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  • Ella, Reference: P572253, Model fee: £150.00


    I enjoyed the day's modelling assignment and got on really well with the photographer. I simply had to view some cars and pretend to sign some papers and such, and it was a fun way to earn a bit of money! I would recommend joining a talent agency like Talent Management as it gives you a leg-up in the industry, and gets you one step closer to great opportunities.

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  • Lisa, Reference: BD529979, Model fee: £144.00


    Had a fantastic assignment posing as a doctor with X-rays on an iPad, and running downstairs with a white coat on and a stethoscope in hand! The photographer David was brilliant and we got some really good shots. Would absolutely recommend to anyone thinking of joining a model agency, definitely give Talent Management a call!

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  • Mary, Reference: K562480, Model fee: £240.00


    My Talent Management assignment was a fashion show for the launch party of a women's wear boutique. It was great fun and the clothes were beautiful. I would happily do it again and certainly recommend the experience to others. There is nothing quite like the buzz of loud music, quick changes, high heels and a runway.

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  • Kay, Reference: BM580591, Model fee: £240.00


    Working for fashion boutique 'Girl In The Green Scarf' was an amazing experience. The catwalk was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was so excited before and during the show. Being able to wear the outfits that were provided was an honour as it was a very elegant range. I would love to be able to do this experience all over again. The designer was such a wonderful lady and went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and was always on hand to help us. In fact, all the staff on hand concentrated on making us feel as relaxed as possible and it was so much fun. I joined with Models Direct looking for a different experience and I definitely received this with this assignment, and I can only hope I get to do this some more in the future.

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  • Sophie, Reference: K537833, Model fee: £300.00


    As my first modelling assignment, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect and equally what would be expected of me. Once I arrived at Pure London however, I was welcomed very warmly, and was enthusiastically introduced to the designer's collection, with an interesting story to how the label came about and how the styles were developed. I was effectively a live model at the event, modelling various garments from the collection, both at the stall and around the venue. As the days progressed I also became more involved with talking to potential buyers, as my understanding of the brand improved. I definitely enjoyed being a part of the fashion trade that I've never been exposed to before, and the designer was both positive and friendly, so I felt very much at ease. I initially joined Models Direct because I had come back from living abroad and was unsure as to what I would do next. I saw it as an opportunity to experience something new and to try out something that many people had often said I should do.

  • Natalie, Reference: J526854, Model fee: £240.00


    My modelling assignment involved mingling with the public whilst being adorned with beautiful bespoke head pieces. I had a lovely day with the Snoxell hat design team; they were friendly and great fun to work with! Working with Snoxell at the Pure Olympia London event gave me the opportunity to smooch around on my break and look at all the latest designer trends and up and coming fashion crazes! I love being paid to have fun; I can't wait for my next assignment with Talent Management!

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  • Victoria, Reference: BB567947, Model fee: £144.00


    The day was fantastic; we had a very sunny day and it was a different type of modelling from what I do usually. I really enjoyed working with a new photographer and having a new experience working in a laboratory setting. The assignment involved posing as a scientist in a chemical factory. I would recommend modelling to anyone, but I think it's important to keep your e-portfolio updated as customers are always looking for fresh shots. I joined Models Direct to try some different types of modelling and already have dome something different!

  • Hilary, Reference: K582591, Model fee: £180.00


    As this was my first assignment, I was both nervous and excited, also worried about whether I'd brought suitable outfits to wear. I was photographed in a holiday park with the other 2 models, doing various holiday activities for a brochure- relaxing with a drink, cycling, and walking hand in hand with my 'model' husband barefoot along the beach with a dog. The weather was glorious, and I was soon relaxing and enjoying the whole experience. The cameraman put us at our ease and the other 2 models, Herb and Marc, were very easy to get on with. I joined Models Direct as I wanted to try something completely different from my office job, having taken early retirement. I definitely want to do some more assignments, and it has given me more confidence. Thanks to Talent Management for the opportunity to try something new, meet interesting people and have fun.

  • Rebecca, Reference: J545208, Model fee: £150.00


    On the Models Direct assignment, the photographer was a really lovely guy. He was very easy to get on with and very professional. I was quite nervous beforehand; I'd done photo shoots before, but this was my first assignment so it made me a little nervous. It didn't take long for the nerves to disappear though and I enjoyed every moment of it and would definitely do it again. The assignment was in a room with a small stage in the centre and lots of cameras around, I was given poses to hold for the shots and 3 clothes changes. I joined Models Direct as modelling is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and love it. It has been one of my life long ambitions and I had to make it work, and this is how I've achieved it.

  • Adelaide, Reference: 249290, Model fee: £150.00


    At the start of my Models Direct assignment I was quite nervous, but then again excited to try something new. I think that anyone could do modelling if they really wanted to and it's a great way to express yourself it also helps you move your body effectively. If I had the chance to do it again I definitely would without a doubt.

  • Tabitha, Reference: 259884, Model fee: £150.00


    The Models Direct job was good fun and I would like to do it again. It was interesting as the equipment was very modern and it involved lots of cameras rather than just one. The assignment involved standing in a variety of poses with two changes of clothes. I would recommend the experience to others because it was exciting to see how technology can be used. I joined up with Models Direct as I had done some modelling before casually and found it fun and interesting. I am also a fan of fashion and technology.

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  • Jaspreet, Reference: BC574643, Model fee: £150.00


    When I first arrived at the Models Direct assignment I was pretty nervous, but the photographer was friendly and talked me through everything that had to be done and I soon relaxed and began enjoying myself.

  • Lynne, Reference: A255308, Model fee: £150.00


    The assignment with Models Direct was to have photographs taken for a firm of architects so that when they submit virtual ideas for buildings to clients, they can put 'real' people into them. I therefore had to do various poses, from being on the phone, to pretending to type a letter, waiting in a queue, pointing at a white board that wasn't there etc. Apart from the location being out in the sticks, it was really professionally managed and was good fun. Obviously a bit weird having to pretend to be doing something I wasn't really actually doing for the camera, but I trained as an actor, so it wasn't a problem and actually quite a good laugh.

  • Hazel, Reference: 244041, Model fee: £150.00


    I had a brill day on the Models Direct shoot. I was very nervous, but once I got there I was greeted by a lovely photographer with a very warm welcome. He put me at ease (this was my 1st time). I must have done everything right as he didn't need to retake any shoots. I've gained a lot of confidence and I can't wait to do another shoot. I joined the agency because all my friends encouraged me to do it and I'm so glad I did as I had nothing to be worried or nervous about. Since doing my first modelling shoot I've been walking around with a big smile. If anyone is unsure please, please don't be, everyone is so very friendly and helpful and any problems they’re always there to help you out, just a phone call away.

  • Charlotte, Reference: 255508, Model fee: £150.00


    I really enjoyed the photo shoot today. Despite this being my first job for Talent Management, I did not feel nervous as I’ve done a fair bit of photography work before. The shoot ran very smoothly and was already set up when I arrived. I very much enjoyed meeting the photographer Lee; he was very easy to work with. It was a very cool and different project to work on as it was focusing on creating 3D images of the models. Therefore there were 70 cameras positioned around the room. It was a small insight into what it must feel like to be followed by the press! I would definitely recommend the experience to others. I would also suggest that it is important to work with the photographer. I suggested some poses for photographs as well as the photographer. I think it is important to both work together. I would really like to do more work for Models Direct. Thank you.

  • Lisa, Reference: BD529979, Model fee: £150.00


    Really good assignment! I have had several modelling jobs beforehand, so wasn’t too nervous. Lee [the client] was great, and helpful with what he needed for his photos. He gave good direction and we got the shoot done very quickly. The assignment involved doing robotic hand movements and then posing naturally with a phone; talking, texting and walking etc. I would definitely recommend this assignment to others and would love to see the end result of this job as it sounded really good and interesting! I am really glad I joined Talent Management and hope to work together again soon! Lisa x

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  • Jayde, Reference: BL552211, Model fee: £150.00

    70 CAMERAS

    I really enjoyed doing the Models Direct shoot, it was different to any other shoot I’ve ever been to. It was for a 3D campaign so I had 70 cameras taking a photo of me at once. I would love to do it again.

  • Ruby, Reference: 249194, Model fee: £150.00


    I had my second assignment from Models Direct last Saturday and, as expected, everything went well. I had good support from the Models Direct team. The photo shoot required me to do a few shots doing day to day activities. The photographer was nice and made me feel comfortable. He was talking all the way through. It is quite fun being a model for the day. I have a full time job, and doing something different is rather refreshing. Feels like I'm living my life twice. I would do it more if I had been selected for more assignments. Thanks to the team.

  • Karolina, Reference: 197366, Model fee: £396.00


    I had fantastic time modelling bridalwear for the day. I'm very confident so I wasn't nervous beforehand. The part I enjoyed the most was that I got to wear absolutely stunning bridal dresses and pose in front of the camera. I would definitely recommend this experience to other people as I think it is great, especially for models that are just starting to work in the industry. When you work for an agency you can be sure that the people who you work with are professional and your safety is the priority. I have personally chosen to sign up with Talent Management agency to gain more experience in different kinds of modelling. I also believe this assignment can help you out with updating your portfolio which helps to find more assignments in the future.

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  • Natalie, Reference: J526854, Model fee: £396.00


    I had the most amazing day in Brighton. The photoshoot was for a bridal company called 'Victoria Kay Gowns'. I spent the whole day trying on different bridal gowns and was photographed in different locations around The Thistle Hotel. I wore 14 dresses in total! The people were so friendly and it was lovely to work with Carolina, another model from Talent Management. I can't wait for my next assignment, thank you Talent Management!

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  • Davina, Reference: H229778, Model fee: £198.00


    I really enjoyed the experience - everyone at the shoot, including staff from the client company and the other models, was really lovely and easy to work with. The most enjoyable part was getting into 'character' and posing for the camera! It was a photo shoot for an NHS client; I was required to dress as a nurse and pose with the other models, also dressed as nurses, in different locations around a hospital. The experience definitely improved my confidence in doing this kind of work and I'd love to do it again. It also increased my understanding of how these sorts of shoots work. I joined Models Direct as I wanted to gain more experience in working in front of a camera. I hope to pursue a part time acting career in the future and felt this type of experience would improve my confidence. The money is also an attraction! Hopefully the photos came out well!

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  • Sophie, Reference: BL554992, Model fee: £152.00


    My assignment for Cheil Communications today was a great experience. I only recieved a call this morning asking me to help promote a new Samsung Ap and so I didn't have time to feel too nervous, just very excited! I had to copy a fitness workout that was happenning on a large screen, and try to get as many other people as possible involved in trying out the new Ap. The assignment was very well organised on Talent Management and Cheil Communications' part and I was made to feel welcome and comfortable when I arrived there. I would recommend the experience with Models Direct to others as I had great fun and earnt some nice pocket money!!

  • Nasheana, Reference: P524236, Model fee: £198.00


    This was my first modelling assignment with Talent Management. It was a morning photoshoot working for NHS Professionals. The shoot was set in a London hospital and it was a lovely opportunity to meet the other models too. The team was really friendly and made it easy to do the shoot. I would definitely like to be considered and put forward for more work like this as it was great fun.

  • Radha, Reference: AQ512119, Model fee: £198.00


    I had a lovely day on the Models Direct assignment and met some very nice people. The other models were professional and friendly and the client the same. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was how casual it was. We all ended up talking most of the time and our pictures were taken as we did this. We were directed to look like nurses and just look natural. We had group shots and single shots inside and outside of the hospital. We looked very realistic. I would definitely recommend this experience to others; it was a very good time and great opportunity to meet new people. I believe it is good to join an agency as the main work is done, all you have to do is follow instructions and have fun. I chose Models Direct based on the positive website. It was designed well and the person I spoke to initially was very positive.

  • Ashley, Reference: Z507079, Model fee: £252.00


    I had a great time working with the people from Cheil. They were very welcoming and eased my nerves. I was asked to promote and demonstrate a brand new, very exciting Samsung TV and fitness App. I had a great time thanks to Models Direct and would definitely do something like this again if the opportunity arose.