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Terry, Reference: 140636

Thank you for the modelling work (assignment A11104). The day went really well, all the people involved in this assignment were very friendly and professional. Everybody seemed to gel very quickly and there was a  good atmosphere throughout the day. The two children were great  and a real credit to their parents.

The direction from the camera crew and directors  was very clear and easy to follow, which made working  throughout the day very enjoyable and rewarding.

I personally enjoyed the day immensely  and wish to thank you for the opportunity.



Terry Bishop

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Jan, Reference: 153323

Full day with heavy feature work. The Job was completed to the satisfaction of the client and seemed to go very well indeed. I was used quite a lot in the role of Grandparent to 2 children together with my so called partner for the day(Grandma). There were also scenes using me as a biz commutor. They did the best they could given with food etc the difficult circumstances of being on and off trains. In chatting with David Blackman he stated that it had gone so much better than he thought it would and that the finished product would be used potentially in many different ways, posters, brochures, leaflets etc. Thank you for the job and the way it was very clearly instructed by Amy. Needless to say I would love to darken your doorstep again.

Kind regards

Robert, Reference: 185726

"My first assignment with Models Direct yesterday was really good fun! I was given good clear direction by the friendly chaps filming me on the day, and excellent communicative support, (such as where to go and what to expect), from Models Direct prior to the event. What better way to spend a Monday morning than to sit at a bar supping espressos and be paid for the privilege! A thoroughly enjoyable experience, I look forward to the next one!"

Robert secured his first assignment within 8 weeks of registering.

Justin, Reference: M184900

The assignment went well. Really enjoyed it. I was modelling a number of colourful thongs and high heals( joking ). A lot of hardware clothing, like overalls, jumpers, jackets. It was a fun day.

Justin secured his first assignment within 6 weeks of registering.

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Tony, Reference: N175137

Just to say the shoot was great yesterday. The studios where very impressive and we where really well looked after and everyone was very helpful and the whole atmospere was very friendly and professional. We asically shot for a work clothing magasine - wearing everything from casual clothes to work suits. We probably had about 20 different outfits for the brochure.

Matt, Reference: J171396

The assignment went very well. The other models and the photographers were great fun to be around. Champneys was a very luxurious setting and we had pictures taken all around the house. The assignment ended up taking a little longer than first thought. However, this wasnt an issue as it was felt like a day out anyway!

Chris, Reference: L134586

The two days at Champneys were great, the models all got on with each other really well. The photographer and clients were also really easy to work with. The first day we did all the technical shots featuring the products and on the second day we filmed life style shots all around the health club, it was a lot of fun!

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James, Reference: R144487

The staff were really welcoming  the day consisted of meeting and greeting the staff and handing out chocolates etc.....and taking some photos, was a festive day
thank you for the experience 

Gordon, Reference: H162332

Thank you for the very friendly and helpful manner you dealt with me over the last week, and I do appreciate this very much. The other Models Direct colleagues who were also chosen to attend at the shoot proper, were a joy to work with, and indeed get to know.The experience I gained was very positive.

Matthew, Reference: E159654

Barcelona was really really good, I had a fantastic time! The clients were really really friendly, they put is up in a really nice hotel took us out to dinner. They said they might be looking to use us again in the summer which is really good. I didn't want to come back yesterday, I got used to the barca lifestyle haha

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Argyris, Reference: K163663

Everyone from the staff was really nice, friendly and cooperative to work with. I am very pleased that i was selected and took part in this assignment and i am looking forward for more . I really enjoyed it.

Andy, Reference: K149402

The photo-shoot at Easy jet was relaxed & good fun, posing with the new Speedy Boarding card in various locations in the Flight Terminal. Matt Stearn and the Easy jet team looked after us extremely well, particularly the lunch, changing facilities and setting up the shots. Having a hair & make up specialist on site was a good idea to hide the wrinkles & blemishes on us 'more mature' models!

Having to wear only two outfits during the day was fab, this meant one change was necessary and more time could be spent taking photo's, re-taking ones Easy jet were not happy with and getting more of a photo selection. The other models were a pleasure to work with, very professional and I thought we all worked well as a team.

Neil, Reference: M178511

Had a great day today with easyjet and the guys and girls with us both models and the back-up crew were all lovely! Was a fun day although tiring and I can't wait for the next assignment now!! think it all went well and the agency seem to think we got some great pictures to be used in the PR promotion. We were promoting the new easyjet credit card style for speedy boarding plus and traveller details on a chipped card. Generally showing us moving through the queues/check-in desks etc and through the airport in both business style and casual wear. all great fun and much interest from other airport users and Easyjet staff!! It was really cool being a bit of a star for the day!

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“I had a great time doing a photoshoot. It was a fantastic day.”


The shoot was fantastic, every one was very happy end of the day. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.


“I really enjoyed the work yesterday. The clothes for shoot were really cool and the weather was good too.”

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“I had a great day and it felt more like a day out than work. Thank you very much Models Direct for this great opportunity.”


“I had to dress up in athletic clothes range. I had to catwalk around the table for the potential buyers then model in front of them.”


“This is my second assignment. I have really enjoyed them and look forward to working with Models Direct in the future.”

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