How To Be A Model

Camera, Lights, Action! Being a model starts well before the cameras roll and this helpful article will give you all the information you need on ‘how to be a model’.

How to be a Star!

Modelling is probably one of the most enjoyable jobs whilst at the same time is lucrative. However, the industry is known for being highly competitive and gruelling, so a strong sense of character and drive is needed to be a model.

1.    There are certain credentials that every model needs to work hard to achieve, such as:

•    Confidence - you must be comfortable in your own skin as you will be representing clients’ products.

•    Determination in the face of rejection - it happens even to supermodels and is part and parcel of the modelling industry. Try not to take it personally.

•    Healthy diet and lifestyle - be the best you can be and look after you hair, skin and physique, as your appearance is what will set you apart from the rest.

2.    We are asked by many people ‘how can I be a model?’, and we answer this by asking ‘what type of model do you want to be?’ At Models Direct, we believe that modelling comes in all shapes, sizes and styles as we get asked for a wide range of models on a daily basis, from fitness to plus size, and baby to hand models. Find out what type of model you are by reading the Model Types section.

3.    Sign up with a reputable agency like Models Direct. We are Europe's number one modelling Employment Agency and have been successfully placing many men, women and child models in paid, part-time modelling work for more than 20 years. When you sign up with us you will benefit from our experience and expertise within this fast paced sector and receive more insider tips on how to be a model.  

4.    Be professional. In the modelling world, word of mouth goes a long way. If you are known for being difficult to work with, such as turning up late to photo shoots or being rude to photographers, people are less likely to hire you again. However, if you are confident, keen to learn, polite and efficient, you can get a good reputation in the modelling industry and more work could follow.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a model, why not apply to Models Direct today and see if our panel of model experts agree? This could be your chance to make your dreams come true Apply to be a model