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Kristina, Reference: A733256

Thanks for putting me forward for the casting leading to this job today. Had a great few hours of work :) here is a behind the scene photo with the photographer checking out the photos.

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Clare, Reference: TPZN-8786

Thank you so much Models Direct! I had my first assignment yesterday and I loved every minute! I would definitely recommend Models Direct as a reputable and reliable agency.

Marlene, Reference: BZNQ-9966

Thank u so much for this opportunity to feature in “The Souvenir 2 “ film. I really had fantastic experience and enjoyable day. The crew were amazing and make sure that everything was alright with us. It was an overwhelming day.

The Golding Family, Reference: NDBX-3738

We just got back from the South of France where we filmed a commercial as a family for ‘Oliver’s Travels’. It was a truly amazing experience! We stayed in an unbelievable villa and saw some beautiful sights! Thank you so so much Models Direct for getting us this job!! We absolutely loved it!

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Catherine, Reference: BZPN-7479

It was a satisfactory shoot. Photographers were nice, friendly and talkative. It was a shoot with great varieties and was a very fun experience. It was a pleasure to work in terms of filming and still photo shooting.

Amanda, Reference: VDGC-3836

Had a great day working on an assignment for Merger IT, David the client made sure I had everything I needed. Charlie at Models Direct handled the booking and was fabulous, she handled everything in a professional manner and was in constant contact leading up to the assignment and on the day. Cannot wait to complete another assignment.

Dariah, Reference: KVHW-7944

It was a great experience, got to take some beautiful pictures with very nice and warm people. The staff there was also kind and friendly which made the experience even more fun and unforgettable. I really do hope to get another opportunity at this kind of work. Due to such a positive environment, it made taking those pictures and portraying such emotions even easier. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity.

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Tegan, Reference: THZS-7667

Yesterday and today went equally well, I really enjoyed modelling for Luxury Student Homes in Liverpool. The photographers were great and made me feel at ease.The client, Jess, was lovely to work with and made sure we all had plenty of refreshments and food between sets. The other models were very friendly and easy-going, it was a pleasure to work with them too. Overall I loved my two days working with them and it was such a fun experience. My agent, Molly, made sure I kept updated with information prior to the job via emails, and reassured me I could contact her if needed.

Annie, Reference: KQYH-4964

Last week I had another great shoot booked through Models Direct. This time it was filming social media content for iWhite - a teeth whitening brand. As always Charlie was at the end of the phone to make sure I had all the necessary information before the shoot and ensured everything was well organised. The whole team on set were really friendly and professional. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Annie, Reference: KQYH-4964

Many thanks to Charlie at Models Direct for arranging another great photo shoot, this time for activewear brand Seven Active. I stepped in last minute the day before the shoot, but still was given all the necessary information to allow me to be fully prepared. The entire team on set were brilliant to work with and very professional. I look forward to seeing the final stills!

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Sophia, Reference: NPDP-4337

Really enjoyed my time yesterday at the snow zone in Milton Keynes being able to be in a film for the BBC and completing the only snow obstacle course in the UK! Met some great people, had loads of fun and a great experience! Thank you to Models Direct for organising everything and for giving me this opportunity.

Muriel, Reference: PRQV-7766

Great shoot for the rebranding of an accountancy firm. It was fun, quirky and unique. The loveliest team as well! Hoping for more jobs with Models Direct.

Amanda, Reference: XCSS-7798

I had the most amazing day shooting for AmaElla Lingerie yesterday. From beginning to end, the team made me feel at home making sure I was completely comfortable. I honestly had such a good time and I’m super grateful to Models Direct for representing me. Love you guys!

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Nicole, Reference: BM770051

Had a amazing time shooting for 7Active, gained a lot of experience just in one shoot! Can’t wait to see the turn out of the photos.

Patricia, Reference: CB695733

Tuesday turned out to be an amazing day! 7.30am saw myself and two other models along with film crew in Battersea Park to shoot an advertisement feature for Birra Moretti promoting a new venture into catering. There were three vintage Fiat 500s along with their owners and the morning saw us being filmed supposedly delivering ingredients to private homes to create food for a dinner party. The highlight of this was being driven backwards and forwards over Albert bridge weaving in and out of the traffic to enable the camera crew to get the shots they needed!! We then moved to a private house to be filmed delivering ingredients and then cooking a meal. It was a fun filled afternoon with much laughter - the video and camera men were brilliant at setting up the shots they needed and so helpful in their directions. The makeup lady ensured we looked our best and supplies of refreshments were readily available when needed. As usual Molly had given clear instructions regarding requirements for the assignment - thank you Talent Management for a memorable day.

Grace, Reference: WHHX-3947

Had so much fun working for Aqua, Sunderland. Models direct were really supportive; thank you for the opportunity!

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Elle, Reference: HZRM-3383

I recently just completed another bridal assignment with models direct! It was a fantastic day shooting at HALES HALL barn with a very talented and professional team! We were so lucky to have the whole run of the barn when shooting so had lots of choice for different images and back drops

The Golding Family, Reference: NDBX-3738

We did a family shoot last week in London and everyone was so lovely! It was really chilled for the kids and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely recommend models direct!

Sophie, Reference: WXZP-3893

I had a fantastic time on the assignment, a great atmosphere and I met some great people to work with. A very interesting and exciting day.

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Qondani, Reference: BKTS-3936

"First assignment with Models Direct for MTC Coventry. Had a great day shooting for the client. Staff were friendly & welcoming, also not to forget the great company from the other models. Looking forward to the next one!"

Janet, Reference: HPRP-3394

Thank you Models Direct. A very well organised, professional, fun and enriching day. Thank you.

Francesca, Reference: WDNC-3696

"I did my first assignment today, a corporate shoot for MTC with 9 other Models Direct models. Fantastic day, it was great to meet other models, the direction from MTC was excellent and we were so well looked after! Thank you Charlie at Models Direct for all of your help! Can’t wait for my next assignment."

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Catherine, Reference: VSGQ-4484

Had my first assignment on Friday and it was great fun. A very relaxed atmosphere with plenty of food and drink available. I am now looking forward to my next.

Gemma, Reference: MRHK-6439

"Recently had a great experience with this company! I attended a photo shoot which I loved! The company arranged hair and makeup for the shoot, everyone on the shoot was very helpful and accommodating. I also received a cheque in the post from models direct a couple of days after the fitting I had for the photo shoot. Marie from models direct was so helpful from start to finish, I highly recommend models direct if you are looking to enter the modelling world. It has boosted my confidence greatly and I can't wait to see what the future brings! Thank you so much for an amazing experience!"

Ilyanna, Reference: WPNN=8348

Had my first shoot arranged by models direct and can not be happier. Working on a unique concept, my fittings went smoothly with such lovely people, and the actual day of shooting was so much fun. Everyone was very friendly, and the photographer was great at helping us get comfortable and deliver his vision. Only minor snag was the length of time spent shooting which went on way longer than was initially advised and lack of clarity on the part of models direct how this is handled.

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