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“The Big Smoke”, “The Swinging City”, “The Square Mile”, “London Town” or simply “The City” - London has numerous nicknames that befits a city of its global status.

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In fact, London may very well be the most famous city on the planet (although New York, the only other Alpha ++ city, may have something to say about this). Observe the following:

  • The world’s time zones are set in accordance with Greenwich Mean Time.
  • London is the home to many huge global brands.
  • The UK’s capital is also home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. It houses the world’s most famous royal family.
  • Last year, Forbes reported that just under 60 billionaires live in London.

Not to mention the thousands of top-quality restaurants, theatres, museums, galleries, media channels, transport hubs and its links with fashion.

If ever there was a city where aspiring models can gain valuable assignments, it’s our national capital. Experience is often immaterial for a lot of our exciting modelling jobs, so there’s no excuse for not applying with us and seeing where your application takes you in the Greater London area!

The key to modelling success in any large city is the amount of opportunities generated by ambitious, forward-thinking companies - something that London is not short of. Even in any given quarter square mile of a megacity lies a healthy competition between brands, each marketing their products to increase customer awareness and, ultimately, boost sales.

Cue models! Brands have long known that models provide vital exposure to their name. In London, brand rivalry is fierce, although many assignments in this most cosmopolitan of cities will have a global impact. How thrilling for a model of any experience! So why not take your first step into the modelling world and become a model in London?

If it feels a bit daunting, have a peek at our blog about growing your confidence:

Variety of work is also something London has in bundles. Luckily, our Talent Management Modelling Agency has a superb team of hard-working staff searching for singers, actors, musicians, dancers and entertainers. If you have the talent, we want to hear from you.

We have over 30 years’ experience, and you’ll be assigned your own personal agent, who’ll be there with you from initial contact, right through the booking procedure to completion of assignment. Think of us as your own Sherpa guiding you through all the essential steps of the modelling career ladder. Even if you have years of experience under your belt, we’re indispensable. If you’re new to modelling, we’re essential in placing you on the first rung of the modelling ladder, hopefully steering you all the way to the top. And where better to realising modelling potentials than “The Big Smoke”?

Models of all ages should apply, regardless of ability, background or gender. Oh, and if you have a lovable dog, cheeky cat or any other valued family pet, we cater for animal models, too!

London really is the city of opportunity, and now is your chance to join the thriving modelling in the most famous city in the world!

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