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Mohamed, Reference: 1474

It feels great to be a model. I was not nervous at all, it felt like a normal life with no pressure.  I had fun with the photographer, the ladies dressing me in different gowns and shirts and also Chris who hired me.  It was so good representing Models Direct. I will like to do this again and something different e.g. acting in a movie or anything else to gain more and more experience in this business. The most enjoyable part of my assignment today was seeing myself being respected and treated like an important person in something I like to do.  I have definitely gained experience and confidence doing this sort of job. I will encourage anybody to do this sort of work as I see it as a good profession and so interesting, especially being paid as well.  It is so good being represented by an agency such as Models Direct because half of the job is done by your representative (coach) such as Molly. I feel confident now updating my e-portfolio and to prove that I have done this sort of job to other companies. The reason why I joined Models Direct is simply to get lots of experience, and it feels nice to feel wanted in your job and respected.

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kevin, Reference: 1476

I must admit I was nervous this being my first assignment but also very excited. I was early and slowly more models came and we all got on from the start, and from there onward I knew it was going to be a brilliant day - which it was!  The weather could not of been better for the venue. The Fort was amazing, an outstanding hotel with staff who made the day the best experience I have ever had, and believe me I've had a few experiences, but nothing compares to this.
I would love to do this more and more and I found a new confidence posing in different scenarios and dressing to fit that occasion. Signing up to Models Direct has helped me, and having spoken to other models on the day, I realise the importance of having good quality photos on your portfolio in order to gain more bookings. I personally would like to do more and be pushed down that route, especially now there's a possibility of new photos from the shoot to add to the my portfolio.

Spencer, Reference: 1478

What an incredible day at an amazing venue with really lovely people. We met early at Portsmouth quay to get in a boat to be taken to the venue, a historic fort that has been converted into a bespoke hotel. The assignment crew and other models were brilliant and made a long day enjoyable by making sure everyone always had a smile on their face.  There were various shoots involving dining in restaurants, getting married and posing in a hot tub.  Working with a structure through Models Direct agency ensured everything was professionally handled and as a model I was looked after and tended to. The Models Direct experience is helping me live the dream!

Lukasz, Reference: 1480

Thank you Models Direct for giving me the opportunity to be part of this assignment. This time I was modelling for the exclusive hotel: Solent Forts Amazing Venues in Portsmouth. I worked together with other three models.  We posed as hotel guests in several situations. The weather was so fantastic that we were taken for a photo shoot on the boat too. Great experiences, an exciting day. I love to do modeling work and am glad that I chose your agency to help me with it. I hope more work opportunities will come soon. Thank you. Lukasz

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Michael, Reference: 1416

I enjoyed taking part in the assignment at Newfield Lodge at Castleford near Leeds.  It was great and we all had fun and laughter during the shoot, and I would love to do do it again.  The most enjoyable moment during the different takes and the breaks was getting to know and talking to other male and female models from Talent Management and having a good conversation, asking them about their experiences on different assignments.  During the day we had to dress like the other residents in the lodge and take part in different rooms with different scenes and settings in one the takes.  At one point, we were asked to take part in playing a card game, boules and skittles and also dominos.

I definitely picked up some new skills on the shoot.  Having said that, while I was in Australia I joined the Academy School of Modeling in Collins Street Melbourne and then went on to Drama School of Acting and Television with Crawford Productions Film and Television later on.  I was given TV extra parts in soaps and a few months later I was asked if I would like to join the cast of Division 4 (television police series).  I then did a feature film called Ryan for Channel 7 Dorcas Street Melbourne, which in one scene I was involved in a fight including stunt work, from there I did anther police series called Matlock Police at Channel O Nudawading just outside of Melbourne.  It's a good trade to be in TV, radio and stage productions as well as modeling. It's all down to experience and hard work. I would recommend joining a drama group to go a stage further in this industry. 

In the talent industry, you meet such a lot of different types of people and you can gain such a lot of experience just by watching and listening. The reason I joined up with Talent Management was to be able to continue with modeling from the experience I had in Australia and to pursue further assignments and earn a lot of money in the meantime.

Jack, Reference: 1408

I had a great time modelling for the title sequence of Chanel 5's new dating show.

Thank you Talent Management,  It's is definitely an experience that I would do again due to the fact that there was no pressure and it was completely enjoyable.

Graham, Reference: 1459

My usual involvement with modelling is as chauffeur (unpaid!) for my wife Patricia, who has successfully modelled on a number of occasions.  Imaging my surprise and delight to be asked to model (paid) with her on an assignment at a Care Home in Castleford - no hanging about in an unfamiliar town this time.

We were greeted at the Care Home by a most welcoming receptionist, offered coffee straight away and at intervals throughout the day together with an excellent buffet lunch for which the chef had even baked a victoria sponge cake.
The very professional photographer made the work easy - my first scene was in the garden, as the weather was fine and sunny, and involved my pretending to attend one of the raised gardens - gardening is very definitely not my forte, but all went well.  Other scenes during the morning involved holding hands with Patricia and doing a crossword, rather more in my line than gardening.

After lunch we were joined by Anna and Michael for more scenes - playing cards, having a sing-song by the electric organ, played most convincingly by Michael, and a scene where I was supposed to be laughing uproariously at a joke - try laughing to order!

The day seemed to rush by and it was time to go home - a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience - thank you very much Molly at Talent Management!

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kyle, Reference: 1462

The modelling shoot I did on Friday for Nestle's Maxibon Ice Cream was good fun and I enjoyed the whole day.  I was a bit nervous at first because I was around a lot of new people, but they all welcomed me and I got to know everyone so I settled down.  It was by far the best shoot I have done and I would recommend others to sign up with Models Direct!

Andy, Reference: 1466

I spent the afternoon working with two other models and the production team at Ideal Care Homes.  I was asked to play the part of care assistant in varies scenarios, the aim being images for a publicity brochure.  The shoot was very well organised and we were told exactly what was wanted at each stage. Everyone was really friendly which made the experience very enjoyable. Thanks Models Direct (Molly) for making sure everything went to plan.

Herb, Reference: 1470

It is getting more and more difficult to find superlatives for each assignment I receive from Models Direct. The latest a journey to the East Midlands to take part in a brochure photo shoot for a retirement home. My fellow models were Emma, we had worked together on other projects and Kristina who I worked alongside for the first time. The shoot was to highlight the activities available for residents. These were various but two stand out - one was planting up a garden plot with flowers, Emma and I working together, and the second where the delightful Kristina introduced me to the intricate game of chess.  We were very lucky as the weather was sunny, if not very warm and the shoot very well organised. Now retired from full time business, I have been working with Models Direct for over four years and each assignment has proved to be a really enjoyable experience, just try it and find out for yourself. As ever thank you Molly for finding me the job. Herb

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Joel, Reference: 1403

Being booked to work for Invacare made me feel nervous beforehand because I had never done that type of modelling before, but everyone was so welcoming and supportive and welcoming.  As the day went on I relaxed into it and it became really fun and enjoyable!  In this assignment, I had to pose as a music teacher for children with disabilities and pose as though I was teaching a lesson. I also had to act as though I was having a radio interview with a local DJ as well as giving him a tour of the school.  The most enjoyable part of the day was getting to work with the children and props in order to make the script come to life.  Thanks to Talent Management for the opportunity!

Eder, Reference: 1383

I really enjoyed  modelling  for Sutton Coldfield Company Art, thank you very much to my agent Marie who has been very helpful.
I'm very pleased with all the help and support from Talent Management.

Luan, Reference: 1411

This was my first assignment and I loved it.  It was a great experience, the photographers were very nice and I had a blast.  It was great working alongside a gorgeous female model which helped bring it all together with me.  We were modelling fitness gear for KT sports.  I learnt so much and gained a lot of experience on just this one job. 

I would recommend doing this work to anybody.  Anyone who is considering getting into modelling - do it!  It's great and you will meet brilliant new people. Thanks TM.

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Elliott, Reference: 1401

Only been with TM for a month and a half and I already got my first job from them.

I have got loads of experience in performing and modelling yet still get a little nervous when arriving on set. The photo shoot was alot of fun. The assignment was for the award winning 5 star Talland Bay Hotel in Cornwall, the assignment was to promote the hotel and their wedding venue and wedding packages. The other models and I all wore wedding attire, and asked to pose smiling, laughing. The photo shoot involved alot of group poses, which was new to me as I'm used to being photographed alone,  that was a new and personal challenge.

 All the team on the day of the photo shoot were very friendly and helpful from the photographer, hair and make up to the hotel staff, it really was a good day.

If you're passionate about modeling and acting etc I would definitely recommend joining an agency, even if you're just starting out or want to gain more work joining  Talent Management  is a good move to make, they are fantastic, I've only been with them a month and a half and I already got my first job from them.
I signed up to Talent Management as I'm a very ambitious person who is passionate about Acting and Modeling and I wanted to get as much work as I can, so I can get my face out there and catapult to the next stage of my career. So thank you Talent Management for signing me and Thank you to Marie for being so helpful with all my queries with regards to the photo shoot!

Herb, Reference: 1384

You think that on some occasions that it won't get better than this, well today it did!

Well here goes, anyone who is a regular reader of my feedback reports will recall that time after time I comment on just how good the experience was, and you think that on some occasions that it wont get better than this, well today it did.

The assignment for Sanctuary Group, they provide upmarket retirement properties was in and around Cheltenham.  It was a glorious sunny day although quite cold but the warmth of the welcome to myself and "wife" Anna from the team of Charlotte and Liam more than made up for the chill.

It was like being on holiday - we wandered through parks and gardens, around the very smart and quite pricey shops in the Montpellier district of this lovely town, had a cup of tea in the park and then lunch at Cheltenham's top hotel.

The theme was a couple who are considering the purchase of an upmarket retirement property in the town, if they enjoy Cheltenham as much as we enjoyed this assignment they would indeed be happy.

Thank you Charlotte, thank you Liam, Especially thank you Anna and as always thank you Molly for giving me the job.


Andrew, Reference: 1396

fed/watered & paid plus a new place to hang out! 5 STARS from me!!!

This was my first assignment and I didn't feel too nervous about the situation as I was made to feel extremely welcome by the Staff and owners of the Talland Bay Hotel in Cornwall.
There were 3 guys and 3 girls playing the parts of a wedding party of Bride,Groom,Best Man,Bridesmaid, Mother and Father of the Bride (yours truly)
My other fellow models were friendly and it didn't take long for us to all get along and have a great time during the photo shoot.
The weather wasn't as good as it could have been but we all made the most of it and Simon the photographer and his assistant were brilliant.
I feel quite desperate to do more now as I enjoyed the day so much and made a lot of new friends.
There wasn't one standout part of the day that I could say I enjoyed the most as it was the experience as a whole which I loved. It gives you oodles more confidence and I would recommend it to anyone to get involved in.
As well as having a great day where we actually got fed and watered too which I didn't expect, we got paid also!!!
Lastly the venue is local to me so I have now found a beautiful place to go and hangout as it is open to Non Residents and is beautiful. Thanks Talent Management- 5 STARS from me!!!

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Ramone, Reference: 1395

This is my second promotional work at  Penhaligon's London. This time I was placed at the Mayfair store, this was a good experience being in and around New Bond Street.  I learned a lot on this assignment and got to meet new staff at Penhaligons. This promotional work involved me wearing a sharp suite, talking to the customers,  promoting the new sweet fragrance 'Equinox Bloom' and handing out handkerchiefs sprayed with the fragrance.
I am thankful for this opportunity as I was selected again for the job. Another big thank you to Marie my Booking Agent at Talent Management.

Jason, Reference: 1391

HURRAY! Another successful job with Talent Management completed. This time I was doing promotional work for The National Lottery, plus a simple photo shoot but with my unbridled enthusiasm added. The female model I worked with was also lots of fun :) If you ever get the chance to do this kind of work, do it!  I signed up to this agency with no expectations and now 2 years later I am loving life Xxx

Ashley, Reference: 1394

Second time being a model for the day through Talent Management, this time for the Talland Bay Hotel Wedding brochure, very nervous at the start of the day but as always once you've met everyone it's a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed it. Something I would do again. The assignment involved playing a part in a wedding scene - I played best man - with the main cast of a wedding being present. I was asked to pose as the best man in typical best man/wedding poses with the groom, bridesmaids in various scenes.

I would recommend the experience to others, although I'm always nervous and think this line of work is not for me, I always settle into it and feel glad I did it.

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Tegan, Reference: 1393

Starting a second promotional  job with Penhaligon's Perfumers in London was fun, I wasn't nervous at all but curious to what I would be doing this time round. It was fun and I loved interacting with new people, I was a flower boy for the Mother's Day event! It was great and I would be happy to do something like this again, as much as I loved it the shoes did get uncomfortable after a while, but it's an experience that I will never forget.
My favorite part of the whole assessment was informing people about  William Penhaligon's and his brand. I had stand outside with a strap board  and hand out handkerchiefs that had the new Equinox bloom (woman's perfume) hoping to get people into the shop to have a look and see what they liked! It was fun!
I didn't learn any knew skills as it was already common knowledge to me yet I would still recommend these promotional jobs to others that want to get confident speaking to people or just want to have something good on their portfolio!
My advice is go for jobs that make you happy and you know you can do well at,  because not everything is for everyone!
I chose Talent Management because of what I had read about them and what they had to offer. They work with so many brands and companies that I would love to work for! That was only one of the many things that led me to these guys! They always make sure your okay and are happy with everything that you're doing! So if you have the Talent I would recommend Talent Management!

steve, Reference: 1392

 Another great photo shoot, for Westminster Recliners this time, Thanks Talent Management!

Herb, Reference: 1373



From past experience, I can tell you that one of the most interesting things  about every assignment is what you learn , whether it's  good , bad or indifferent and especially from the people you will meet and from whom you can learn.
This assignment was one of the latter.
My fellow actors/models fell in to two categories Daniel who is an experienced full time actor and Karen for whom this was her first experience, although you would not have known it.
I would like to thank Daniel who used his acting experience to bring us together and although it was not my first run in front the camera by a long shot, I picked up technique examples that will stand me in good stead for the future, Thank you Daniel! The crew were great to work with and the day flowed seamlessly, lunch was excellent in a local fish restaurant and the venue very pleasant. All in all a really good day out and getting paid on top of that was a real bonus.
The assignment was for  Housing and Care 21 retirement village and we were shown around various accommodation options as if I were considering taking one up, and who knows one day perhaps?! One thing is certain the staff there make you very welcome!
All in all yet another very enjoyable day's work from Talent management, thank you Marie, more please!

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Daniel, Reference: 1382

"It's great to be part of a well known organization..."

This was my first assignment for Talent Management was as a promotional model for Penhaligon's London (British Fragrance brand since 1872) As part of their campaign to celebrate 146 years of perfume making, I was required to  hand out copies of 'The Penhaligon Times' (complete in period costume!) to promote the brand and invite customers to receive a complimentary sample in-store.

Initially I was quite nervous, however the staff made me very welcome and as the assignment progressed I felt more confident and comfortable in approaching the general public.

It was a great experience and wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to anyone who is interested in modelling and interacting with the general public.

Thank you Talent Management,  It's great to be part of a well known organization and I look forward to the next opportunity that comes my way.

Dan, Reference: 1381

"Storm & models1 turned me down for being to short..luckily enough I've had the opportunity to work through Talent Management and to say the least, the money ain't half bad!

Working as a promotional model for Penhaligon's was a joyful experience. I was nervous throughout the walk from the train station to work, but everyone made me feel part of the family. If I had the chance to do this again I would jump at it.
Penhaligon's being a perfumers , I would definitely say smelling good for the 6 hours I was there was one of the best parts of this assignment,  talking to the friendly faces in Cambridge was fun too.

Dressed as an Old school paperboy I was directed to give out the Penhaligon's newspapers  to passers by in the street. The manager advised me to do what makes me feel comfortable so I smiled, complimented and directed people to the store once I had sweet talked them.
I definitely gained some confidence from this assignment, walking around Cambridge in a 19th century outfit in the modern world knocks you - but the smiles and compliments I got from people overpowered the weird looks.
Personally I think that, if anyone gets the chance to work for a big company like Penhaligon's , I would strongly advise them to take the opportunity. New people to meet, new friends to make. It's all worth it.
It took a while for work to kick off with Talent Management, but I got there in the end and sometimes these opportunities take time.
Getting singularly picked out to promote a company doesn't happen every day, so it's definitely something I'm going to be putting on my CV for future references.
Admittedly, I'm not good at updating my E-portfolio, but after getting this assignment I want to get some more photos taken so I can hopefully get other jobs.
I got spotted on a train by models 1, I had a photo shoot and they turned me away due to being 5'11. I've had interviews with Storm models and got the same thing - "come back in 6 months time when you've grown" but luckily enough I've had the opportunity to work with Talent Management and to say the least, the money ain't half bad!

Ramone, Reference: 1380

The Penhaligon's promotion at the Covent Garden store was a great experience. I learned a
lot on this assignment and gained alot more confidence.  It involved wearing an old school paperboy costume, talking to the customers,  promoting the store and handing out  the 'Penhaligons Times newspaper.
I am thankful for this opportunity as I was selected as a last minute replacement model. A Big thank you to Marie my Booking Agent at Talent Management!

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