Top 3 Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Fashion Models Must-Haves

Published: 26th Feb 2020

When it comes to modelling, fashion plays a big role in presenting your best self perfectly in tune with the current trends. Whether you’re getting yourself ready for your busy day ahead for school, college, uni, work or even a modelling assignment (because that’s what we love having a chat about here at Models Direct) we know it’s great to be on-trend sporting the key colours and prints the new season has invested in. 

Now that we’re into our spring/summer 2020 collection – despite the treacherous and unpredictable weather out there – the colours and prints are out in full force bursting with elements of fashionable fun and wearability (the awesome buzz word now trending for this year’s collection!)

So, if you’re a parent or guardian of a gorgeous baby model (twin baby models, you get a name check), child model, teen model, or even plus-size teen models, curvy models, plus-size models, plus-size male models…we’ve got you covered! 

No more troubleshooting for this year’s fashion! We’ve got all you need to know to be in with the fashion crew by wearing the latest trends. Here’s goes!

1, Rockin’ the Neons!

The Fashion Weeks in September 2019 seems like a faraway event now but that’s where all of the latest happenings took off. What was really rocking the place up was this funky, in-your-face highlighter-inspired hue bursting on the runway. We’re finding this bright, unmissable theme taking the fashion world by storm so we’re giving you models a heads up! Sport those neon colours as a statement piece or accessory this season like a true pro! In case, you’re not sure where to look, Boohoo and Missguided are flaunting this fierce colour.

To all our hair models out there (and of course, music lovers!), we know one awesome young musician who loves to switch her colour – Billie Eilish. Billie’s currently rocking neon green roots coupled with bright green outfits. She displayed her amazing locks and gorgeous style at the 2020 Grammy Awards and has critics drooling over her latest James Bond theme song, “No Time To Die.”

2, Boosting your Fashion with some Vitamin C; Tangerine

Even our fashion needs a boost of energy as does our diets. Models, keep those oranges and carrots handy when you’re on an assignment! We’ve been keeping an eye out though, and have seen that the tangerines are a must-have hue for this season. The colour works perfectly with the spring vibes (ignore the weather out there though!) so you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of this colour on the shelves. 

Grab yourself a t-shirt or top; pair your outfit up with some tangerine sneakers or pumps and get some heads turning when you sign yourself up with our modelling agency. Head to Topshop and PrettyLittleThing for some creativity.

3, Roses are Red

Tying in safely and perfectly for this new season are rose prints. Designers always rely on some floral inspiration especially in time for spring. A print that you can’t go wrong with, check out this elegant theme as a statement piece for a modelling shoot with the must-have apparel already on the shelves with the likes of Next, M&S and Dorothy Perkins.

The Style Round-up 

Keep your style game pumping and rocking with these themes suitable for baby models through to adult models and everything in between! 

Got what it takes?

If you’re not yet a model, and you’re reading this page, maybe it’s time to consider this journey as part of your own. With exciting assignments and of course, being paid, what are you waiting for? On your mark, get set, register!

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