Take the first steps into a new job: conversations with a potential model

Published: 14th Aug 2020

June 2020.

A few days ago, in my hometown, I happened upon a chance meeting with a good friend. Let’s call him Elliot. He’s 22 years of age, six feet in height (the same distance we kept apart), and he has the chiselled looks that scream “catalogue model”. By all accounts he’s a handsome lad.

After the usual pleasantries, Elliot revealed his desire to become a model. It came out-of-the-blue but, upon reflection, it was achievable. The problem was that my friend didn’t know how to become one. His enthusiasm was unquestionable. His looks are indisputable. Elliot, it seemed, just needed a brief shove in the right direction. Here is our conversation (not strictly verbatim, as there’s never a Dictaphone when you need one, but it’s pretty accurate):

Elliot: I’ve been thinking…

Me: It had to happen sooner or later.

Elliot: Do you think I’d make a good model? 

Me: Yes, my friend. What’s stopping you?

Elliot:  Hmmm…contacts, experience…

Me: Whoa! Hold up. 

Elliot: Excuse me?

Me: Those are things that should not stand in anyone’s way.

Elliot: But how do I get started without them?

Me: Find a reputable agency with great feedback from other models. It’s a bit like word-of-mouth. 

Elliot: You’ll know some, I’m assuming?

[And this is where we came into the conversation…]

Me: Of course. I’m a writer. It’s my job to know such things.

Elliot: And?

Me: Models Direct.

Elliot: I’ll need a little more information than two words, please. 

Me: You don’t need experience, and they’re always looking for attractive people from all backgrounds. They’ve got a great reputation, too.

Elliot: So you think I’m attractive?

Me: Not in that way, Elliot. But, yes, your aesthetical qualities are clearly apparent.

Elliot (beaming like it’s the first bit of good news he’s received all year): Thanks.

Me: Just telling you like it is. Have a look at their website – there’s a lot of information about new models.

Elliot: Such as?

Me: How to register, what they’re looking for, the range of clients on their books, tips to get the perfect promotional photo, advice about interviews – 

Elliot: Sorry for butting in. Interviews? 

Me: It’s not as scary as it sounds. Plus, it only takes five minutes to register with them. Piece of cake. Then they’ll do the rest. 

Elliot: It’s as easy as that?

Me: Well, do your research before applying, but, basically, yes. 

Elliot: Anything else?

Me: Be confident, and determined – persistence pays off. And remember that modelling should be fun. Models can earn good money, but don’t initially focus on fees. Just start off with reasonable aspirations and make sure you follow Model Direct’s guidelines. 

Elliot: Great, thanks! 

Me: Any other questions?

Elliot: Yes. Fancy a pint?

Me: The pubs are still shut.

Elliot: I forgot about that. 

If you’re like Elliot, have a look at our website. We’ve uploaded lots of useful advice about our agency, as well as the modelling industry and the types of people we like to hear from. You could make that first step. What’s holding you back? Follow our guidelines and apply today!

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