How To Be A Model

A Beginner's Guide

Thinking about a career in modelling but not sure how to go about it? Here's Models Direct's beginner's guide on how to become a model. We focus on what you need to know to get on the track and hit the ground running with a modelling career. Let's get ready for some lights, camera and action!

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Who can model?

Everyone has the potential to model. All kinds of people are required for a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns. The modelling arena is very diverse and inclusive – nothing like how we might’ve thought! Super slim and very tall supermodels walking down the runway isn't always what clients are on the lookout for.

Castings and assignments are based on a variety of areas such as age, size, gender and distinguishing features like tattoos and piercings. It's good to know that times and trends have changed so there's a big market to capture everyone in the population.

What type of model should you be?

The next step when it comes to becoming a model is knowing which category you fit into. Finding your place in the modelling world will give you a head start. There are lots of types and knowing which will suit you the best will give you a heads up. It could even be that a modelling agency thinks you will suit a completely different area than you initially thought!

Types of models include catwalk models, commercial models, advertising models, catalogue models, male models, female models, petite models, plus-size/curve models, sportswear models, mature models, body parts models, family models and so on. There really is a plethora of modelling categories and everyone, and we really mean everyone, can find at least one area which they'll be able to seamlessly represent.

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Characteristics of a model

Being a model starts well before the cameras roll. A strong sense of character and drive is needed to be a model. Let's take a quick look at what characteristics will help if you’re looking to pursue a unique and interesting journey in this industry.


It’s a great quality to have regardless. You’ll be expected to smile for the camera or perhaps stand in front of a crowd so having confidence in yourself is essential.

Determination in the face of rejection

It happens even to supermodels and is part and parcel of the modelling industry. Try not to be disheartened or discouraged if you get turned down for shoots- never take it personally, and just move on to apply for something else! Stay positive, stay a step ahead and keep looking out for new opportunities.

Skincare and hair care

Taking care of your skin and hair is paramount even if you aren’t a body parts model (i.e. eye models, hand models, feet models, hair models and so on). Prep yourself by giving daily nourishment to enrich your skin and hair. It’ll be picked up by the camera, grab client’s attention and get you into a good skincare regime.

Healthy diet and lifestyle

Be the best you can be for yourself and look after your physique as your appearance is what will set you apart from others in the industry.

Master mirror work like a pro

Mirror work is observing yourself in the mirror and doing various poses and expressions. This is so that you can achieve muscle memory to remember what those poses feel. You can then effortlessly re-create them when you’re in the presence of a camera.

Maintain professionalism

Make a good impression on those you work with. Be punctual, respectful, truthful, and trustworthy and have a positive attitude. These key areas will translate professionally and those who you work with will have good feedback if ever asked about you and potentially open doors for more opportunities.

Finally, sign up with a reputable agency like Models Direct. When you connect with us, you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise within this fast-paced sector and receive more insider tips on how to be a model. Click to fill out our online application and we'll take it from there.

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