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Gemma 4 Jayden aged 7 months, Reference: 188795

This was Jaydens first assignment and naturally we were feeling a bit nervous. But when we got there we were made to feel at ease and Jayden interacted well with the other babies on the shoot. We feel the shoot went well and the photographer said he got good shots of Jayden which made us both happy and proud. Hopefully the pictures which were taken will be used.

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Kirsty for Kiarla 11 months, Reference: 187957

We arrived at the venue just after 9.30am where we were introduced to each other and offered tea and coffee. kiarla was given a white baby grow to put on for the shoot which later she was then to take off. There were two other little girls present and their photos were taken first. kiarla fell asleep so I had a little longer wait than was expected but this wasn't any trouble at all as everyone was polite and very helpful. kiarla was given a towel with a hood and a plain nappie to wear for the photos and everything was over within a few minutes. We both really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see if her picture will be used in the catalogue.

Davey for Cayleigh aged 3, Reference: 139310

Firstly I would like to thank you for securing this assignment for Cayleigh. The assignment went well with Cayleigh modelling eight or nine different items, Janice seemed very happy with the outcome on site and Cayleigh really enjoyed herself.

Sylwia for Maraya aged 1, Reference: 185012

As soon as we arrived we were made to feel welcome and after a few minutes, when Maraya was getting used to a new place and people around her, we were given some clothes to get her changed into. As she sat in the high chair, she was ready for the photo shoot and the session began. Seeing how she posed and played around, I can tell that she really enjoy herself.

Maraya secured her first assignment within 8 weeks of registering.

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Oliver, Reference: 185236

When we got there they asked us if we could dress Oliver in a pair of mama's papa's khaki trousers for him to wear one of his own tops (we took a selection) Oliver was sat in a really nice wooden highchair at the end of breakfast table laid out with breakfast bowls several mini muffins....Oliver was given a muffin to eat whilst photos where being taken, he loved it he looked really happy and at ease......Darren and i stood behind the photographer every now and then waving and pulling silly faces to make him giggle and smile! The photo shoot took approx 45 mins they said they where really happy with the many photos they had taken esspecially a full frontal shot. We then cleaned up Oliver (the muffins where a little chocolatey) changed oliver then said our goodbyes as they had what they needed and left to make our way home. They did mention that they needed a photo of a baby asleep in a different reclining highchair......we all agreed that oliver was by this point wide awake and we would not beable to get him to sleep easily. Everyone was really friendly and made us feel at ease (i felt quite nervous for him before we got there) all in all i think he enjoyed it and both darren and i felt very proud.

Oliver secured his first assignment within 6 weeks of registering

Lisa for Jimmy aged 9 months, Reference: V179167

I would like to say that Jimmys first photo shoot went brilliantly. We had a fun day, the staff were really kind and Jimmy enjoyed himself.
Many Thanks

Lorna for Jessica aged 1, Reference: A161859

We had an amazing day,it went really well.
everyone was lovely and there was a very good atmosphere.( i took that as a good sign)
Jessica did almost everything she was asked to do, But did a few little extra bits that they were really pleased with. she was a good girl all day.

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Chantal for Natalie aged 1, Reference: A168987

"We arrived at 10:45. Natalie was really excited and before they started filming her she was really excited to get out of her pram and walk about.While the guys were filming her she was really happy and full of smiles.Overall she really enjoyed herself."

Christelle for Charlotte, Reference: K134223

"I am writing to let you know how Charlotte’s assignment went on Friday for Celebrity Kids. Charlotte did very well on Friday. Both ladies from Celebrity Kids were fantastic, and so was the photographer. Charlotte happily got changed from one outfit to the next and both girls were very comfortable in front of the camera. They tried 3 or 4 outfits each, which seems little in the time we stayed, but I have to say it was a very slow start, Paris started off and through no fault of hers, the first shots (first outfit) took at least 20 minutes. Charlotte and Paris both got a bit tired and hungry by Midday and it was then a bit more challenging for the photographer. Having said that, they did extremely well under the circumstances and I believe that Celebrity Kids were happy with the results. We left the studio at about 12.45 after offering to stay longer if required. I gave the card for feedback to the representatives of Celebrity Kids but as they had no spare time to fill it in straight away, they said they would do it later and send it back in the post. All in all, a very exciting first assignment. We very much look forward to the next one!"

Shareen for baby Tyler

"Hi just to let you know how my assignment went yesterday, me and Tyler had a great time modelling for Mothercare, we both really enjoyed it. The team up there were really friendly Tyler had a lot of shots taken of him and they even got me to do some with him! Had a great day out and great fun up there, they said he was a natural! Thanks for representing him."
Shareen for Tyler aged 4 months

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Jenny for baby Beth

"Basically, I felt that everything was organised really well. I appreciated the map you sent through and the contact details. We drove to the studios on Wednesday and found that it was actually quite hard to get to but this was probably more down to us not really knowing our way around Manchester! I was able to phone through and let Anna know I may be a bit late - she was really nice but I felt awful as you should always be on time. However, we arrived just about at 10ish so it was all ok. Everything seemed to go ok - Beth was smiley and happy most of the time and we were done by 11am. The conclusion is that we are so pleased we had the chance to do this and would love to consider it again if it ever comes up! Thanks for sending the last lot of info through - it was great to read Anna was pleased with it all. Thanks again for all your help."
Jenny, (Beth Towler Age: 6 months)

Helen for baby Ben

"Hi, Ben had his first assignment which was a photo shoot for a magazine. We all had a good time and was made very welcome. Ben was great he had to sit on a pink and blue rug with some dungarees and white t.shirt on. It went really well one of the ladies there said that if Ben wasn't happy just to sit there he could have some food on the rug so they could get some photos, but Ben being Ben was so happy just to sit and pose for the camera. Thanks again for putting his photos forward and hope to get some more assignments soon."
Helen, Ben aged 9months

Emma for baby Matthew

Just a quick email to tell you about Matthew's first assignment. Matthew really enjoyed himself and didn't really cry that much. He is already looking forward to his next assignment. Thank you ever so much for promoting Matthew, hopefully there will be more work for him in the future."
Emma, mother of Matthew age 3 months,

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Christine for baby Jacob

"Just to let you know that when we went for the fitting at Mamas and Papas they tried on three outfits on Jacob and the staff were lovely. At the shoot the staff were again very nice and all the details you gave me about the assignment really helped. Thanks again and hope to hear from you again soon. Kindest Regards."

Katrina for Kyla aged 3 weeks

Baby Kyla gets her first booking the day she registers! Kyla's first photo shoot was a successful experience.

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Natasha for Riley aged 1

My son Riley's first modelling experience was to model a romp suit for a magazine. It was a fantastic experience.

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