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Orahridolo , Reference: DKFW-6949

NATWEST photo shoot
After doing some photo shoots and a few video clips, I have to say this is my first experience doing something like this and looking forwards doing some more work like this along side with acting and any other things involves in the modelling industry as I am really trying me myself heard and make something of myself

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Ashley, Reference: P667494

Photoshoot for Castrol. I enjoyed the experience, the guys made me feel welcome and I had practiced and read up on the acting subject. The assignment involved being a Marine Engineer and explaining the problems I face in terms of legislation and profitability. It was a green screen acting part and I would recommend it to others who have not done this type of work. The crew made me feel welcome and although they had high standards of what they expected this did not create a stressful environment, the most pressure was what I put on myself. I think the talent industry is worth exploring like any other, I try and update my portfolio as often as possible but hopefully after this assignment I may get further work to help improve my CV. I joined up purely to gain experience in something new and not to take it too seriously. Thank you for this experience!

Alex, Reference: VNNV-7773

Hi, I have just had a fabulous experience on my first assignment with Models Direct, courtesy of Molly at Talent Management and working with Ingenious on behalf of Heathrow Airport. Natalie met me on arrival, such a lovely lady, offering refreshments and kept me posted on the time frame and set up status of equipment etc. We started promptly at noon, Steve and Magnus, the team responsible for the shots, were great, made me feel relaxed and confident. We had an initial chat then onto some shots before an informal interview whilst being pictured. The whole experience was simple from start to finish, everywhere was of course accessible, parking was easy, directions and contact info all provided, just very very easy. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and hope to promote diversity and inclusion as a wheelchair user in more campaigns such as this in the future. Many thanks to everyone involved in the selection process, it’s been a privilege. Thank you very much

Clement, Reference: R781528

Thank you ever so much Molly for giving me the opportunity to take part in this amazing photoshoot for RSPCA in Gloucester. I had a great time surrounded by great people. It was 4 hours but it felt like one. The photographer was very good and the other models were really easy going. I cannot wait for my next job !!

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Aldrin , Reference: VHWK-4893

I had a brilliant time on my first video shoot in Cardiff & everything was organised well. I was e-mailed a copy of all the relevant details in advance & the people I worked with were amazing.

Tyler , Reference: BM757221

2 events with models direct in 1 week!? Dayyummm! Must be doing something right! Again had a great shoot in Cardiff and met some lovely people! Can't wait for my next assignment!

Tyler , Reference: BM757221

Had the pleasure of once again working on a Models Direct project in Portsmouth, and what a great experience it was representing Ciroq for the night! Look forward to future projects

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Andy, Reference: CB734202

I, and my new friends Sinead and Tyler had a blast on set filming this corporate video for a new recruitment business. The clients could not have been more welcoming and hospitable. They had a very clear idea of what they needed and directed us expertly to the footage they required, all the time keeping the atmosphere light and great fun. We can’t wait to see the finished reel and came away wishing them complete success in their new venture and a firm belief that it will happen for them. Best, Andy

Phillip , Reference: BM741407

We had started our journey around 6am knowing it would take 2 hours we arrived on time with two very excited children and 2 nervous but excited parents. We were put at easy instantly when meeting our photographer and the two other models from Models Direct. We went and had a quick meeting about what photos we were trying to achieve and quick change we were ready to go. The children were super excited about doing the shoot in such a a massive super store and loved that people were watching, the photographer was giving us great direction and was amazing at making us feel at easy. Always telling the kids they were doing a fab job . This was the first time we had met with other models from the company and they were brilliant so funny and talkative, the shoot went so well and the photos were just as the brief asked. We can't wait till the end of March for our follow up shoot and working with Models Direct we have done a total of 5 modelling shoots now and have always enjoyed our experience and making memories with our beautiful family.

Michael, Reference: ZNMG-4477

Michael with his Dundee Heritage Trust modelling fee cheque for the short film he modelled in.

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Alex, Reference: QHTX-6789

Had an absolutely lovely experience from a booking with Models Direct. I Had to play the role of a young professional coming from form work for an advertising campaign for Deliveroo. Great shooting with friendly and nice people which help you transition well into your role. I look forward to my next assignment.

Gary, Reference: Z256946



Thanks Models Direct for a fun and exciting day of shooting. We had a great time with our family and it was very fun.

Ed, Reference: CG761291



Just finished filming for the day. Filming a commercial for Golf Clash TV ad. A lot of fun and great to see what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks to Models Direct for making all this happen.

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Andy, Reference: CB707131

Hi. Just spent the day doing adverts for Dulux Paints. Had a great time, the crew were brilliant, the other cast member was great, had a brilliant time. Thank you Models Direct Talent Management. Hope to do some more work for you soon.

Satinder , Reference: TQHG-7686

Only just registered with Models Direct under two months and already had my first assignment. Amazing experience and fun on shoot. Staff and clients very friendly, warm and welcoming. Brilliant service overall and looking forward to many more assignments upcoming. Excellent service.

James, Reference: VGFK-9687

Thank you to models direct for giving me the opportunity to do a 2 day shoot for a commercial for 8ball pool it Was an amazing day and I enjoyed myself a lot. I met some really talented ppl and experience a lot on the day aswell

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Jake , Reference: GPPT-6794

I had so much fun with all the models and actors whilst filming for the 2 days. It was a really well organised and enjoyable experience, in a professional environment. The communication from the @modelsdirect team was fantastic throughout the process. I'ts certainly increased my enthusiasm for this kind of work and I'm now very excited for my next job.
Thank you!

Ed , Reference: CG761291

Great fun at the photo shoot for @intouchdisplay. I’m think I’m ready to buy a luxury house in Dorset! Thanks also to @modelsdirect and ie-marketing. Looking forward to seeing the final pictures .

Kurt, Reference: VBGB-6688

I have completed my first job for Models Direct and must admit that the afternoon spent in Cambridge having my photos taken was a very pleasant experience. The team involved on site were very professional and engaging, and made me feel at ease at all times. I would like to thank Models Direct for putting me forward for this job and would also add that the communication from them leading up to the day was very clear and easy to understand. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Great job!

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Akim, Reference: 776753

Had my second Photo Shoot today in Middlesbrough for a fashion designer of urban clothing, everyone was really welcoming and friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the day just loved being in front of the camera and it all went really smoothly so thank to #ModelsDirect for setting it up

Dorian, Reference: WKSF-6947

Hi. I recently completed one of my assignments and I just want to say a massive thankyou to Models Direct for getting me the job. A fantastic experience, I really, really enjoyed it and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff involved on the day. They made me feel nice and relaxed and made it into the fantastic experience it was, so thank you.


Jan, Reference: PVVP 7939

Good evening. My name is Jan. I worked for Models Direct. My day was fantastic. Today I went to university for open days because I’m going to study law as well as doing my painting and decorating things and rehearsing my violin. Thank you very much.


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Emmanuel, Reference: PNXR 4477

Hi. So I just came back from my assignment in Cambridge organised by Models Direct. It was a fun experience, really different. The photographer was funny, he showed us how to pose in different styles and made things more fun for us. It was good!


Gavin, Reference: CK749726

Hello there. My Gavin. Today I had the opportunity to work Ieso Digital Health over at Girton, Cambridgeshire, booked for me through Models Direct. Really enjoyed the shoot today, took some photos for their publicity material. Really nice crowd, really nice client and I’m very grateful to Models Direct for giving me the opportunity to work with them today and I hope to have more chances in the future. Thank you.


Zain, Reference: VTBK-9483

Hi guys. Today was fun. I was out on a ship as an extra for a film that is coming soon. It was great fun, met a lot of nice people, great time, good experience and I like to thank Talent Management Models Direct and Molly for the support.


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