Modelling industry advice

  • Avoid model scams

    Find how why people in the model industry are susceptible to being scammed and how you can avoid scam model agencies.
  • Find Success

    See our tips on how to increase your chances of success in modelling at any age.
  • How to Help Your Child Model Find Success

    Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in finding work for youngsters means we are in a unique position when it comes to helping your child model to find success – so here are our top tips.
  • Employment Agency vs. Showcase Agency

    Showcase modelling agencies are not allowed to find work for their models by law. Find out how we are different.
  • Forums & Blogs

    Most online complaints to our agency come from people who have either failed to update their photos or ePortfolio within 6 months, or at any time.
  • Model advice sites

    Be wary of model advice sites - they can say whatever they like and charge a fee for it.
  • Model Agency Fees

    Please read on for our summary of model agency fee facts and why we are a government regulated employment agency.
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