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Welcome to Medway’s #1 Authoritative Voice in the Modelling Industry: Medway Models Direct Agency.

We’re a full-service modelling agency based in Kent offering a wholesome package for models and clients to experience, be inspired and delight.

Our agency was set up in 1990 and was born from a belief that every person can become a model, regardless of age, gender, background, and appearance – with everyone, for everyone.

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Diversity and inclusion have been ingrained in our ethos even before it was a thing.

Our dream team has been working hard to get our models booked for assignments. We don’t just sit back, relax and have a cuppa tea hoping everything will fall into place. (Okay, putting the kettle on is a given!)

Our goal is to actively ensure we work hard to get all our models booked for gigs. The demand is dependent on what our clients are calling for but we always aim to fit the pieces together to help build a modelling masterpiece.

We also believe that clients deserve to launch their business dreams big or small. The result? Our models and clients blend together to curate impactful campaigns. Sounds perfect? Take a look at our magical fairy-tale photoshoot with the University of Kent . It’s really not make-believe – no genie lamp is needed here to make our clients’ wishes come true!

Immanuel was one of our stars to promote the university’s gorgeous backdrops perfect for a wedding celebration. They expressed that,

“The place was amazing, the people were incredible. Overall I would love to continue working with the agency.”

The university took the opportunity again to book some of our mature models to welcome new students to the campus in a marketing video advert demonstrating the client relationships we build.

Our expert modelling specialists see the value in every person – whether you’re a baby bump, a senior enjoying life in later years, or even an adored animal companion.

We have grit, curiosity, patience and perseverance. Do you? Join us if you’re interested in becoming a Medway model or a client based in Medway looking to hire models in the South East England region.

Stay in the loop for more from Medway Models Direct Modelling Agency. A fresh regional instalment will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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