their expert industry such as Fords, Pampers and Tesco. Our modelling agency also supports independently owned businesses and brands. Just like how our models have no restrictions on their shapes and sizes, nor do the brands that we help and work closely with.

Models Direct embraces brands of all shapes and sizes.

The importance of small businesses

Local businesses have a personal touch, can exude a unique charm and are passionate about delivering top-of-the-class services to the public. Why expect less when you can have more from an independent or start-up business, let’s face it, everyone starts from somewhere and even if the scope isn’t to expand worldwide or to push too hard, the quality of services remains exceptional and is never compromised.

The same tone resonates with our agency. We always aim to perform to the best of our ability because we don’t want to give someone what we wouldn’t want for ourselves. Models! Models who are professional, patient, confident and open to feedback and adaptation.

Independent brands we’ve collabed with

Models Direct have worked with many businesses across the years ranging from the retirement industry to healthcare. Here are some of the wonderful projects we’ve worked on helping brands get their foot through the door or increasing their exposure and reach.

We were thrilled to work with Timothy, whose creation of a dream jeans brand is becoming tangible with our female model, Maria. It is one of our young projects but everyone worked very hard to make the vision real with material for his website and across his social media platforms.

Next up, Abbeyfield, a retirement village in Surrey, welcomed four of our mature models to support their on-set photoshoot and filming for their website and social media presence. What a pleasure it was to be making a difference and pushing a valuable business out there.

We’ve also had Training2CARE, a training and resource company based in Colchester, and MIP UK, textile suppliers of healthcare products who booked our models. Our quartet of modelling pros were the same for both projects. You should check out their feedback, it’ll put a smile on your face!

Louise Brown, a start-up bridal brand had four of our sweet junior models posing in her bridesmaids’ apparel. This new dreamy brand is every bride’s and bridesmaid’s dream, we’re so glad to have helped!

The wrap-up

Models Direct ensures that no matter how big or how small your company is, we take all of our projects seriously. There’s no room for letting our standards slip or not performing with the same level of dedication and attention as when we have big brands involved. Our team enjoys listening to all the positive comments our models leave behind about their marketing campaign experience. Can we do the same for your local, independent or start-up business? We cannot wait to meet you and make a difference.

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