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Radio 1 Newsbeat and the facts about Models Direct

In 2009, a report on Radio 1's Newsbeat programme profiled Models Direct, raising a number of important points about our business and presenting the views of some of our models.

During the weeks before the programme was broadcast, we were in close correspondence with the BBC, who asked a range of questions about Models Direct.

In our responses, we aimed to clarify a number of misunderstandings over our past clients, the way we register models, the fees we charge and the spirit in which we do business.

To help our current and future models get a balanced view of the debate, we have published all the emails sent to us by Newsbeat, along with the replies that we sent. Although there is a large amount of material here, we urge you to read it if you are interested in the issues raise by the programme. The key points to take away from our responses are:

  • We are a genuine modelling agency. We make money (for us and for our models) by getting work for our models. It is in our interests to secure as many assignments for our models as we can.
  • The deal we offer models is very simple: for just 70p a week, you are in with a real chance to find modelling work that's lucrative, fulfilling and fun.
  • We are very concerned about issues such as negative body image and self-esteem. We welcome all types of models and actively encourage clients to use a broad range of looks and body types. We have written and published dozens of articles criticising the 'size zero' ethos.
  • We have never falsely claimed to work for any organisation and can substantiate (prove) each and every booking mentioned on this site.
  • When models register with us, we make it clear that modelling is a very competitive industry and that there are no guarantees of work.
  • Our terms and conditions clearly explain the seven-day 'cooling off' period as required by law.
  • We actively encourage our models to stay in touch with us, and also encourage them to keep their online ePortfolios updated in order to maximise their chances of work.

If you have any questions about Models Direct or our work (whether we represent you or not), please contact us.

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