Take Care in the Sun

Published: 9th Jun 2020

With a long summer stretching ahead of us – and many of us having more time to spend out in the fresh air – we all need to be taking care in the sun.

Whether we are models or those keen to become a model who are eager to deepen our skin tones, or others who are simply sunseekers looking to relax, we all need to be very wary.

Getting a sun tan is never a good idea – using makeup or a self-tanning product is likely to be a much better solution.

Short spells out in the sunshine can certainly help improve our vital vitamin D levels but too much time out in the glare can lead to overexposure to dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

These can cause life-threatening skin cancer, as well as premature and permanent wrinkling and mottled pigmentation.

Most importantly, don’t lose track of the time out in the sun – or worse, fall asleep. 

For most of us, 10 minutes out in the full heat of the day without covering up or using sunscreen is ample.

Secondly, consider enjoying the warmth without putting yourself in danger. 

Wear a hat – and the bigger the brim, the better. There are some superb, stylish choices out there that will also cover you face and neck well, and perhaps even parts of your shoulders and chest.

Cover your arms and legs with clothing that is loose fitting and cool to wear but has a tight weave to help reduce the levels of UV that make it through to your skin.

Fabric that is dry is thought to offer more protection than wet.

Wear sunglasses that offer full UV protection and, if possible, have a large lens or a wrap-around style to offer more of a shield.

Use sunscreen liberally but be aware it never offers complete protection and therefore time in the sun should always be limited, even when you are wearing it.

Make sure you use a product which has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 (UVB protection) and a high star rating with four or five stars (UVA protection). Apply it thickly and evenly, asking someone to help you with the areas of your skin you cannot reach yourself.

Reapply it regularly, even if you are using a once-a-day or waterproof product: any cream, lotion or spray can easily be rubbed, towelled or washed off.

Finally, try to spend as much time in the shade as possible. Sit in the shadows or under a tree, use an umbrella or create a canopy.

But, once again, be aware this is not 100 per cent fool proof as UV rays can penetrate some materials.

Covering your head and body, as well as using sunscreen, is still a good idea even when spending most of your time in the shade.

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