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At Models Direct, our expert team of modelling enthusiasts and wizards that know everything there is to modelling are constantly expanding, improving and adapting our market to suit the needs of our clients and bring models forward for assignments. We're always on the hunt for new faces to join our modelling hub, and continue to promote our existing models.

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We're positive and bold forward thinkers and love the out-of-the-box approach which is why we tapped into the modelling arena – a market that is certainly unique, fun and ever-evolving – back in 1990. 

Our speciality lies within many categories of modelling and if you’re reading this section, you’ve landed on the home page of catalogue modelling. 

The Buzz about Catalogue Modelling

Whether it’s in print or whether it’s gone digital - which is certainly the trending format – catalogues  are proven to be a handy marketing tool that many businesses use to reach their target audience and market their products and services. 

We give our clients the models they need to market themselves so that a strong connection is built between the model, the product and the consumer. A model's exposure is maximised if they’re snapped in a glossy magazine or on a device. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

If this sounds appealing, check out all the categories we focus on. If you’re thinking of plunging into modelling, new talent can join in the following areas:

The list of categories is incredibly vast and Models Direct are positive that any prospective newcomers will find a place in this lucrative market. You really are spoilt for choice!

To give you a heads up, we’ve worked with leading brands; Next, Freemans, Kays and PC World to name but a few. 

Our models’ reviews and positive feedback are a great read and insight into the experience they’ve had with our agency. Read on to find out how they got on with their catalogue modelling projects...

Have you ever thought you might have what it takes to be a catalogue model? Or you’re intrigued but keep procrastinating?

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You'll never know what new adventures life has in store for you. Becoming a model could be one of them. Join our modelling agency today and see where your modelling career can go. It'll be a new journey, full of interesting paths and exciting opportunities. On your mark, get set, register.

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