When are models required for seasonal campaigns?How shooting in advance works.

Published: 5th Apr 2023

It easy to imagine that those bikini-clad swimmers jumping in the waves were photographed on a sunny summer’s afternoon or that your favourite Christmas ad was filmed in December.

But think again! The modelling industry’s calendar is very different to our own!

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So when are seasonal campaigns shot?

Almost certainly not in the season they are promoting goods and services for!

Yes, as soon as one Christmas has passed, the marketing whizzes and campaign gurus are already planning their next festive extravaganza.

The cogs are whirring, their brains are flashing and you can bet your boots that by spring they will know exactly where they are going with it!

So what does shooting in advance mean for our Models Direct models?

Well it can be great fun!

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Shooting winter scenes in the summer means fake snow, wrapping up in winter woollies and even occasionally heading off to foreign climes!

Shooting for spring campaigns in winter time means either filming a whole year in advance or choosing locations with evergreen trees rather than bare winter branches.

Likewise, assignments for summer advertising that take place in winter or spring may mean having to wear fewer layers than normal at that time of year. Brrr!!!

But production companies, photographers and directors are hugely experienced at shooting in advance and they will ensure the wellbeing of all their models at all times.

They also have lots of tricks up their sleeves to ensure the viewers and consumers don’t question what they see and really buy into the story that they are experiencing Christmas at Christmas time and summer in summer.

Campaigns and promotions require huge amounts of planning and every detail must be carefully considered.

For us in the modelling industry that means lots of work all year round – and for you as a model it means all the pleasure of anticipation as you wait for your seasonal promotion to finally appear.

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