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  • Nicole, Reference: BB536151, Model fee: £250.00


    Being a model for the day was great especially as it was for a well-known football company (FIFA), at first I was a little nervous but as more people turned up everyone was friendly and everyone seemed to get along with one another. This shoot was fun and enjoyable, if I was given the opportunity to do something like this again I would definitely do it.

    To be honest I enjoyed the whole assignment, especially with meeting new people and being part of something that will be going global for a well-known company.  This assignment allowed you to be in your own comfort zone and enjoy what you were directed to do.

    This assignment involved us acting as though we were at a football match and cheering on our teams. We were put into groups of different ethnic backgrounds. Before our pictures were taken we had the opportunity to be styled by the stylists who provided different colour T-shirts and face painting. Once we were finished being styled by the stylist we were directed to go down stairs to take pictures. A wide range of different pictures were taken. We were directed by the photographer to cheer as though a goal was scored, showing that we were enjoying our time at the game with friends and family.

    I would definitely say that this has boosted my confidence and that I would not hesitate to do another shoot similar to this. The photographer and groups of people helped each other make it a great experience and boost one another’s confidence. I would recommend the experience to others as people tend to have a different understanding and approach to the modelling industry. This assignment was a fun and an enjoyable experience that I would love to do again.

    I would personally say go for it, it’s not every day that you get an opportunity to be part of something that could possible go global. At first I wasn’t sure if I should join an agency as you do hear that some companies are not legit but after singing up with Talent Management and receiving this assignment I knew that I could trust them. At first I was very proactive with keeping my e-portfolio up to date and I would get many emails saying that my e-profile has been looked at for an assignment but never received a call, so I left it for a while then eventually I got the call to be part of a shoot for FIFA.

    I’ve always wanted to have that experience of being a model for a day or even to be in an advert so after searching many agencies I decided to join Talent Management to gain that experience.

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  • Jo and Family, Reference: Potter Family, Model fee: £420.00


    The experience was fun – particularly for the children! It was really interesting for the kids to see how filming / cameras work. We had to do lots of acting as if we were watching TV as a family, talking and enjoying ourselves. The company were really lovely and although one of the children felt a little nervous before we started they were soon made to feel very at ease. I'm sure the children have gained some confidence from this Talent Management assignment and we would all consider doing it again.

  • Maria, Reference: BV605381, Model fee: £105.00


    I was a bit nervous at first, but as I got to know the people and crew it became much more fun. I'd love to do more assignments with Talent Management and it definitely gave me a confidence boost in front of the camera.


  • Magdalena, Reference: BV604338, Model fee: £200.00


    Being a hat model for Snoxell Headwear was an amazing experience. On this assignment I had to present and model fascinators and hats for different occasions to potential customers at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London. The client was very accommodating and made my day easy and fun, and I am happy I had the opportunity to improve my modelling skills. Also the Talent Management team were very helpful, they were readily available to provide support and answer any questions I might have. The overall experience was incredible, much better than I expected!

  • Dorina, Reference: Z261006, Model fee: £130.00


    This was my fourth time as a promotional model for the day so I wasn’t that nervous as I knew what to expect. I must say it was fun talking to all the clients as they were very excited for the match. I would absolutely recommend this as it is a fun and easy job and it is definitely a good move to become part of an agency. What have you got to lose? This way when you have an agency people can see you and I have got a number of roles from Talent Management which has been great.


  • Louise, Reference: BV610866, Model fee: £70.00


    Within a couple of weeks of joining up with Talent Management, I was lucky enough to receive a call offering me work as a promotional model for a fashion boutique on Oxford Street in London. As it was my first assignment I was a bit nervous, however as soon as I arrived I was teamed up with the other models. Everyone was really nice and friendly and they all made me feel very welcome.

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  • Alina, Reference: BL562479, Model fee: £70.00


    I was really excited to be chosen again by Talent Management. I had such an amazing time being a promotional model on Saturday. It was my second assignment and I wasn't as nervous as I was on the first one. I went feeling confident and I had lots of fun. Once I got there I met the client and the other girls - it was great to make some new friends. The people were very friendly and the environment itself it was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this assignment, as it was a new experience and great fun.

  • Ayo, Reference: AY519331, Model fee: £70.00


    This was my first assignment with Talent Management so I was really nervous beforehand, but after meeting the client and the other girls my nerves settled a little bit. The assignment involved promoting a new designer clothes store in London. Towards the end I actually felt like I was getting paid to have fun!

  • Sheri-lee, Reference: BC57807, Model fee: £70.00


    I enjoyed working as a model promoter on this assignment. The best part of the assignment was getting the phone call from my Talent Management. It was a great feeling knowing that I was considered. I would really recommend this agency to everyone as they are very professional and government regulated so the clients are carefully selected by them. I decided to join this agency to get some good experience and get one step closer to my dreams of becoming a commercial model.

  • Lara, Reference: Y508452, Model fee: £70.00


    I had a great day working as a promotional model for a designer clothing store on this assignment. I met some lovely people and I really appreciated being given the opportunity to represent Talent Management. I was eager to meet the people I would be working with who turned out to be very friendly. I would definitely recommend the experience, as you are able to work alongside a great team. If you are thinking of joining this agency I would say go ahead - it's a great step up into the industry.

  • Louise, Reference: P517548, Model fee: £70.00


    I was looking forward to the assignment the money and the girls that I was working with kept me motivated. I enjoyed being a promotional model for a new shop as I love fashion - it was for a top designer clothes store in Oxford Circus. I gained some good experience and improved my confidence. I am glad I decided to join with Talent Management as it has given me an insight in to what promotion is all about!

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  • Rosie, Reference: BQ594169, Model fee: £70.00


    The assignment was good fun. I had to generate interest in a new shop as a promotional model. I picked up and built upon my previous experience of doing this kind of work. It is a good experience, you become confident in experimenting with different methods of generating interest. It is a good as you get to meet new people, acquire new skills - and have the chance to make some money! I decided to join Talent Management to gain some new experiences and achieve new things.

  • Claire, Reference: AY525592, Model fee: £210.00


    I am having fun working on the assignments as a shoe fitting model for Matalan, even though it was the first time I'd ever done anything like this before it was an enjoyable experience and I am pleased to be working with them. Talent Management are very helpful whenever I need to contact them, and they always answer any queries and questions I have - I would recommend working with them.

  • Danielle, Reference: K503528, Model fee: £275.00


    I had such an amazing time being a model and actress yesterday - I got to be nurse at an actual hospital. With it being my first assignment I was pretty nervous on my way to the hospital but as soon as I got there and met everyone I felt instantly at ease and much more confident. I couldn't name just one part of the day that was the most enjoyable as I had great fun the whole day. Playing a nurse was fun and I got to keep the uniform which was a nice little added bonus. The shoot was for a patch that is soon to be launched in hospitals for cancer patients so the shoot was also very educational. I would definitely recommend doing this to friends as it does give you an amazing high and a big confidence boost. It was so nice to meet other people and share experiences... one of the guys had actually worked with Speilberg! I joined Talent Management a while ago and was starting to lose faith, but it is fully restored now and I am very glad I signed up!

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  • Megan, Reference: BL561653, Model fee: £390.00


    I felt really privileged to be recruited as a promotional model for 3 weekends running! I felt a little nervous, but I am confident and love socialising and meeting new people. When I got there all the girls were lovely and I found that I had lots in common with the majority of them - we got on so well! I am still in regular contact with the girls from the agency and I had great fun throughout the whole assignment. The assignment involved meeting and greeting the guests, seating them and looking after them throughout their stay. I learnt new skills such as how to carry a tray with 8 drinks on it and not spill any of them, it was on the last day I mastered this. It is definitely something I would love to do again - my favourite part was socialising with all of the guests and making sure that they were being well looked after and that I was doing my job as expected. I would certainly recommend this assignment as it was a good experience and if you are sociable confident and helpful then this is the perfect assignment for you. This was my first assignment and the main reason I wanted to do it was because it was full of variety and used a lot of different skills. Joining this agency is great because it allows you to get work suited to your talents. The main factor that encouraged me to join Talent Management was the opportunity to be involved in a wide spectrum of areas within the industry. Fantastic experience – I am looking forward to the next assignment.

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  • Alina, Reference: BL562479, Model fee: £390.00


    This was my first assignment and it was great, I really enjoyed the whole experience. I felt a little bit nervous at the beginning but once I started it was all okay. I was a promotional model and I had to make sure everything went well, socialize, take people to their tables and serve them drinks. The best part about the assignment was meeting new people and earning money. Everyone was friendly and the job itself was fun and enjoyable. This experience has made me feel more confident and I would love to do an assigment like this again. My personal ambition made me decide to join up with Talent Management.

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  • Imogen, Reference: N511433, Model fee: £390.00


    My assignment was great. All three days were hard work but were fun-filled and all within a relaxed environment. We were required to socialise with guests and make sure they were happy, keep their drinks were topped up and generally provide a good service. It was good to meet other people within the industry that your working with and the team were great fun. If it wasn't for this Talent Management I wouldn't have had this experience. Thank you.

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  • Lisa, Reference: BB554342, Model fee: £390.00


    I had a great experience on the assignment and everyone was very professional and welcoming. I was informed thoroughly about the activity on arrival so I knew exactly what to do. I enjoyed woking with lots of different people and everyone was very polite and nice. I was required to serve drinks and keep guests happy throughout the day. Over all it was a very pleasant experience. I decided to join Talent Management for the huge range of contacts and knowledge to get the right work for me. I would say to anyone working in the talent industry to keep following your dream and work hard and you will achieve your goals :-)

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  • Ella, Reference: P572253, Model fee: £150.00


    I enjoyed the day's modelling assignment and got on really well with the photographer. I simply had to view some cars and pretend to sign some papers and such, and it was a fun way to earn a bit of money! I would recommend joining a talent agency like Talent Management as it gives you a leg-up in the industry, and gets you one step closer to great opportunities.

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  • Lisa, Reference: BD529979, Model fee: £144.00


    Had a fantastic assignment posing as a doctor with X-rays on an iPad, and running downstairs with a white coat on and a stethoscope in hand! The photographer David was brilliant and we got some really good shots. Would absolutely recommend to anyone thinking of joining a model agency, definitely give Talent Management a call!

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  • Mary, Reference: K562480, Model fee: £240.00


    My Talent Management assignment was a fashion show for the launch party of a women's wear boutique. It was great fun and the clothes were beautiful. I would happily do it again and certainly recommend the experience to others. There is nothing quite like the buzz of loud music, quick changes, high heels and a runway.

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  • Kay, Reference: BM580591, Model fee: £240.00


    Working for fashion boutique 'Girl In The Green Scarf' was an amazing experience. The catwalk was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was so excited before and during the show. Being able to wear the outfits that were provided was an honour as it was a very elegant range. I would love to be able to do this experience all over again. The designer was such a wonderful lady and went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and was always on hand to help us. In fact, all the staff on hand concentrated on making us feel as relaxed as possible and it was so much fun. I joined with Models Direct looking for a different experience and I definitely received this with this assignment, and I can only hope I get to do this some more in the future.

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  • Sophie, Reference: K537833, Model fee: £300.00


    As my first modelling assignment, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect and equally what would be expected of me. Once I arrived at Pure London however, I was welcomed very warmly, and was enthusiastically introduced to the designer's collection, with an interesting story to how the label came about and how the styles were developed. I was effectively a live model at the event, modelling various garments from the collection, both at the stall and around the venue. As the days progressed I also became more involved with talking to potential buyers, as my understanding of the brand improved. I definitely enjoyed being a part of the fashion trade that I've never been exposed to before, and the designer was both positive and friendly, so I felt very much at ease. I initially joined Models Direct because I had come back from living abroad and was unsure as to what I would do next. I saw it as an opportunity to experience something new and to try out something that many people had often said I should do.

  • Natalie, Reference: J526854, Model fee: £240.00


    My modelling assignment involved mingling with the public whilst being adorned with beautiful bespoke head pieces. I had a lovely day with the Snoxell hat design team; they were friendly and great fun to work with! Working with Snoxell at the Pure Olympia London event gave me the opportunity to smooch around on my break and look at all the latest designer trends and up and coming fashion crazes! I love being paid to have fun; I can't wait for my next assignment with Talent Management!

  • Victoria, Reference: BB567947, Model fee: £144.00


    The day was fantastic; we had a very sunny day and it was a different type of modelling from what I do usually. I really enjoyed working with a new photographer and having a new experience working in a laboratory setting. The assignment involved posing as a scientist in a chemical factory. I would recommend modelling to anyone, but I think it's important to keep your e-portfolio updated as customers are always looking for fresh shots. I joined Models Direct to try some different types of modelling and already have dome something different!