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  • Jade de Thorpe. Vast

    Joseph (the model) was very polite and well bahaved. His modeling technique was excellent and he worked well with the photographer. We would use Models Direct again.

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  • Jeremy Holt. Good Impressions/_Islington Fostering

    The assignment went well, the models were on time, general attitude of models was very good, they worked hard on the day to get the various facial shots we required for the campaign. We'd use Models Direct again. Models Direct were within our budget we had planned.

  • John McSweeney. Terry Group Ltd

    The model arrived promptly and was very keen. she was friendly and cooperative thoughout and I had no concerns over her attitude and ability to perform the tasks asked of her. Excellent coordinator relationship and response time. I would use Models direct again.

  • Victoria Townsley. Macmillan Publishers Ltd

    The booking went well and on the day the model was nice and polite and worked well in front of the camera. We would use Models Direct for our next assignment.

  • Melanie Young. Cancer Research UK

    The models were excellent and did what they were told, when walking down the stage. The assignment itself went very well. The information supplied, selection match and the relationship with the co-ordinator was excellent. We would use Models Direct for our next requirements.

  • Dylan Baker. Dylan Baker Creative Photography

    All three models were very professional and on time. We met the brief and got the shots we wanted. They took directions brilliantly and provided some amazing shots in the surfwear part of our shoot. Your service was excellent throughout - many thanks to Lisa who provided absolutely everything we needed and communicated everything brilliantly by phone and email. You've been terrific though the whole process and i really appreciate it. We would use Models Direct for our next requirements.

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  • Will Little. Nintendo DS

    The shoot was a real success and Yasmin was very professional.

  • Shirley. Josh Haircutter

    The model was very polite and accomadating, she was just what we were looking for.

  • Richard Pim. White Sand Pictures

    The photo shoot went very well!! The models were excellent easy to work with and accommodating in helping us in what we wanted. the prints were VERY GOOD! they will make very good poster size advertisements.

  • Dave Willis. Professional Photographer

    Relaxed, easy to get on with and good at taking direction. Generally all went well and Rebecca did a good job.

  • Natalie Swaby. Cumbria Tourism

    Rebecca was calm, honest abd euthusiastic and under stood the brief of the project and what we want to achieve. we would consider using her again.excellent and very good selection match, into and response time. all agency rates seem to be competitive and fairly flexible. As we are a non profit organisation, budgets are small - but Models Direct worked with us and a resonable fee was agreed. Models tht are located close to Cumbria are difficult to source.

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  • Olivia William. Macmillian Cancer Support

    The relationship, response and the information supplied by the coordinator met our requirements excellently. The model performed excellently and took well to direction. All questions I had were answered quickly, very competitive quote I would use Models Direct for our next requirement.

  • Leonie Buckley. Halsall International Ltd

    The relationship and the response of the coordinator was excellent.

    Dawn performed very well and did everything we wanted her to do. Very attractive young lady.

  • Kate.DSA

    Emilia was fantastic thank you! She was well mannered, patient and really turned on the smile for the camera! The photographer and the client were also really happy with her.

  • Serra. Yalcin - Smile Please Studio

    My client seeemed very happy. the models were fine. They were very professional.

  • Kathryn.Sabre Europe Ltd

    The girls we choose where perfect.

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  • Polly. Matt Wain Photography

    The models turned up on time, were very professional in their approach and did a good job - the photographer got the shoots he needed and everyone had fun too! Models Direct pulled out the stops.

    Lisa, Amy and the team at Models Direct saved my bacon and I'm keen to use them again on a project where we all have more notice and can move at slightly more leisurely pace!

    The agency was very willing to try to find me modles at the rate i suggested - and given that the shoot was incredibly short notice, they did not take advantage by trying to charge me more. They succeeded too!

  • David. DB Photography

    Model were good, arrived with a variety of specified clothing, would use again.
    Very competitive quote.

  • Chloe. DMI Productions

    Very good relationship with co-ordinator and overall selection of models Models Direct were competitive, one of the lowest quptes we had. We would therefore look to use Models Direct again.

  • Andrea Benn. Aspers

    Models were on time and on budget, your quote was very competitive.

  • Andrea Benn. Aspers

    Very good selection of models. excellent relationship with coordinator.

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  • Tristan Haddow. Crew 2000

    Thw models were great,We will be back in touch for our next modelling job.


    Tristan Haddow

  • Demelza Owen. Evolving Media Ltd

    We have heard back from the brewery (client) today that they are reallt pleased with all photogrphy we have taken, including the choice of models.

    we will require some models again, when we have been refurbished.

    Many thanks

    Demelza Owen

  • Richard Ashley. Evolving Media Ltd

    The shoots have gone very well and the models have all behaved well, I will be in contact should we require your assistance in the future, it has been the best range of models we have had the opportunity to use in relation to this project as our options are often very limited and this has contributed to the success of the shoots.

    Many thanks

    Richard Ashley 

  • Cecil Rowe. Take 3 Productiond

    The models were a pleasure to work with. I would use you again.